How to publish news in Social Media correctly

News portals are seeing a big change on how the audience is consuming the news.

Print media has been seeing a decrease on their sales, and organizations have to cope with the change that Social Media has brought.

So it is highly important to be on the game and remain on the top preference on how the audience prefer to consume the news.

Keep reading to learn some tips on how to pusblish news in Social Media, the correct way.

How to publish news in Social Media correctly
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The days of just posting the article to Social Media are over

The big social media Platforms can be considered as mature businesses, such as Facebook and Twitter. 

In the early days, it was really easy for the pioneers to just post the article link on the feed, and it would have a big reach.

It was the easy way for news portals to expand the reach of their audiences worldwide, but as the algorithms where getting improved, more content was created as well by users, the organic reach was decreasing.

And it can be easily seen that the posts that are just having the article link migh have fewer likes, and it is mainly due to the algorithm opting to show content that can keep users on their social media platform, and not outside of it.

As well, competition has increased.

News Portals are not just competing against their typical rival, they now have to face the content generated by users.

So how to really outstand from the crowd and keep being a trustworthy site that is worth to be followed?

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Quality and real news

First of all, the main focus is about creating quality content.

In the case of a News site, the article should be redacted the most objective as possible, and attempting to stay aside from giving an opinion that could distort the perspective of the event.

People criticize the mainstream media in Social Media, since it has set positions and even political positions that go to an aligned agenda of their own, which can have a critical impact on the opinion of their readers.

This causes a lack of trust on the media platform

Quality itself will be a main player that will attract readers and viewers to the news portals who want to get more information.

That is why we are now seeing influencers being now journalists, because media has been lacking the trustworthiness and quality of the content itself.

News are now consumed in different formats

The whole stories that are being collected by journalists are fully shown on their main website, but it is also important for the organizations to understand that social media is being consumed in multiple formats.

We have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and TikTok as the main social media platforms, and they offer content in different formats.

News portals should learn to mix the content and not only stick to a single text format.

There is already a long content that can be easily divided and shared across social media platforms in infographics, short and long videos, and even Memes. 

Newspaper formats are no more the only option as decades ago, and the News websites who really understand this are the ones that can keep holding leading positions.

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