How to Learn the Basics of SEO Quickly

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Learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will transform your business and give you one of the crucial digital skills. SEO is the tactics used to deliver fitting and high-quality information that matches user search intent and to get your page ranked by search engines.

How to Learn the Basics of SEO Quickly

Learn the Fundamentals of SEO

When starting on SEO, mastering these basics will create a solid foundation for you:


Keywords are phrases or terms included in content to improve the search engine rankings for such content. Keyword research helps you identify the top-ranking terms to target and gain insights into how your target audience uses Google search. A best practice is to use short and long keywords that are concise, relevant, and placed in the title and beginning of your content.

Technical SEO

Optimizing your website to rank high requires a combination of technical and non-technical approaches. Technical SEO aims to increase the visibility and ranking of websites by making them friendlier to search engine bots, which crawl, index, and rank websites according to ease of access and general website structural quality.


Getting links from other websites to yours can increase your authority and rank on SERPs. Aim for reputable websites with high ranks and valuable and relevant content, and ensure you use organic means.

User Intent and Experience

SEO entails providing information that matches user search intent to a high level. Relevant, high-quality content and a robust user experience increase the website’s ranking on SERPs. Content is, therefore, important for non-technical SEO requirements. Ensure your content follows the E-E-A-T (knowledge, expertise, authoritativeness, and trust) guidelines, which Google uses to rate online content for ranking.

Other important fundamental concepts are readability check, linking, marketing, ranking factor, organic results, white-hat SEO methods, and the SEO tools you need.

Take Free Courses

Free online SEO courses are popular for beginners looking to break into SEO from any discipline. Find top courses from HubSpot Academy, Google Analytics AcademyAhrefs, and Semrush Academy. You can also find videos on YouTube to learn the fundamentals of SEO and become proficient. Free courses are extensive, but you can also go for paid courses, explore SEO communities, and follow trends to stay updated on guidelines.

Read SEO Books

Books are excellent if you want to learn SEO. Find some of the best books on SEO and invest some money to get them. The benefits include having physical copies that you can study anytime and anywhere and creating a reading culture that helps you stay a lifelong SEO student. This will help you since SEO is dynamic.

Practice What You Learn

Get a website and start implementing everything you learn from the first day! You must understand that SEO is a process with many steps and not a single event; practicing helps you understand each step and retain the knowledge you gain. You should also familiarize yourself with keyword research tools and other SEO tools.

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