How to do a giveway on Instagram

One of the best engagement methods to grow Instagram accounts and to keep the audience really excited is to do a giveaway.

Giveaways have been one action that influencers and businesses are using for different purposes.

Keep reading to learn about the importance of giveaways and to find an easy way to create giveaways.

How to do a giveway on Instagram
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Why create an Instagram giveaway?

There are multiple reasons to create Instagram giveaways.

One reason to start one is to improve the engagement of users. Promoting a giveaway on Instagram can set up the advantage of gaining new followers or to rise the interaction of the current followers. 

The engagement can create sound around followers that eventually it can also create a brand awareness among their networks.

Also, another reason to create an Instagram giveaway is to grow e-mail subscribers and also keep up with the work related with the marketing automation. In this way a conjunction work between the social media team and the e-mail marketing team can generate a good synergy to improve the customer conversions.

Social Media, and specially Instagram, is a both sided communication. That has been one of the main advantages for users, that they can now interact directly with the brands they love. An Instagram giveaway can facilitate the customer loyalty and their retention. As known in the marketing industry that is better to retain customers than pushing to generate new ones.

Regardless of what could be the main objective of a business, brand or influencer, there are more advantages than disadvantages to test out a giveaway.

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Easy way to create Instagram Giveaways

Creating instagram giveaways now a days is not a difficult task anymore. There are already platforms that can support accounts to create giveaways in easily and to reach better the objectives.

Of course, a giveaway can be planned to be done without any app or software, but certainly using one can bring significant improvements on a giveaway campaign.

Socialman is a no coding app that can help instagram accounts to create a giveaway without further hustle or complications.

The advantage of usinge platforms such as Socialman is Is that it can be easily used and in a matter of few minutes the Giveaway campaign can be launched.

Socialman has the advantage of no setting limits and an unlimited of giveaways can be done in multiple languages.

As well, it can be integrated with email marketing platforms, therefore if you want to create an automated marketing campaing, it could be a good option to mix the tools to improve the digital marketing campaign by using idfferent communication media. 

Using an app such as Socialman can start for free and eventually upgrade if more features are needed.

Tips to create an Instagram Giveaway

Following up we give some tips to create an instagram giveaway.

By using th app of, you can select your plan, and login into your account.

It is also important to establish for yourself what is the gift that you are planning to give and whate are going to be the rules in order to have a winner.

The time periods are also important to be set, to have a framework of time where the participants can do the actions that you will ask form.

Choose wisely what are going to be the actions that you are going to ask for, it might be likes, follows, shares or comments. It is up to you, and thanks to apps, such as Socialman, the track of those actions are now easier than ever.

Without such apps, following or tracking likes of participants can bhe a headache, but using this tool makes it easy to track the performance of your campaign.

Don’t hesitate to try new things in order to get new results.

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