How to create a Linkedin Business Page for Free

Linkedin has become the social network for professionals by default. If we want to show the world our professional face, what we do is to add our profile about our work on Linkedin. 

Undoubtedly, this network has helped many people to build relationships and find employment. 

However, you should not miss the opportunity to create a Linkedin Business Account that will allow businesses within the network to show an even more professional profile.

You can get too much benefits of Linkedin by knowing how to use it, therefore businesses must know how get a better performance on this platform. 

How to create a Linkedin Business Page Video

Sometimes is easier to follow up on a video, therefore here I share the video on how to create a Linkedin Business Page. Or if you want the step by step instructions just keep scrolling down to follow the instructions. 

Step by Step how to create a Linkedin Business Page

Step 1. Go to your Linkedin Profile

step 1 how to create a linkedin business page
Go to your Linkedin profile and on the upper right of the bar you will see the Work feature.

Step 2. Click on create a Company page.

step 2 how to create a linkedin business page

After clicking on work, scroll down until you get the Create Company Page + option.

Step 3. Select the size of your business. 

step 3 how to create a linkedin business page

If you are small business with fewer than 200 employees or a medium to large business with more employess, you can select which fits better for your business. Showcase page are for more specific solutions of products or services that are desired to be shown in Linkedin. These Linkedin Business pages could be a second step after you already have established strongly your brand in Linkedin. As well, Educational institutions have the option to open their Linkedin Business page. 

Step 4. Fill in the blanks with your information.

step 4 how to create a linkedin business page

Start typing the relevant information that Linkedin is asking for your new Linkedin Business Page. The basic information must be covered here such as the name, website, industry, the number of employees, the type of business registration, logo and a tagline.

Step 5. Remaining information to be filled up.

step 5 how to create a linkedin business page

Linkedin will ask for more information to be filled in like the description of your business and location. If you didn’t uploaded the logo in the previous step you could do it later.  Also you can start adding your cover image.  As well you can use relevant hashtags that are for your business so that Linkedin can easily set you up in a certain type of business. This could help you more to appear on Linkedin Search Engine. 

Why you should have a Linkedin Business Page

Linkedin is a rising social media platform of the last year. Since it got acquired by Microsoft, Linkedin for Business has been a huge opportunity to keep growing.

The exposure that the Linkedin Business pages are gettings is even bigger. 

Linkedin is not just a resume or a cv profile website, now is getting into a real networking platform for professionals and businesses.

Setting up the Linkedin Business page is not just having on Linkedin, and that is it. It requires time and constant content.

The platform is really easy to use and businesses can take advantages of if because Linkedin business pages are for free.

B2B organizations must start having a profile on Linkedin, and start showcasing their products and services, but specially giving content that might show value to their audiences. 

Linkedin Business Pages are for that, to be the storefront of their business, to open dialogues, to share and to answer actively with their communities.

Linkedin Business Page will be the new presentation card of business and it is a great tool to help businesses to achieve growth and new leads.

group of students watching for new presentation
female boss shows presentation on screen at business meeting
business meeting
team working on presentation

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