How To Create A Great Logo

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When you run a business, your logo is very important. It’s what distinguishes you from everyone else; ideally, it should tell your potential customers what you are selling and even how you sell it. It’s a kind of shorthand to give them information to help them make a decision when it comes to buying from you. 

A great logo is memorable and instills trust. Think of the ones you know already, such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola. These logos don’t even need any words – you see them, and you instantly know what they represent. Even if you are a startup, there is no reason why this should not be your ultimate goal when it comes to your logo. With that in mind, here are some ideas that will help you create a great logo.

How To Create A Great Logo


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One of the most important elements (and perhaps the most important element) of your logo has to be the colors you choose. Every color means something, and just picking random colors because you like them or they go well together may not work – you need to think more carefully than that. The colors you use essentially have to give people an idea of who you are, and if they are just random, that’s going to be a hard thing to communicate.

You can choose colors, black and white, or a mixture, but you must design with the customer in mind. What will they think when they see your logo? Will they be happy? Will they want to spend money? Research each color and use the ones that make the most sense for what you want to achieve. 

Tell A Story

Your logo has to look good and be eye-catching so that once sign installation experts have put up your sign complete with your logo people will definitely notice it. However, if it’s just a collection of shapes, a nice pattern, or some words in fancy script, it may not keep their attention, and that’s when problems start. They’ll look, in other words, but they won’t stay to buy. 

This is why your logo needs to tell a story. Sometimes it can literally do this, using the images and words you choose. In other cases, it will be more subtle, but there must be something there that entices people to buy from you rather than your competitors.

Be Elegant And Simple

When your design has too much going on, it won’t be memorable. Just like the best brand names are the simplest and the best website addresses are the shortest, when a logo is simple, it will be much more easily remembered. Lots of different elements coming together might look attractive, but if no one can quite recall it or they have trouble remembering who you are even if they see it, it’s not doing its job. 

It’s far better to strip back your design so that it is minimal and elegant. In this way, people will like it, so it will be something they are happy to see, but they will also remember it, which means they’ll remember you.

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