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As talked in my other blogposts about Heilbronn, it might not be the most popular city in Germany, neither due to its nightlife, but still as there are plenty of students and youngsters in the area, it is quite needed to have places to have some fun.

Gee, I was good known for going out for party during my master studies when living in Heilbronn, which certainly gave me the experience to get to know the different party bar places of Heilbronn, after all, it was a time to have fun.

I created this list of some Heilbronn Nighlife places that I visited during my time in Heilbronn, some of them might still be open and some others don’t after 2020.

Heilbronn Nightlife
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K2acht Salsa Bar

Near the Bahnhof there is the also called building Zigarre, or K2acht, which mostly on Wednesdays they had Salsa parties. As it was one of my favorite music, I recurrently went there on Wednesdays, and sometimes on Sundays they also had some Salsa parties.

The DJ’s were changing almost every week. Sometimes there were some local DJs, and there were some special DJ guests.

For Salsa dancing there were some festivals in Stuttgart or Karlsruhe, which are the closes bigger cities from Heilbronn.

This was one of the cool things to do in Heilbronn on Wednesdays.

MusikPark Heilbronn

MusikPark a nation wide brand for clubs is known also for hosting parties specially for the younger range in Heilbronn.

What was special of MusikPark were that they have areas with different type of music, so if you were in a mood for R&B or german music, you could go upstairs and have a change.

Creme 21

Creme 21 is a nightclub further outside of the city center, where usually student groups of the Hochschule Heilbronn organized events there. 


If you want to have a more German like experience, the wooden architecture of Gartenlaube gave that local touch to the club.

Party there usually started later than usual, as in Germany it was pretty commont to start earlier in comparison to countries like Spain.

LaBoom Club

LaBoom Club, named by a friend as the Russian club, is located in Leingarten, which if you are moving around with public transport, then it can be accessible by the S-bahn.

Rooms Club and Green Door?

The Rooms Club was probably the party venue I visited the most because they hosted almost each month a latin parties like “I love Reggaeton” or “Flow Latino”.

Currently, I am not sure if it is still open, as Google Maps says it is temporarly closed.

Another place where student parties where hosted was in Green Door, which is closed to the older building of the HHN.

Hip Island

There is a special passion of Germans for the Sun and the Beach, and Heilbronn isn’t the exception.

Hip Island, if it is still going on, it is a place that has a beach look and feel.

The place was open only during summer, as it is an outside club.

I also usually visited this place due to the reggaeton parties, which were great in this place.


Creaftelicious is a bar behind Stadt Gallerie, which is a bar owned by Irena. 

This place is special for me, due to the closed party that I hosted with around 70 people in this place.

The bar was recently opened, and it was the first big private event in the place.

The owners were really kind and open to host my 30th birthday party at the bar.

Besides their friendliness, the place offer a wide variety of beers to taste.

Hartmans Bar

Hartmans Bar Heilbronn

Hartmans Bar is a place near the Götzenturmbrücke which I visited with my Google Maps friend. 

In a bar hopping we get to taste some beers here, and during summer it is a quite chill environment as we seated outside to have some beers.


Prediger is a bar in the city center of Heilbronn that has a look and feel of a German bar. 

The place is small, but good enough to have some drinks.


Caipirinha is located in one of the main walking streets of the city, just in front of K3 building.

This place is more of drink tasting, rather than beer tasting.

Irish Pub Heilbronn

As any other European city, there is also an Irish Pub in Heilbronn.

This place also offers Karaoke nights for entertainment during a weekday.

If you want to hangout with your firends, this is a good place to go to.

Liberté Café et Bar

If you need a place to have a beer outside the Heilbronn Rathaus, then Liberté Café has some seats to do so.

As well, Liberté Café not only offers coffee, it has some beers in their drinks menu.


Kaffeebucht is special due to its location just right to the Neckar River.

And well, when it comes out to have drinks, it seems that spring and summer is the best time to do so, specially for those places that have outdoor seats.

Food Court

The Food Court is located down the Neckar River, and mainly opened as well in warm days.

During winter, the place turns into Winterdorf, where small huts are built up to host parties where visitors can have some the german hot wine drink “Glühwein”.

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