7 Great Things to do in Heilbronn

Either for studying, working or just visiting, believe it or not, there are plenty of things to do in Heilbronn.

Contrary to other websites that show things to do in the surroundings of Heilbronn, here I share with you some activities and places that you can visit in this wonderful city.

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Heilbronn Sightseeing

If you search in Google the things to do in Heilbronn, the funny thing is to find things to do in cities nearby, that is why I am creating this blogpost to share my tips about this wonderful small german city.

Heilbronn has different places to visit, although it is not a big city in comparison to Munich or Hamburg, there are some nice spots that can be visited.

As any other german city, the center is the main area to visit. Heilbronn was almost fully affected in WWII, and therefore plenty of the buildings had to be renewed.

Kilianskirche in the city center is one of the main buildings to see, and just in front is the Rathaus. If you walk all the area, there will be plenty of restaurants and ice cream shops where you can stop by.

You can even try to use the stairs of the different towers and see the city from above, like the Hafenmarktturm.

If you go in direction to Pfühlpark, you can stop by at the Trappensee. There is a beergarden and restaurants that offerent different foods such as asian, pizza, and the classical pommes.

Along the Neckar river, you can walk by until you reach the Götzenturmbrücke, where there is also the Liebespunkt, where several couples have added their lock on the bridge. 

One recent area that was developed in the city was were the BUGA was. The area has some cafeteria and a small pond. Of course that area was so much better when the national event was going on.

Going a little bit outside the city, you can go up Wartberg, where you can catch up really nice views of the city as well as sunsets. There is also a more complicated bench to reach at Wartberg, the Lemppruhe, where you will have view as well of Weinsberg, the town next to Heilbronn.

Also, going in direction to Leingarten, you can visit Heuchelberger Warte. There you can have an amazing view of the vineyards that surround Heilbronn.


Experimenta Heilbronn

Experimenta Heilbronn - Das science Center

The new building is a place that offers an area mainly for kids to connect with science.

Honestly, visiting Experimenta at least one will make it.

It also has an area, Science Dome, where you can watch certain movies.

The building has different floors where they have setups of experiments. 

Heilbronn Restaurants

Honestly, eating is one of the main things to do in Heilbronn. 

In Heilbronn, you can easily find different types of good restaurants.

Sadly, there are only two mexican restaurants that are franchise, and honestly, they don’t taste mexican. But Enchilada and Sausalitos might be the closest mexican restaurants in Heilbronn.

If you want real mexican food, you will have to go to Stuttgart to El Mero Mexicano.


Wohnzimmer is great for breakfast and brunch. Its buffet is good and also if you want to have coffee.

And the list of restaurants in Heilbronn can go on and on. 

Die Olive has sometimes a buffet of food from Uzbekistan. Michels Küche is a good alternative of german food, such as Lehners, which is a chain restaurant.

Also, the Heilbronner Brauhaus and Zum Lustigen Steirer offer Schnitzels.

Falafel Beirut next to the Bildungscampus offers libanese food.

Among the burger and american style food, there are Burger Heart, Hans in Glück and Chillers.

L’Osteria is one of the most visited italian restaurans in the city, and also there is Vapiano who offers gluten free pastas. 

And of course, as in almost every german city, the Dönner places won’t miss. Even in Heilbronn they lived the dönner price wars between 3 Dönner Kebab places.

I will leave some more pictures in a carousel that you can watch.

And of course after a good meal, there is nothing better than having ice cream of PrimaFila.

Primafila heilbronn

Heilbronn Parks

During Spring and Summer time, going to Wertwiesenpark is one of the most enjoyful activities you can do.

If you want to play soccer, have picnics and grills, play at the basketball or volleyball courts, Wertwiesenpark offers a big space for outdoor activities.

Sometimes there are food festivals at Wertwisenpark so that you can have a taste of new flavours.

Also there is Pfühlpark where you can go and walk around with the ducks at the pond. This park is more for chilling.


Wertwiessenpark Heilbronn

There are other green areas in Heilbronn were you can gather with friends and play soccer.

Behind the Frankenstadion, we gathered to play.

Or there are even better soccer fields in Molktstrasse.

Theresienwiese Heilbronn

Heilbronn Universities

If you are already enrolling in one university of Heilbronn, you might already know them, but if you are wondering what are the possibilities to study in Heilbronn, well there are several university programs to choose from.

Heilbronn is also recently known as a University city

By recently hosting TUM, Heilbronn has several universities, where it is expected to welcome students from all around Germany and the World.

There are different universities such as Hochschule Heilbronn, DHBW, GGS and the previously mentioned TUM.

Heilbronn infrastructure, also thanks to the Dieter Schwarz Stiftung, has been developed to improve the city’s educative offer.

Who knows, you might also get the chance to have your own picture hanging out at the walls of a german university. 😉 

Bibliothek at Bildungscampus

Heilbronn Sports Events

During the year that are different events in Heilbronn.

Probably, the most important sport event is the Throllinger Marathon.

The Trollinger Marathon has an espectacular way, since it goes all around the regioin of Heilbronn, meaning that you will run through the wonderful vineyards.

People from the small towns next to Heilbronn are sitting down outside their houses watching all the runners. Some are giving water, clapping to people, or even they will offer you wine.

Also the Heilbronner Stimme organizes the Firmenlauf, where people from the different companies of the surroundings participate.

As well, other sports event are to assist to the Heilbronner Falken games to watch Hockey and the Heilbronner Miners to watch American Football. 

Also, the VfR Heilbronn has soccer games. 

And in case you want to go for a swim, there is Soleo or the public swimming pool near Wertwiesenpark. As well if you are a wall climbing fan, the Kletterarena is a good place to go. Don’t forget to get your own shoes.

Trollinger Marathon Heilbronn 2019
Soleo Heilbronn

Heilbronn Bars & Nightlife

Well, there is no fun if there are no places to have a good time with friends with a drink, isn’t?

Although Heilbronn is not a big city, it has small local bars and restaurants where you can have a drink.

Either you are looking for wine or beer, there are different options.

People usually go to Sausalitos for the drinks and also to Lehners, but there are some other bars that you can visit.

Craftelicious is a local bar where they have their own craft beers.

Craftelicious Heilbronn
Craftelicious Heilbronn 2

Doing a bar hopping tour around the city would be recommended so that you get to know more places to have drinks and find the best one for you.

And talking about night clubs, there are different ones such as Rooms Club, Musik Park, Creme 21, Green Door and La Boom in Leingarten.

As well there are music events on the city such as the Live Nacht, where the restaurants host different bands.

Also next to Gartenlaube, there is hold the Seefest with music and food.

 Or well, if you want to shoot your own dancing videos around the city, and have some fun with friends.

I hope that this post helped you to find out things to do in Heilbronn.

If you have some more questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me through my social media channels.

Frequently Asked Questions
about Heilbronn

The Heilbronn-Franken region is known for being wine producers. During September, the Heilbronner Weindorf is held to host local wine producers and visitors from around the country visit the place.

Heilbronn is also known for being the Headquarters area of Lidl and Kaufland, two of the biggest europeans Supermarkets owned by Dieter Schwarz. If you talk with people from the area, they are more likely to work at a division of the Schwarz Gruppe. 

In my opinion, Heilbronn is a good and calm place to live. 

Obviously if you enjoy bigger cities with more movement and events, then Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich or Berlin could be a better place.

If you enjoy bike rides, walking at vineyards, hanging out with friends at parks, bars or their flats, then Heilbronn would be a good place for you.

And also, in case you “need more of a city”, Heilbronn could be considered to have easy access to bigger cities such as Stuttgart or Nürnberg.

Heilbronn is a city on the Neckar River in southwest Germany.

It is located in the north part of the Baden-Württemberg state.

Stuttgart is around 50 Km south from Heilbronn.

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