Godaddy vs Siteground | From Bad Service to Best Customer Service.

Along my WordPress Hosting path, I have tried different services that has helped to know what works and what doesn’t, learn more about Godaddy vs Siteground.
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Godaddy vs Siteground
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Carlos' Opinion -
Godaddy vs Siteground

As a blogger, once you keep walking on this path, one big question that arisses for the website builders is, which Hosting is the best one for WordPress?

The thing is, that as you start, you have no clue to decide which WordPress hosting to choose.

There are hundreds of different hosting service providers, that all offer and say to be the best one.

Well, just reading their websites is not the best way to decide.

They all proclaim to have fast connection, good prices and so on.

I am not a full web developer engineer, but certainly I have learned what has worked and what has not worked among the different WordPress Hosting Services.

In this post I will talk about Godaddy vs Siteground, since those are the hosting services that I have used. Of course there might be another good and better services, but probably at different prices.

When I started in this WordPress Blogging world, I started with Godaddy.

Godaddy has been one of the most known services for domain and hosting for websites.

Godaddy had also very cheap hosting services, and as a small blogger this might be one thing to consider, the price.

But eventually, as I kept learning, and as I kept knowing more about WordPress, Godaddy hosting was really slow.

It was getting frustrating, the speed that I was achieving. So eventually I searched for more wordpress hosting reviews, and found about Siteground.

I bought Siteground 3 years GoGeek plan since it was offering multiple website hosting, email hosting and they had a good discount. I think it was during cyber-monday. 

Godaddy vs Siteground, it was easy to win the fight here by Siteground. With Siteground, my website increased in speed, and I hosted more WordPress websites on it. 

I started to use Elementor on my website and that affected my website speed. The good thing of Siteground was that most of their Customer Service Tickets resolve pretty fast any issue, or they guide you. 

That is one of the best things I consider about Siteground, Customer Service.

Eventually, I learned about what was the meaning of shared hosting, and how this can affect your speed. 

Siteground speed

Elementor has not been the perfect solution in terms of speed.

So that affected directly on the loading times.

Between Godaddy vs Siteground, the second one has been recognized to have better customer service.

Siteground is now using Google Cloud Platform. 

And it did improved a bit, but still, in comparison with other Cloud Hosting Services such as Cloudways, Siteground is staying behind.

So to decice between Godaddy and Siteground, the second is the good to go.

It has ok speed when you have properly optimized your website, you can host several small websites and also your e-mail.

Learn more about Godaddy.

Among the hosting websites, Godaddy may be the one that needs the least introduction.

But, in case you don’t know, this is a company that originated in the United States and the latest public figures revealed that they have just over 20 million customers.

It is a fact that they have been at the top for years and have positioned themselves as one of the best internet service companies in the world, being one of the biggest, makes us think what has led them to the resounding success we know today.

We can start by saying the basics and that is that their services are not only offered in English and Spanish, but also in a lot more languages for the convenience of users.

Besides, it has domain name products, web creators, email account and hosting.

Some say that their prices have nothing to do with the quality of their service, but rather are based on the standard of being number 1 in the world to set them. But could this be true or is it just speculation?

Godaddy Advantages.

They do not limit the monthly traffic your website is open to receive.

In their plans you can find a great amount of web space so you are able to host all your content and files you want.

You have the ability to choose several regions where you want your website to be hosted. For example, you can choose the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Godaddy Disadvantages.

Depending on the plan you have chosen, you will have to limit your database holdings.

Unless you want to buy one of their more expensive packages, you will not get free SSL encryption. Compared to other providers, this is one of the biggest cons.

Being number 1 in the world is expected to perform well, but in some ways Godaddy's loading speed can be disappointing. Other poor figures that can be highlighted from this supplier are those of availability.

It offers 24-hour support, it's true. But you only have access to it via telephone. It is much more effective nowadays to have the live chat mode, or at least to offer users the option of support via email for greater convenience at the time of service.

Godaddy Pricing.

This may be one of the most interesting points and that is that knowing Godaddy’s price list and comparing it with what this provider can, or cannot, do for you should be the fundamental factor when deciding whether to have it.

In this sense you should know that Godaddy’s plans come in four completely different presentations, which hope to satisfy the needs that different clients may have when it comes to this type of service.

We will specify them below Godaddy WordPress Hosting:

Is Godaddy really that good?

Anyone who has tried Godaddy’s hosting with the intention of not getting carried away by slogans, or by big names, can conclude the same thing.

You don’t have to have a lot of experience to realize the big defects that could be fixed with a little interest.

First of all, one of their strongest points, perhaps, is the discounts during the first year of service.

But you must know that, from the first time you go to try, the prices will go up like foam and it will become one of the most expensive shared accommodations.

Another good aspect is the fact that they do not limit the bandwidth and are extremely generous within the web space theme.

They also have servers in more than one part of the world, for the convenience of their users.

But we must be realistic, Godaddy’s performance could be much better, everything could be a little faster and interruptions could at least be reduced.

Although this shouldn’t be a big problem if you don’t expect to create a website of enormous size.

What if there are better options, we’ll leave it up to you. Because it would be a matter of you knowing a couple more options and deciding which one goes with your website.

But, without a doubt, in terms of performance Godaddy has a long way to go… or hurry up

Siteground, Great Customer Service.

If we give importance to the time in the market, we must place SiteGround as another of the best websites hosting today.

This was born in 2004 and since then they have expanded so much that, according to official figures, they host more than 2 million domains.

Very few providers offer guarantees of availability to customers on their servers and this is one of them.

On their website they boast a service available 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

Aspects that also go into the advertising campaign of this site is that “they care a lot about the loading speed”, but, could it be that they really have a service as good as the one they promote or is it just a strategy to attract those users that hate the slow loading speed’.

We will detail the most important aspects of this website so that you know if it goes hand in hand with your website.

Everything from an objective point of view, so that personal opinions do not get in the way of the professional decisions you will have to make at some point.

Siteground Advantages.

This is one of the web hosting providers with the best figures when it comes to availability. And the truth is that they are very close to 100%.

It has an intuitive and easy to use system which means that it is simple to follow and its functionalities are perfectly integrated with each other.

SiteGround's customer service is one of the most complete, this can be done both from the phone, email and chat. An important point is also that they have very well elaborated tutorials and guides.

They have a really useful hardware and software solutions, which helps them to have a much higher hosting speed than the average.

Once you decide to open a SiteGround account you have the option to choose servers from Asia, America, Australia and Europe.

You have options that many other hosting websites do not yet have. As is the case with GIT repositories, staging, among others. Besides, it has a very complete backup system. They do not limit the traffic you can receive.

It has a panel where you can manage the websites individually and also make an efficient user management.

Siteground Disadvantages.

The truth is that if we see it from the outside we must accept that this provider has one of the best relationships in terms of quality and price, but even so this does not make it one of the cheapest in the market.

If you require professional SiteGround migrations, you will have to pay about 24 Euros plus VAT.

Each service plan of this provider has a maximum limit for the size of each database you use.

Siteground Pricing.

Can SiteGround meet your needs?

Among the hosting websites that have changed for the better we can mention without a doubt SiteGround, which today presents itself to its potential customers as an intuitive and visually attractive solution. Which makes it easier to use.

We can not ignore that it has one of the best customer services, with a support that we can say that Godaddy envies.

Besides, both its e-mail account management and its loading speed are more than acceptable in this provider, but, is it worth its price?

It’s no secret to anyone, as we’ve mentioned slightly before, that their price range is somewhere between medium and high, but it’s also a provider that has to offer generally more than average.

Having highlighted the above, we must be frank. And is that this hosting website today is not thought for those projects that have a limited budget, or low.

It may sound a bit harsh, but it is currently intended for ambitious sites.

However, its advanced features still place it as one of the best options nowadays. But you should also know that some of these are not available in every one of their plans.

So it’s better to find out before hiring one and get an unpleasant surprise.

Godaddy vs Siteground
Face to face

Godaddy vs Siteground Price Comparison

In terms of pricing, Godaddy and Siteground have almost similar packages.

The differences relies on the renewals, were Siteground has gets more expensive than Godaddy.

Here are the Godaddy vs Siteground price comparison graphic.

Godaddy vs Siteground Visitors Comparison

Now when it comes to visitors, Godaddy has better offer for their customers.

Having this number, doesn’t actually means that it your website will be fast.

It is just the capacity of the bandwith of the information exchange between your server and your visitors.

Siteground has in the last year adapted their services using Google Cloud Platform.

It is still a shared hosting offer, but it could have better performance that Godaddy.

For the Godaddy Ultimate plan, the number of visitors is unlimited, but the number on the graph was just created as reference.

Godaddy vs Siteground Storage Comparison

Godaddy has more offer when it comes to storage.

Godaddy offers more disk space, therefore you can have bigger file size on your hosting.

Again, this doesn’t directly means that a Website should be high in storage size, but for sure, if you have big files to share, then it could be an option.

In contrast, Siteground offers up to 40 GB on its GoGeek plan, but in case you need more storage, they also offer some other services to increase it.

Which one to Choose between
Godaddy vs Siteground?

At first glance, and watching directly the graph, one might think that Godaddy is the best option between those two.

There are also some other factors to be considered such as customer service, where Godaddy is not best known for, and Siteground does.

As experienced by Carlos, Siteground offered a jump to higher speed when he left back Godaddy.

And in terms of buying domains, there are some more alternatives such as NameCheap.

There are available now more and more WordPress Hosting services such as Cloudways.

Cloudways has a faster and affordable Cloud WordPress Hosting solutions to improve your website performance. 

It is a fact to know what exactly are you looking for and to know could be the recommended for you.

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