How to get free online advertising

Many entrepreneurs wish free advertising on any platform. However, it is very difficult to find something that is free and less if we are talking about advertising. Reaching as many people of the target audience is ideal to have a greater chance of new and frequent customers. This step is required to help your business for free online advertising for greater digital presence that will help you achieve greater visibility among users. It is worth mentioning that is needed constant work to create greater scope for such advertising. Also, social media sites are constantly changing their algorithms so that companies look for paid advertising to have better results.

How to get free online advertising on Google

You’ve probably searched on Google your own business and the first page results are wrong or some other directories are appearing. If you would like your business to appear as the image below, you must perform the following steps.

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1. Create a Gmail account

If you do not have an account, you can create one for free. Simply fill out the information with your data so you can access all the services Google offers.

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2. Access to Google My Business

Google My Business is a good tool for online presence, and you can access with your Gmail account. This will give you the option to appear on Google. The first image will get is a map of your location and the search bar to enter the name of your business.

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3. Add your information on Google My Business

When writing the name of your business you will have some options of companies that already appear in Google Maps. If yours already appears simply select the company., if not, you can click "None of these options match. Add your business "Add your business information, so it can appear on correctly on Google.Once placed the marker and wrote the information, click on continue and then you'll be asked if you have permission on that company. Click on the box, and continue. .

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4. Verify your business on Google My Business

After, you will have the option to verify your business. You can verify by phone or mail. If you have the option by telephone, choose it because it is the fastest way to have a verified account, otherwise you would have to wait weeks to get the code by mail. Google My Business is an excellent choice for your company. It can be easily found on the search engine Google and this is how to get free online advertising. It is not an easy thing, but it requires some work, and luckly the Google tool lets you have a better place within your network.

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How to advertise for free on Facebook

For these times if you do not have a Facebook account of your company or staff, then you are lagging far behind in terms of digital marketing. This should be the minimum presence by default that you should have to generate the “free advertising” that you want for your company.

There are two ways you can do advertising for your business.

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1. Tips on how to use the profile for people.

One of them and the "rustic" way, but that can be effective is to create a profile of Person but with the data of your company. Undoubtedly, there are some reasons why you should use the pages of companies that you should not leave out, but if you want to start with something known, of course you can do with a normal profile. I leave you some tips that can help you. Invite friends and acquaintances to follow you. The friend requests at the beginning you will have to do them so that your nearby circles start helping you to have more connections. As time passes and your network of people close to you is already in contact with you, the algorithms of Facebook will recommend you to be friends with people connected with your friends. Over time, people will add you to be friends. Publish constantly. Do you want people to know that you have an offer? Then publish it and ask that they share it. Keeping people watching your posts will cause them to generate the interaction to create the engagement, but beware of publishing too much or they will stop following you. Interact with your friends. Congratulate your contacts, comment on notifications from them or give a simple like. Generating presence in this way will help you feel with a certain personal relationship with your business.

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2. Tips on how to make the page for business

But if what you want is that in the future you can have privileged information that the Insights of Facebook can give you, better choose to create a profile for companies. To do so, in the left column of your normal profile you will see the following box. Choose to create a page and it will send you to the next page. Then you will have to choose the type of page you want to make. Register the basic information of your company and continue. The following steps are simple. You will have to continue filling out the questionnaires with information and with the profile image to create the page. The result may be like the following. From now on you have your company's page formed on Facebook, which will help you to find your customers or prospects more easily. In the same way with the aforementioned tips, take advantage of the platform to interact and maintain two-way communication to know what the concerns of your followers are.


Tip to advertise for free on Instagram

Facebook brother, Instagram is also an important media to use and to take leverage on.

As organic posts are decreasing in reach, Facebooks Ads are needed for businesses to have a greater impact.

If you are aiming to not spending a cent on Instagram or in general of Facebook Ads, what you could do is to have interactions with current customers.

Building and nurturing a relationship with you already customer base can be even more effective, than trying to reach new and potential leads.