Top 3 Free Color Palette Generators.

Either because of the variety of colors that can be used, or the lack of time, color palette generators are a useful tool to find the perfect color match.
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Carlos' Opinion -
Color Palette Generators.

Finding the perfect color match could be a difficult mission for some marketers.

People that doesn’t come straight from the design world have to learn on the way to sort out tasks that are asked for the marketing.

And it is sometimes at it is.

On companies, there are mixed positions that will require to have different skills.

Now specially on the digital marketing area, where there are companies that are asking for e-commerce manager, community manager, copy writer, video producer and post producer and designer in one job position.

For some companies, for sure, they could have the budget, but for some others, probably not that much.

That is why they try to hire someone that could help the company to fill out the blank spaces.

Is it good or bad to multi-task in digital marketing?

In a solo-preneur venture, there is no other solution, you usually go straight forward to solve every issue that comes up in order to grow, but when it comes out to bigger companies, probably it goes way up too much to ask for multi-tasking.

Startups and small teams face the challenges of growing, and if they need someone who can develop multiple tasks, then it would be a resourceful team addition, rather than just choosing a task oriented collaborator.

Colore Palette Generators are a good tool for those solopreneurs, startups and small teams that are facing the challenges of improving the look and feel of their designs.

Certainly there are teams that don’t have people who might have gone to design school, but in digital marketing, a good visual is also key for success.

If companies are running out there without a Brand Manual, then choosing the colors could be question to answer.

Here I share with you some color palette generators that could help you choosing the right colors for your digital projects.

Importance of color.

Sometimes finding a suitable color palette can be a difficult task, either because of the variety of colors that can be used, lack of time, or lack of knowledge.

Whatever the reason, the best thing to do when faced with these difficulties is to leverage to a tool to find matching colors.

However, with so many tools that have emerged over time, it is difficult to know which one suits us best, and it is even normal to wonder if it is really necessary take leverage to one.

Multiple psychological studies have proven that colors can convey messages.

And it is no secret that colors are an infallible strategy in marketing, with them you can facilitate a message and even attract the attention of an audience.

Colors in the fast food industry play an important role, since it is no coincidence that most fast food chains have orange in their design; this color is usually related to satisfaction, hunger and even partying and disorder.

On the other hand, we have the color red which is usually used to represent love, sensuality, and many times femininity.

And there are a few times that it represents violence, anger or health.

The color green is often related to the environment, ecology and the natural, once in a while we see it in the toxic, smelly or unpleasant, and very commonly it is seen representing money or power.

With all this data, it can be seen that color plays an important role in representing a brand, sending a message, or making a call, and this is where the importance of the combination of colors arises.

Why should colors match?

If you are planning to create a website, design a logo, develop a corporate brand, colors have to match.

To arouse a person’s interest, it is important that what is to be exhibited is pleasing to the human eye.

Otherwise, the work can be affected in many ways.

When giving a message, it is necessary to be clear, concise, and to call the attention of the public.

It is important to remember that this project will most probably be the one who gives the first impression.

And although it may be hard to believe, when colors match, they can win people’s attention.

In clothing, it is always good to have the colors in sync so that it looks better, and visualizing the costume is not an unpleasant act.

When it comes to launching an advertising poster, the colors must be in accordance with the theme, and match each other.

It is almost a sin to mix opaque colors with strong colors, or to relate yellow with sadness, or blue with heat.

It is important to mention that colors can be multipurpose, but there are cases where caution is required to choose the right color.

Also remember that not everyone will see your project the same way you do, and not everyone will have the same perspective, so to choose a color you must imagine how others would see it.

It is not necessary to demand too much, and we must recognize that there are things that we cannot do ourselves, so in these situations it is advisable to implement a tool to find matching colors.

Free Color Palette Generators Tools

Next, we will mention the most used platforms to find synchrony between colors, which have also helped many professionals to improve their projects.

Adobe is an important company that has helped many professionals achieve their goals in many ways, most notably by offering tools for editing and creating visual material.

Now we come across a tool that offers to find a suitable color palette, based on a few functions, which helps to find and know the right colors.

The functions that this tool has are:

Chromatic wheel: In this function we find the chromatic circle, where we can go locating us in a color of our preference and the system will take care of showing the rest of colors that combine. The good thing about this function is that we can find the harmony rule of our preference, which can be analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary, complementary separation, double complementary separation, square, compounds, tones and customized.

Extract theme: In this option, the user can place the image of his preference, and the system extracts the most influential colors of the image to form a palette based on the image. This option is ideal for logos or symbols that represent a brand or an organization.

Extract gradient: The procedure in this option is similar to that of extract theme, with the difference in the result, since here, a gradient is obtained by combining the colors of the image, which can go from the lightest to the darkest tone, or from the colors that are most relevant in the image.

Accessibility tools: In this option, you can control all the points to select and test each color, here the system indicates when there is a conflict at each point, and explains why. It is up to the user to follow the indications of the system.

The creations can be saved in the library after logging in, and once saved can be used in Photoshop, Illustrator, Fresco and others.

On the site, there is also a section where one can browse through different palettes so that the user can get inspired by capturing different ideas.

With all that this wonderful Adobe release has to offer, it is definitely worth a try to see if it is really as good as it is said to be.

Also, regardless of the profession, these options can help more than one in work or personal projects.

This website brings a different way to create palettes, but still very useful and innovative.

When entering the page, we are asked to choose the color of our preference and then click on “GENERATE” and that is where the page works its magic.

After the user chooses a color, the page searches for different palettes, ranging from chromatic order, shades, complementary, etc.

On the site we also have the gradient option, where the user chooses the two colors in function, and the system offers a degradation between them.

And next to the gradient, we can see the gradient with three colors, which is the same procedure, but before that there are three colors that must be chosen, to obtain the results of the system.

A disadvantage that the page has, is that it is in English, and if you do not have knowledge in this language, you have to resort to the translator offered by the browser.

When it comes to design, Canva is one of the main topics of conversation, and now with its color palette generator, it makes the job easier for many people who want to perfect their goals.

As with other websites, you upload an image to the platform, and the system selects the most relevant colors.

The tool also offers color palette ideas; in this function they bring various options for the user to get inspired and to be able to bring their ideas to fruition.

You can also create palettes with the help of the color wheel, and here we can select an initial color, while offering us a gradient, and shows us its complementary color, basically in this option we have everything in one.

And last but not least, we have the meaning and symbolism of colors, which is an option where we can learn more about the colors of our preference.

Why use a tool to create a color palette?

There are several professions whose jobs require a synchronized color palette, these professions can be; graphic design, advertising, public relations, etc.

Even for students, it may be necessary to find a suitable color palette.

As far as matching colors are concerned, we are not necessarily talking about images, when choosing a wardrobe, using a decoration, choosing a uniform, or similar activities, it is also good to have an idea of a matching color palette, and not everyone has the ability to choose it by themselves.

But with the help of these applications, it is certainly a very feasible activity.

In view of all that has been written, you can notice how important it is to find a set of matching colors, and that is why it is not superfluous to use a color palette generator from time to time, since preparation is the key to success, and colors play a much more important role in everyday life than people think.

On the face of it, these three tools are very different, but they all have the same function and each one performs to the letter, each one works in its own way, and offers the user surprising and satisfactory results.

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