7 Most Common Entrepreneur Personality Traits

For many, the successful entrepreneurs are something brilliant, an object of study, and we all wonder what it takes to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, for example.

Read on to find out what an entrepreneurial personality looks like based on the most common aspects of it.

Entrepreneur personality traits
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Not every entrepreneur has the same personality

Wanting to pigeonhole all entrepreneurs into a personality pattern is a mistake, and many people often wonder if they have what it takes to be business owners, but when they read the results of how they should be they find that they could not be further from that profile.

The entrepreneur personality, as in the case of any other person, can be as different and unique as the project itself, and it is necessarily this that makes, when one manages to succeed, the business ideas on which their services or products are based seem so refreshing.

If we take a look at some of the world’s most famous successful entrepreneurs we will realize that they would not necessarily fit into a closed set of personality types and traits.

Many of them have even been self-taught because they have not managed to feel that they fit into the traditional education system.

This makes us think that the personality traits entrepreneurs have are not really a fundamental factor for the success of their projects, which is not the case.

We should focus more on certain characteristics and personality traits entrepreneurs can acquire even over time, since they are nothing more than behaviors or values that are adopted with the development of the person. 

So what could be some entrepreneurs personality types?

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There are two types of entrepreneur personalities, the first is risk takers who pursue business ideas that they believe will change the world.

Entrepreneurs tend to be self-driven and determined. They have a high tolerance for risk and uncertainty, and they are able to quickly adapt their skillset to new situations.

Entrepreneurs also possess an abundance of energy, which means they can work long hours without getting tired or making mistakes.

The second type of entrepreneur is people who want to spot an opportunity, make money and succeed in life, but not neccessarily to make change.

The type of personality traits that make you a good entrepreneur are the same ones that make you successful in any other field.

For example, if you’re organized and disciplined, then it makes sense for you to start your own business.

If you’re creative and independent-minded, then it makes sense for you to become an entrepreneur.

As there are different types of startups, there will be different types of  succesful entrepreneurs who will match his or her personality to their desires and capabilities.

Most common entrepreneur personality traits

Below, we will mention a series of common aspects of an entrepreneurial personality traits so that you can get to know the traits that predominate in these brilliant minds, business owners and, in case you need to, focus on improving any of them:


In case you do not know the concept of this word that is not used so often, it speaks of the ability of people to adapt to adverse situations, thus creating positive results.

When we take this to entrepreneurship, we realize that the environment will not always collaborate for things to go as planned, but it will be the ability to adapt to these situations that will make the difference when looking for the positive side.

Entrepreneurs who thrive to develop resilience on themselves can show the sign to achieve business success despite the adversity.


Among the aspects of an entrepreneur personality characteristics, of course, there should be creativity, and it has been proven that those who are not able to innovate in the market in some way are less likely to succeed.

This is because the entrepreneur always has to think about solving the need in an original way that makes potential customers look at their product or service, and that the characteristics of the same are also used to make a name in the market and be associated with your brand.

Creativity is a common personality trait that at any point entrepreneurs have. 


Entrepreneurship is a lonely road, and many times the same adversities of the environment mean that we do not find external motivation. In fact, until success is achieved, the same people around us will serve to take away the desire to move forward with our project.

It is important that the entrepreneur finds the motivation he needs to move forward in himself or herself, knowing that things will not always go as he or she expects, but that if he gives up he may never achieve his goal.

And, even if no one else has anything to do with the project, his mind is more than enough to motivate to continue to be one of the succesful business owners that exist in the world.


Among the biggest reasons why people often do not achieve their goals is because they lack determination, and it is precisely this common personality trait that makes someone, despite their environment or adversity, keep pushing until they get to where they want to be.

Among the most common aspects of entrepreneur personalities, determination is vital, because it is not always possible to succeed at the first or second attempt.

Many do not even succeed on the third try, but as long as you keep restructuring and innovating, you will be more likely to look to the future and go for it.

Business owners know why they are building up their business, and the determination to achieve their mission is also part of their personality type.


A human being with discipline is one who has the ability to implement a series of principles that relate to order and consistency in any aspect of his life with the objective of achieving a goal, no matter what it is. 

It will be discipline, in conjunction with other personality characteristics, that will help determine whether the entrepreneur can succeed.

Although it also comes into play when it comes to testing the principles and values you have as a person when it comes to how you reach your goal. 

Risk taker

Another aspect of an entrepreneur’s personality that cannot be missed is the ability to take risks, and you can not really expect to make a difference if you have not been able to get out of what others would see as “common”, however unlikely it is to be successful at the end of that path. 

Even when you can say that you have already achieved a certain status related to what is success, it is necessary for the entrepreneur to continue taking risks in order to continue being innovative and leaving what is the market in order to leave your mark.


Responsibility in entrepreneurship can be taken in different ways, mainly with oneself and with one’s principles. And from there becoming responsible for the service or product offered to potential customers, as well as the quality and authenticity of the same.

Similarly, in cases where you have people in charge, you must be responsible for them, and for their actions, since they will be the reflection of the brand.

It is a great weight that falls on the shoulders of the person who initiated the movement. 

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