7 Best Divi alternatives for your Website in WordPress

More than 2 million website owners around the world use Divi, which makes it one of the most popular WordPress theme builder from Elegant Themes.

This page builder plugin allows all levels of web designers to experience the opportunity to create visually appealing sites, thanks to its excellent graphics, powerful drag and drop page builder and user-friendly interface.

And therein lies the popularity of Divi builder, because if you do not have much knowledge about programming or landing pages web design, you can learn to handle this Divi theme in a self-taught way.

But like everything, Divi page builder pluginis not perfect, and there are some reasons why some users may be looking for best alternatives like Elementor or even Themify builder, since Divi has some disadvantages for WordPress sites. 

Among its cons, we have the loading speed due to the weight of the theme, having so many features, some of which we will probably never make use of, the pages take a long time to load.

On the other hand, it has few options for designing forms, a not very functional menu and a cost of $ 89 per year that many website owners can not afford. 

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What are the best Divi alternatives?

If you are looking for Divi alternatives either page builder plugins or free themes, you came to the right place, because below we will list 7 high quality website builders so that among them you can find the one that helps you build your website with their design options.

Elementor - Best Divi Builder Alternative

Elementor Logo Red
Create a Website
Design Your Future

Just like Divi, Elementor offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop visual builder, plus lots of useful features such as revision history, auto-save, browser, search engine, hotkeys, among others.

Elementor can be considered the best Divi builder alternatives among the drag and drop builder plugins for WordPress, as it offers the best free and premium version, several customization options 

Unlike Divi, the interface is a simple static sidebar, which solves one of the cons of DIVI over the non-functional menu, and at the same time helps to customize every part of your website in real time.

You can design individual pages and with the Pro version, you can design your theme template files.

In addition, Elementor Pro offers its own blank canvas theme called Hello, or if you prefer you can combine it with any WordPress theme.

It also offers 300 different page templates for you to choose from, but if you want to create your own designs, you can use elements from the site builder and save them as templates.

Other Elementor features include integration with email marketing applications like ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp, e-commerce widget integrations, and designing custom pop-ups.

Finally, it has a free version that offers a wealth of features and a slightly more comprehensive premium version that costs $59 per year for a single site.

Undoubtedly, one best alternative to Divi builder that you should try if you are interested.


avada banner
The Ultimate WordPress
Website Builder

Avada is probably the most popular page builder of the list of the best Divi alternative from Themeforest because it uses exactly the same approach.

It is a WordPress theme builder feature that comes with its own visual generator called Avada Builder. 

Avada integrates page and theme creation into one unified interface, which is a bit more convenient than Divi. Its base theme is much more flexible and is cheaper in case you only need it on a single site, especially since it comes with lifetime updates by default.

However, in terms of speed, performance and the library of importable sites, Divi leads the way.

The Avada template is priced at $60, which is still quite a bit cheaper than Divi. This price includes lifetime template updates and support for 6 months from your purchase.

In addition, you can extend the support 6 more months for $18.


Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme with Page Builder

Ekko is also a WordPress theme, but it features a multipurpose approach.

It has over 50 complete demos of which each one could be a completely different website.

However, it also allows you to modify each demo to your liking and unlock unlimited possibilities. 

It offers an exciting and elegant design, perfect for a company with a modern outlook, taking into account that establishing a good first impression with your users is crucial for your company’s website.

Ekko contains a drag-and-drop page builder from WPBakery, which ensures that everyone can take full advantage of it without being an expert, plus it provides greater flexibility of creativity and allows you to create your own designs. 

You can also use over 200+ preset template layouts and easily swap out your own images and content without having to touch a single line of code.

It also has 250 template blocks, 40 content elements and 60+ ready-to-use pages, a solid selection of useful options, 50+ demos created with your specific industry or niche in mind and is powerful enough to help any small business or corporate company. 

With this theme you won’t need a lot of work to get an eye-catching website ready to launch, and it all comes at a cost of $72.

Will you try this alternative to Divi? We assure you that you won’t regret it. 

WPbakery WordPress Page Builder

#1 WordPress Page
Builder Plugin

WPBakery is a premium WordPress website builder with all the tools you need to create the ideal site for your business.

This builder features a simple drag-and-drop page builder that comes along with premium templates, blocks, elements and extensions.

One of the pros of WPBakery is that it works with any WordPress theme, page, post or custom post type, plus you can use your live interface editor to make changes to your website and preview it before publishing it to the live website.

With this builder you can customize the appearance of elements, have high quality stock photos, have a developer friendly back-end customization, fast editing experience and more for $59 per year.

Oxygen Builder

Oxygen WordPress Page Builder Banner
You'll build incredible websites with Oxygen

Oxygen is an excellent Divi alternative intended for more advanced users who prefer a much cleaner code output and more robust support for creating dynamic content and perfectly customized content sites.

Technically it is a WordPress plugin, but Oxygen completely replaces the theme and allows you to design everything using a drag-and-drop visual interface, so when you use it only the templates you have designed with Oxygen will appear. 

It has a wide lead over Divi thanks to cleaner HTML output, flexible checkout controls, much stronger support for dynamic data, and it comes with various licenses ranging from $129 to $229.

Visual Composer

visual composer
Build WordPress Websites At Scale

The Visual Composer popular website builder platform also offers a simple, visual site builder with drag-and-drop technology, and has a similar interface to Elementor. 

The side menu is packed with blocks, elements and templates that you can use to customize your site from the front end.

The add-on offers a ton of elements such as buttons, function sections, image sliders, galleries, video players, animation and much more, allowing you to design these elements in different ways and modify them according to your and your company’s needs.

In Visual Composer there are more than 150 templates for you to choose from and multiple third-party applications to integrate.

Among its advantages as an alternative to Divi, we have its large selection of design elements and integrations, better price and that it has a functional free version, while Divi only has a Premium version.

The free version offers limited access. For example, it only allows you to use 30 elements, while with the premium version you have access to more than 200 elements and templates. 

If you decide to buy the premium version, it will cost you $49 per year for a single site.

Beaver Builder 

beaver builder
WordPress Page Builder

The Beaver Builder website builder offers a drag-and-drop visual generator and a wide range of pre-built layouts that make it very easy to create professional websites. 

It powers similar functionality to what Divi has, but has over 30 pre-designed templates to choose from and all are easy to customize and beginner-friendly, plus all customizations are automatically saved so you won’t lose any designs.

The developers of Beaver Builder offer an official Beaver Builder theme that you can use with the builder, but the plugin works well with any WordPress theme.

It also allows you to purchase the platform’s official extension to add full theme built with Beaver Builder.

Among its advantages over Divi, Beaver Builder is a bit lighter, so all things being equal, a design created with Beaver Builder will generally load faster than Divi.

It is also compatible with most WordPress themes (including Neve), and offers an integrated white-label feature, whereas Divi does not.

As for cost, Beaver Builder has a free (lite) version on that is equipped with the most basic features for you to create your website. 

But if you want to have all the benefits we mentioned above, it is definitely best to subscribe to the premium version, which offers a much more complete builder.

The basic premium version costs $9 per year for unlimited sites.

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