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Avada, created by Themefusion, the wordpress theme website builder is defined as one of the most complete WordPress Site themes that you can find today, because it has many functions.

You can use Avada to develop one of the website ideas for entrepreneur.

If you are looking for a Avada theme information, you have come to the right place, because here we will be very detailed with all the pros, cons, differences and how to use it to have the best benefits take advantage of it!

Avada WordPress Theme
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What is Avada WordPress Theme?

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Build Amazing Websites, Fast!

Avada is a SEO ready WordPress template or theme that can greatly facilitate any design or layout you require, easy to use and a favorite for those who prefer to invest a little more in quality templates for WordPress and Woocommerce.

A very important merit, considering that there is a long list of free and paid WordPress themes that you can find today for online stores, small business, marketing agencies and more.

The Avada template was created in the eighth month of 2012, a few months later it had already positioned itself as one of the best templates you can use as a drag and drop page builder and number 1 selling WordPress Theme on the market of Themeforest.

Avada Website Builder Pricing

Avada currently costs 69 US dollars, however, when it was released in 2015 it cost no more than 40 US dollars.

In comparison to popular WordPress Website Builder like Elementor or Divi which are licensed for every year, to use Avada you acquire for lifetime the regular license.

Being in a middle position among WordPress themes in terms of price, although by that time there were other favorites that were in the sights of many webmasters and users looking for a personal website.

However, a few after certain references and good results with its use, its popularity was growing exponentially to become what we see today in just two months!

This means that its popularity has put it in great demand, being downloaded by more than 140,000 WordPress users with great success.

Being one of the most downloaded themes on the platform by far, which makes us wonder what makes it different from other themes? Find out below.

How does Avada work to build WordPress websites?

Avada works with an object-oriented development, this can be evidenced when we can simply drag boxes, rectangles, among other shapes to design our website in a few minutes.

Normally you would have to write code to customize your web page, but this is a problem for those who do not know the basics of programming pages or have a fairly new project, with little time.

Avada offers a comfortable user interface, quite simple for those who are used to free WordPress themes, however, it won’t take you more than two hours to adapt to all its functions if you are new.

Being one of the main reasons why they started using it and today it is a growing WordPress theme.

The Swiss Army Knife of WordPress Themes

There are many points we can mention, but in order not to get so long, we are going to expose its most important qualities so that you have a detailed idea of what you can get with this paid theme.

Who can take advantage of Avada Theme options?

Any user can save a lot of time and start having better results with Avada visual page builder in WordPress, however, those who will take advantage of it the most will be beginners without basic knowledge in HTML code.

How many times have you had a great idea for a website and felt limited by your web design skills? It’s happened to us too.

But with Avada, you simply drag the design elements and specify whether it will be text typography, or an image slider – it’s that easy!

In a few minutes you will have the most used plugins, for example, WPML which will help you to have your website in different languages, BuddyPress in case you want to create a forum, Easy Digital Downloads if you are interested in selling info products and many more.

Also, in case you do not want one or the other, simply uncheck the box at the time of deconfiguration, so the plugin will not be installed, saving space and optimizing your website.

Advantages of best-selling WordPress theme of all time at Themeforest

There are many reasons why you should consider installing Avada Premium WordPress Theme:

You already know the advantages of Avada in WordPress! Will you dare to use it?

Disadvantages of Avada theme

As you well know, in themes of templates or applications not everything is rosy, you always have to take into account its weaknesses, especially with respect to other applications.

Done! Those are all the weaknesses of Avada in WordPress, although we invite you to try it and leave us your experience in the comments.

Avada Theme Reviews

The reviews of Avada top-selling WordPress theme are very positive both in its functionality and intuitiveness for users, making it one of the best options if you want to invest in a paid theme.

Many experts from the WordPress community recommend it, especially if you consider yourself a beginner with very ambitious projects that would need more resources to not complicate.

Likewise, if you want to have it ready in a few hours or days it is also the perfect theme makes for you, because you only need to drag buttons, boxes, colors or any “object” you want and specify it on your website.

To all this, with a little experience, you can do it faster and faster if you want to start several websites of different themes or with the same ones, especially by using the exclusive WordPress theme templates.

If you have any questions about avada wordpress theme website builder you can fill out the contact form, we will respond as soon as possible to help you.

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