17 Website Ideas for Entrepreneurs in 2022

Website Ideas for Entrepreneurs
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Being an entrepreneur nowadays can be the ideal way out of the financial problems that can bring to mankind.

Thanks to the digital era there are a lot of ventures that can be found on the internet and here you will find 17 website ideas for entrepreneurs that provide you with the basis to start a venture. 

Having a job online brings a number of advantages that a face-to-face job can not provide, so it can be an excellent idea to know what opportunities you can find to start a business with a website. 

The best websites to start a business online

The Internet world is as wide as humanity requires, since with each new need new solutions are born.

For example, for the time of pandemic 2020, many companies had to adapt most of their activities to the digital area in order not to have losses during the preventive isolation. 

Just as many people looked for jobs on the Internet to avoid losing income while maintaining the rules of biosecurity and isolation.

By 2022 the creation of online jobs has been a big boom, so you can find 17 website ideas for entrepreneurs and the advantages you can get with each of them. 

Entrepreneurs can find plenty of website ideas, but it is their job to turn them into profitable website ideas and start building their online business.

Remember that the digital world is wide enough to find people who need your products or services.

There are plenty of types of website ideas that can help entrepreneurs on their way to build their online business from ecommerce websites, portfolio websites, affiliate marketing websites and even specific social media websites.

Choose from the following website ideas for entrepreneurs and start being independent.

News website

News Website Template

A news website can be a wide space of ideas for entrepreneurs, as through videos, Podcast, interviews, written content and other resources, you can keep the world up to date on news, events and update on what is happening in some specific part of the world.

This is one of the most common simple website ideas that can start with local information and grow in time.

It takes nothing more than to build website with news and customizing it.

Online Store

Ecommerce Website WordPress Template

Everything can be sold online, having the ideal space, even a cotton ball can be a good sales product.

An online store or ecommerce website is an idea for entrepreneurs that gives many benefits, since with good marketing sales can increase.

Sell what you no longer use, a specific product or a necessary product for the population.

Start with a website builder to create website for ecommerce faster and through market research, find the products that are most needed in your locality and become the solution.  


Avada Website Template

Through a blog you can get a lot of information, you just need to know what others want to know and start writing about it.

Creating a blog posts as an entrepreneur is one of the fastest and easiest ideas to do, as there are many places to create your blog for free. 

A blog, as one of the profitable website ideas, requires a digital marketing strategy to make it grow and it can be done through sponsored ads, affiliate marketing,  

Earn money by writing about what you are passionate about or giving support to people with a specific difficulty. 

Online course Website

Online Courses Website Template

Do you have knowledge in an area and want to teach it?

Create your online course as an entrepreneur and start monetizing through websites.

On online course sites, you find all the tools you need to teach and educate everyone interested in your content. 

You can build websites in different areas such as academic online courses, cooking online courses, or any other expertise you might have. 

There are many people who want to learn something new, but do not have the time to do courses, but through your online course site, you can be the solution they are looking for. 

You can promote it in social media and start building your community.


Business Saas Website Template

Working in SaaS is currently one of the best advantages, since using software as a service generates to every professional or digital worker, the perfect space to find all the applications or software they need.

For example, as an entrepreneur you can sell software to entrepreneurs with Ecommerce or virtual stores. 

Of course this might not be easy, but certainly SaaS has become great website ideas to build up online businesses.

Business directory

Business directory Website Template

Create and advertise your own business directory where anyone can find the company information they need.

Create website with business data, either nationally, internationally or within your city and monetize the amount of visits you receive. 

You can add blog posts to enrich the content of your business directory.

The business directory can be one of the most complete website project ideas that can result in a great solution. 

With a business directory, you give people the information they require from a company and they in turn through ratings, help your website to grow and position itself.

Questions and Answers Forum

Forum Website Template

To undertake with great website ideas, you should know that anything can be monetized, so open a forum for questions and answers on particular topics, where people feel free to comment, discuss and respond to the information received. 

A forum can be monetized by means of the entries it receives or the amount of interaction it manages to have with a particular topic. 


Portfolio Website Template

The creation of portfolios, can be necessary for many professionals.

Through a portfolio website, you can give all the necessary tools for the design, customization and creation of a portfolio.

You can use website builders like WordPress Elementor to create a portfolio website.

That way you can undertake with a website and monetize the visits or resources needed for the creation of portfolios. 

Music portal

Music Website Template

Music moves the world, that is why to undertake with a music portal, gives the advantage that it can be in an international way, so you can create a website and have a music portal, where you can download music, in addition to obtaining information of the lyrics, singers or data about the artists. 

As you might think that competing agains Apple Music or Spotify can be a challenge, you can create website focusing in a certain genre or based on a specific band.

Don’t limit yourself, and try new things.

Video portal

Video Portal Website Template

To start a video website, you must be clear about the theme you want to have and focus your videos on those topics.

For example, a music video portal, or videos on current affairs, news or entertainment.

In addition to being able to create a space where they can upload and advertise their content through videos. 

File storage and transfer site

File Sharing Website Template

File storage and transfer will always be a necessity.

Create a file storage and transfer website, where you can monetize plans by the amount of files available for transfer or storage.

This allows you to start from home, with little money and easy. 

Local service review website

Review Website Template

Most people seek to read comments or reviews about products or services before hiring them, therefore, a good venture is a local service review site, where you can indicate your own experience with the services and give space for other people to comment. 

Real Estate Listings

Real Estate Website Template

When looking for a new house or apartment rental, the first thing you do is look for a real estate listing, therefore, undertaking with a real estate website, will open the doors for you in a national way, to indicate to all users the different properties available for sales and rentals, where you can monetize by percentages of sale. 

Calendar of events and purchase of tickets

Event Website Template

For any event it is necessary to know the day, time and place, in addition to being able to get the entrance ticket.

By creating a website with event calendar and ticket purchase, you will have a space for those interested in the event to do the research on the elements of the event and get the necessary tickets to enter. 

Price comparison website

Price Comparison Website Template

Knowing the different prices of the same product can give you the advantage of not overspending on something you could get cheaper.

Starting a price comparison site will give you the advantage that no matter what product is being compared or what niche you are in, you will have many people interested in getting information on product prices. 

Appointment booking site with professionals (doctors, psychologists, coaching)

Booking Website Template

Book your appointment quickly and easily with the professional of your choice.

The human being seeks ease and speed to perform their activities, therefore, creating a site for booking appointments with professionals as a venture, is an open door to success, because you can enter the necessary data of the most sought after professionals in your area and give all the information to get an appointment. 

Podcast Website with niche topic interviews

Podcast Website Template

To undertake with a website, you must take into account the topics to be covered and what can be more profitable when creating content.

With a niche topic interview website, you will be able to open a question and answer space to understand everything you need to know about niches or of a particular niche. 

When creating an internet venture, you can find hundreds of ideas to carry out, the important thing when undertaking is the perseverance and effort to make your online business, the best and stands out among so many e-commerce. 

The advantages of entrepreneurship on websites, is the freedom of movement and the investment savings you can have by not having to maintain a physical site, or a staff to perform activities that you can automate on your website. 

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