5 Digital Marketing Strategies Examples for your business

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If you’re looking for digital marketing strategies to help your business grow, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll cover 5 different strategies that digital marketing businesses are applying.

We’ll also provide examples of how each strategy can be used in your business.

So if you want to learn about digital marketing strategies that will help your business grow, keep reading!

digital marketing strategies examples
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What is a digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is a plan that businesses use to reach their target market through the use of digital channels such as websites, social media, and email.

A digital marketing strategy should include goals, objectives, tactics, and measurements.

Setting a digital marketing strategy can help your business to reach its goals with the support that they can give.

Some of the digital marketing strategies examples that we are going to further discuss in this article are:

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Why you need a digital marketing strategy

There are several advantages that a digital marketing strategy can bring up to your business such as the reduction of cost in advertising, the ability to measure the ROI, track and analyze the interests of your users, and test different strategies to compare results.

Businesses who are implementing the different digital marketing strategies that are available are already seeing growth, that in the past it was more complicated to obtain.

There is now more control on the type of message that the business wants to deliver, and also they can obtain a response of their potential customers at the moment, creating a better interaction and engagement between the two.

Where in the past businesses where the ones in control of just delivering the message that they wanted, now with the support of the digital marketing strategies, they can select different methods to deliver the same message and also obtain that feedback from the customers at the instant.


Search engine optimization is one great way for businesses to develop their digital marketing strategy.

As users are searching for a product or service, their intent is usually to buy a product or to get more information.

Since there is already a motivation on the user to do the search, it is more likely that companies can gain conversions from those users, as in other digital marketing strategies, users are more on a general perspective.

There are millions of websites worldwide that can rank on the most popular search engine, which is Google.

Businesses can start to create content, optimize it for SEO and do link building to start gaining positions in search engines.

It can be considered to be a free tactic to gain organic traffic, but truth is that businesses have to invest in a digital marketing team to run properly a SEO campaign in order to see future results. 


Similar to SEO, search engine marketing is a strategy that is focused on a model of paid advertising.

Search engines show on their results the websites that are running a paid campaign.

Google ads is the platform where businesses have to go if they are planning to create a SEM campaign.

The costs of the campaigns are usually ran by a pay per click basis, meaning that everytime a user does click the add and lands into the business page, then it would be added to the cost.

SEM has the advantage that it doesn’t have to strongly focus on SEO details, but the better the landing page, it will benefit to be shown in the top position.

Email Marketing

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Email marketing is another important digital marketing strategy to be used to keep the direct contact with customers.

Email marketing is a one to one communication, which it can be personalized.

The personalization of email marketing has given up an improve to generic emails that didn’t appeal to have a proper communication.

Businesses can use a email marketing strategy as a follow up of another implemented strategy, which eventually can help to improve conversions.

There are already marketing automation tools that are supporting businesses to send emails at a specific time to generate a reaction of the user.

Video Marketing

Video has been one of the most used methods of communication with the audience.

Platforms such as TikTok, Youtube Shorts, and Instagram are giving up a huge importance to videos that are created in a short form.

To generate engagement with the audience, it is important that business understand what are the types of content that they are consuming, and adjusting to the worldwide trends can give them an advantage to communicate properly.

As well, long videos are effective when the topic discussed is relevant to the users interest.

Business should have in mind to add a video marketing strategy to their business to help them achieve their goals on a visual way.

Social Media Marketing

Social media channels have become a really important mean of communication.

Social media has brought open conversations between the users and companies.

As there are more people active in such platforms, it has also brought the opportunity to create spaces for advertising.

It has become easier for businesses to share share a message with the use of the marketing tools of the social media platforms.

As well, the price of advertising has drastically been reduced and businesses can measure their performance.

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