Digital Marketing in the Men’s Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is one of the most competitives ones in the digital markets.

Getting a brand positioned requires a good strategy in order to be a top performer that can out rank competitors.

Keep reading to learn some tips that can help a business in the men’s fashion industry,

Digital Marketing in the Men's Fashion Industry
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Carlos Barraza

Carlos Barraza

Carlos Barraza has more than 7 years of experience in the digital marketing area. He has experience in different industries such as retail, technology and hospitality.

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Influencer Marketing for the Men's Fashion Industry

As previously mentioned, the fashion industry has been one of the most competitive industries and building a well known brand takes time to develop.

Companies should focus their marketing on tactics that are already working and that are giving results.

Influencer marketing has been a media that fashion businesses have been using to expand their reach faster and with trust to new customers.

Influencer have nurtured and cultivated that audiences, and followers will give the trust to what the influencer is saying or doing.

When it comes to fashion, men decide differently than women.

Sometimes it could be better for a brand to work with influencers that do the recommendations rather than just showing up the model.

It is important also for businesses and brands to work together with the right persons that can be related to their intent and values.

Partnership marketing

Also, brands and businesses mainly focus their efforts and the support just on the customer.

Working directly with men’s clothing manufacturers and doing some marketing activities in conjunction can build up better campaigns that could result in more benefit for both of them.

Manufacturers, brands and retailers could develop a digital marketing strategy that can have further reach if they work in conjunction.

Thinking just B2C without also allowing the opportunity to work together with normal and daily partners let aside the chance of being creative to generate new marketing ideas.

Is SEO good for the Men's Fashion Industry?

SEO has been a pillar area of any digital marketing strategy.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that ranking for generic terms for the clothing industry can turn a mission impossible if the business is new.

Hence the importance of focusing first on building a brand rather than just trying to position by product.

Content marketing oriented to SEO is a way that new men’s fashion brands can help to build awareness, but it will take time to build up.

SMS Marketing

On a visual industry being in the right time at the right moment is key.

SMS marketing or the usage of message apps can be a good tool for fashion businesses.

Whatsapp can be an app that can easily send videos and images, and not just text messages.

This can be a media that can  still connect on a 1 to 1 basis and build a better relationship with customers.

Brand should not underestimate the ussage of this communication way in order to gain more exposure and get even higher open rates than email marketing.

Short Videos in Social Media

The reach that new social media platforms can have such as TikTok is incredible.

Short videos are having over a million views, and this opens a big potential for men’s fashion businesses to reach the proper audience in a wide scale.

Brands and businesses should be creative and take leverage on these advantages that can be obtained from such platforms.

As new content formats arise, brands should also keep up the pace to appear in the right moment.

Social Media will still be a key component of a digital marketing strategy, and creativity is the most important skill to develop.

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