17 CRM for WordPress Plugins

Find out here a list of CRM for WordPress Plugins.
Take leverage of the WordPress environment.

A CRM will help you to manage your customers in one place.

Integrating some CRM software in WordPress can be easy by installing some plugins.

FInd out here a list of plugins that can help you to have a CRM in your WordPress Dashboard or integrate it directly to your current CRM.

CRM WordPress Plugins


This WordPress CRM Plugin is designed for small business that makes easy to have the control of their contacts through WordPress.

Since the database is stored in your WordPress Environment, you have your own database control and not in other cloud servers.

You can send Invoices and get paid through Stripe.


An all in one solution is being offered with the CRM ERP Business solution for WordPress.

This plugin not only adds the CRM functionalities, but it does also sets up the features of what an ERP also offer.

If you are already using Woocommerce, it can be integrated with it, to have better control of your resources.


WP ERP is another WordPress Plugin that has the capacity of adding a full management system to your website.

Besides having the ERP features, it does offer the capacity of Integrating a CRM with Woocommerce, Create custom fields, automate your workflow and store documents.

It is a good option if you want to add a full business software in your WordPress website.


Groundhogg is a marketing automation and CRM tool for WordPress.

It will help you to have a better management of your contacts and automate the process of contacting them once a lead was created.


FluentCRM is a Email Marketing solution tool that will give you the capacity to manage your contacts, segment them, automate your processes and get reports.


UPI CRM for WordPress is a plugin that will help you with your lead management process.

It helps you to create a WordPress based CRM that will help you to keep track of your leads.

Presspoint CRM

Set up your CRM for WordPress with Press Point CRM.

This plguin can help you to set up a Custom Profiles, Send Email and SMS messages, and keep up your relationships. 


Vcita is a CRM that helps to grow the relationship with your customers.

Its WordPress Plugin helps to set booking appointments, create contact forms and set lead capturing forms. 


Set up a CRM within WordPress with WPCRM. 

This plugin will help you to set Contact, Accounts and Quotes modules.

hubspot logo

One of the most known CRM, Hubspot, has its own plugin to keep in one place its power.

With Hubspot WordPress plugin you can keep the CRM management, email marketing, and marketing automation features from inside WordPress.

jetpack crm

With Jetpack CRM you can hace contact and client management in WordPress, Invoicing and Transactions, as well as integrations with other popular platforms such as Twilio, Convertkit, Paypal and more.

WordPress CRM Integration Plugins

AlexaCRM Logo small

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, then the AlexaCRM WordPress plugin will help you to integrate it to your website.

CRM Perks

CRM Perks has multiple WordPress plugins that can be integrated with different CRM.

It can integrate Woocommerce with CRM such as Zoho, Salesforce, Quickbooks, Pipelines and SugarCRM.

WP Fusion

WPFusion is an integrator that will allow to easily automate the processes of your WordPress  and your CRM.

It will help you to display the information of your CRM in WordPress and will keep track of your leads created in WordPress.

Woocommerce Bitrix 24 integration

With the Woocommerce integration, you can send your collected data to Bitrix24.

Woocommerce Pipedrive integration

With the Woocommerce integration, you can send your collected data to Pipedrive CRM.

Elementor InfusionSoft Integration

Elementor Pro widget that allow to set a form to be integrated with Infusionsoft.

What is CRM?

Basically, this software stores information about customers, whether they are known or potential customers. 

In simple terms, it is like a phone book, which not only stores numbers and data, but also saves information that allows you to know from emails to preferences when making purchases because it saves the history of customers.

It works in sales, marketing and as an assistant for customer service.

If we talk about sales, the CRM for small companies, allows to generate more revenue in less time, through sales that become more effective because they are personalized.

With this tool, marketing is more effective and the company is not required to be the one looking for the customer, but can directly reach potential customers directly.

In terms of customer service, it generates a tool for the sales and after-sales process to be closer and this in turn generates an experience that will make customers come back later.