Coworking Spaces for Digital Entrepreneurs in Mexico

One of the new models of real estate venues that has helped a lot of entrepreneurs are the coworking spaces.

As a digital entrepreneur who start his venture, acquiring an office might not be the priority, but sometimes a place to have meetings are required.

Here is where coworking spaces come into play.

Keep reading to learn more about how coworking spaces have become a good place for digital entrepreneur.

Coworking spaces for digital entrepreneurs in Mexico
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What are coworking spaces?

Oposite to what we are seeing around in the world, where retail stores are closing and having a transition from brick and mortar to an online store, there are new types of businesses that are surging in the real estate industry.

Digital entrepreneurship is not more a trend, it is one of the best ways to start a business.

The ease of start a online business has created thousands of new entrepreneurs, that just by having a computer and internet, it is all what is needed to begin a business.

The issue comes that as entrepreneurs start growing their business from their houses, there is a point that to meet some customers, their places are not really a business setting.

Specially, if the digital entrepreneurs have to pitch their idea, or have more formal or professional meetings with customers, suppliers or investors, it is here where coworking spaces have also become the new office of the future.

Coworking spaces have become a new rental area for businesses.

This real estate model has become a practical way to work, to collaborate, and it has also become a key factor of the shared economy.

In coworking spaces, the place is rented for just a partial space and also for partial periods of time.

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Advantages of Coworking Spaces for Digital Entreprenerus

The Coworking Spaces has open up new alternatives to entrepreneurs.

It seems that it has been left in the past the idea that to be succesful, a business must own a fancy office.

The shared economy has brought that idea into pieces, and new digital entrepreneurs prefer to be working in a space where they can also cooperate and share ideas with members of other companies.

Coworking Spaces have turned themselves into flexible venues that offer more advantages than disadvantages, specially to digital entrepreneurs.

There is even the opportunity to have virtual offices, which the entrepeneurs use their address and additional services, like receiving mail post. 

As well, instead of creating long term leasing contracts, the coworking spaces can be rented for lestt amount of time.

As well, the Coworking Spaces already have IT Equipment that can support to have better meetings.

Coworking Spaces in Mexico

All around Mexico, there are new coworking spaces that are being opened, specially in bigger cities.

As entrepreneurs from smaller cities have a meeting in another city of the country, looking for a coworking space has also brought those benefits.

As an example, in the city of Queretaro, there is a Coworking Space named Works+ where entrepreneurs can rent fixed desk spaces, virtual offices and meeting rooms. 

The advantage of coworking spaces in Mexica are that even remote workers can aim to do home office from places different from theirs.

Giving this the chance to travel and work in different cities of Mexico.

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