Buy Quality Backlinks from Trusted Sites

Here is a list of reliable websites where you can buy quality backlinks that can help you on your SEO efforts to improve your search rankings.
Buy Quality Backlinks from Trusted Sites
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Why buy Quality Backlinks?

As backlinks is one part of the SEO strategy, sometimes to obtain them might be a quite difficult work.

There are many different types of backlinks that will have low or high impact in your website.

Any website that aims to improve their search rankins will need backlinks to also improve their authority.

Maybe Google has stated that Domain Authority or Domain Rating is not a major metric they have, but certainly Moz and Ahrefs know what they are talking, and obviously Google is not saying their exact recipe to rank better on their search engines.

But truth is that websites that have quality backlinks and higher Domain Authority and Domain Rating have shown to have more keywords in better positions than those who don’t.


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Beware of where do you buy backlinks

Certainly there are different techniques to get backlinks, but sometimes it is time consuming to work on blogger outreach.

Therefore, trusted websites are searched in order to buy quality backlinks.

Nevertheless, to buy quality backlinks can be tricky, specially if you don’t know which websites are realiable and which are not.

And for example, buying the backlinks packages in Fiverr might not be the best option, since you don’t know exactly the type of link that you are getting.

Most of backlinks from Fiverr are usually from spammy sites, blog comments backlinks, profile backlinks and some other examples, that honestly those are not real and quality backlinks.

An excellent backlink is that one that is contextual and is from a real website that has organic visitors or good social media prescence.

Coming up next, we share some websites where you can buy quality backlinks that meet these requirements.

Websites where you can buy quality backlinks

Linkatomic is one of the best tools to get quality SEO backlinks from articles of your topic in blogs and newspapers with authority.

It allows you to buy sponsored articles in which you can include several links to your website. Each article will be written exclusively to promote your website in a natural way.

In addition, Linkatomic allows you to insert links in old articles already positioned, to take advantage of the traffic they have and benefit from it.


One of the best advertiser portals known for the ease of communication that allows between publishers, advertisers, writers and Influencer. Publisuites, serves as a platform where you can get Backlinks by advertising your website or creating content on the same portal.

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This web portal helps you to increase your visibility as a brand and improve your SEO strategies, getting backlinks here also depends on the interaction, the content you post and creating content for the best websites.

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Growwer has access to multiple main websites that can help you to get better Link Juice.

You can also get managed service in case that you want to outsource your SEO Backlink process.


We are Content

We are Content is another website where you can have access to multiple websites that offer quality backlinks.

As like in the other websites, the advantage of We are Content as well is that you can see upfront the website from where you are getting the backlink from.

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Content by itself is not enough, Backlinks are also important.

As we all might know, Backlinks are links that poing back to your site.

Not neccesarily, having a huge amount of backlinks will mean that you will have quality backlinks.

As you have created your content marketing strategy, and have developed different pieces of written texts, your website will rank them depending on how your authority as a website is.

And here it comes also the importance of a good Backlink SEO strategy oriented to obtain quality backlinks.

Depending in the niche that you are competing with, there will be different ranking difficulties.

For example, tech websites have a way more competition if we compare to a less developed SEO market such as car tools.

A Tech website need high quality and contextual backlinks that can give them that authority on their topic to outrank competitors.

If they create a blog post stating the 10 best smartphones in 2021 for entrepreneurs, there might be hundreds of other smartphone websites that will be competing against each other, but the ones with higher Domain Rating and higher volume of Backlinks for sure will be on the top rankings.

Therefore, high quality backlinks turn also as an important part of a complete SEO strategy.

Elements to consider when working on Backlinks

Now that we know what Backlinks are, their types, how they work and why Backlinks are important for SEO, it’s time to know what elements to consider when looking for quality Backlinks, as well as tips to get free links that can successfully help you increase the ranking of your website.

Say No to Buying High Amount but Low Quality Backlinks

Although you may think it is the easy way out, among the first tips to get free backlinks, it is obvious that you should not buy the cheap low quality Backlink packagesm, but besides that, buying backlinks does not ensure their quality or that their performance will help you to increase your PageRank within Google’s parameters. Remember that if they are poorly created they can cause penalties.

Create good content

It may seem logical, but if you want other web pages or portals to mention your page or make reference to your content, thus obtaining Backlinks for your blog, it is necessary that you have quality articles and content that can be interesting for the public. This is the fastest, easiest and safest way to get free backlinks.

Internal links

Increasing and improving traffic within your own domain by creating internal links and linking through external links to authoritative websites can increase the possibility of getting high quality backlinks.

Make yourself known

If you are new, the best tip to get free backlinks is to start commenting on other sites. Be active and interested in blog and forum conversations, even if the comments will become “No follow” you might get a couple of Backlinks due to the active interaction you have on the site.

Although there are few tips to get free Backlinks, they are the best to get quality without spending money or creating fraudulent links with which you can earn penalties in Google.

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