Business Digitalization and IT Support

Challenges will keep coming with the digital transformation and so it will be needing the different IT Support level to scale and resolve issues that might appear.

As businesses keep moving forward to a digitalized structure, the requirements for IT experts will grow as well.

Keep reading to learn more about why it is important to have a good IT team when developing a digitalization strategy.

Business Digitalization and IT Support
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Digitizing by your own or with an external IT team?

There are plenty of companies that might think that they will save or reduce costs by trying to undergo certain business processes, and one of that is the area of IT.

Of course, a company can start building an IT team, that will be only focused on their business operations, but sometimes, the size or structure of the business doesn’t really require a big team internally, therefore an option is to consider a group of IT experts that can really take care of that area, and the organization can really focus on their core business.

But when should one decision be taken instead of the other?

When it is better to undergo internally, rather than seeking help?
There are not right or wrong answers, but certainly if in the long run having an internal IT team could represent a higher in cost option, then it might be better to get external help.

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Advantages of contacting IT Experts

When a business decides to improve and digitize their processes, going with an IT Expert team can be easier, since they already have walked the path.

The experience of an IT business consultant should be taken in consideration, and as it has proven results, then the probabilities of success are bigger.

IT oriented companies that include pool of experts might know already what can be beneficial for a business that is undergoing a digital transformation, but certainly they will have to do a prior analyze to proceed with it.

Working with IT experts will share that know-how with the company, making it a situation where both can be growing at the same time. Otherwise, if a company goes by their own, the learning curve of a digital transformation process can take more time than expected, and it might be a constant of trial and error.

IT business experts can help with the risk reduction, which also means a more secure way of developing a business.

IT Levels of Support

Having an IT expert team outside the company doesn’t mean that all their services will be required.
That is why also IT services are structured by levels in terms of support.

The levels of support can be Tier 0 which is recognized as a self-service, Tier 1 is where basic users issues are resolved, Tier 2 require more knowledgeable agents and Tier 3 require agents with experience in complex situations.

Therefore, there could be different situations that can be adjusted for each needed case.

In the process of business digitization having hired IT services can be that help for different levels that might require assistance.

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