5 Best WordPress Hosting for a Fast Website

If you are looking for the best WordPress hosting, we have a list full of options where you will notice that none of them have been a waste of space in this article.

From the best option on the market, to the most economical, and also the ideal one for its compatibility, all here.

Best WordPress Hosting for Fast Website
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When we talk about Cloudways we are referring to that Managed Cloud Hosting where you choose one of the cloud hosting providers with which they work and they are responsible for making the connection of the management platform with that provider to make it easier to manage.

In exchange for what we have explained above, you are only expected to make a very small extra payment that enables you to make use of their management platform, and also have access to the support they can give you whenever you need it.

It is one of the best WordPress hosting because, basically, it focuses on websites that are based on this tool, so you can expect from it all the functionalities and settings that you need to manage your website with it.

Among the things that can be done without so much effort if you decide to hire this hosting service is the installation of an SSL certificate, the creation of a test environment (also known as staging), changing the PHP version, backups, among others.

Earlier we mentioned on the Vultr High Frequency Review their support, and this is one of the great advantages of hiring Cloudway.

The fastest way for you to get professional help is through the chat that will be available for you 24 hours a day, whenever you need it.

In case you are one of those who like to be aware of every little update of the products you buy, it has a bot that is responsible for notifying its customers every little news, incident, and also the configurations that may cause some kind of problem.

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Another one that makes it to our list of best WordPress hosting is Kinsta, based on the fact that it provides all the tools that are necessary when you need to manage a website from Google Cloud Platform.

As we stated on Kinsta Review, this is not that much recommended due to the extra costs it has if you exceed your visitors limit, but if you are still wanting to use Google Cloud Platform and some Managed WordPress services, then you could give it a try.

It is worth noting that the opinion of the users out there is no secret, and they do not skimp on pointing out Kinsta Hosting as the fast option for managing a WordPress website.

With Kinsta it is easy to create new sites, backups, and even changing domain names.

One of the great advantages of hiring Kinsta Hosting lies in the fact that you do not have to generate the change to know how it would affect your site, since you have at your disposal the provisional preparation site to test them before you copy them to your site.

We all know that when hiring a hosting service we should think specifically about the needs of our websites, and choose a plan that is just right so that we do not fall short, or overpay.

Kinsta’s range of options will facilitate this task.

With this hosting you will be able to strategically locate the server that, geographically speaking, is closer to your visitors.

If you decide to take this option we assure you that, even on the way, you will find multiple features that you will have access to that will surprise you, such as fast loading times, among others.

It’s just a matter of giving this service a chance for your site, but keep in mind our warning.

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SiteGround hosting defines itself as an innovative web hosting service, which, beyond offering you high speed and security, has the ability to provide you with continuous improvements in relation to its services through the use of new technologies that are combined with a friendly and expert support.

At this point you may wonder what differentiates it from the competition, and we could mention, for example, the fact that it develops countless internal tools to make the user experience better and better, and also the performance of the website itself has a higher level.

SiteGround is also positioned as one of the best WordPress hosting because it is able to offer solutions for every need that may arise, since it facilitates the management of the site from the moment it is created until it enters the stage of daily management (very important).

In case you are wondering what are the advantages of choosing SiteGround Hosting we have made a small list:

Ease of use.

This means that it is a very easy to use hosting service, since most of the plans are purchased pre-installed.

Domain names.

The service is available with a wide variety of extensions, ranging from the most popular ones (such as .com, .net and .org) to less common ones, all at a very standard price.


Something that SiteGround Hosting definitely favors a lot is the webmail section. All the plans offered on their website have this service included.

This way we could talk a lot more about the reasons, because they are also good in terms of database creation, the extra applications it offers (geared towards designers with WordPress experience), but there is a lot you might like to discover and catalog on your own.


What has come to be among the best WordPress hostings by merit of its service or not, that is something that we will help you define.

What we can tell you is that it is the cheapest option you will find in the market.

You may be wondering if there is some kind of trap when hiring their service, but the truth is that there is not. There is a little trick though, as you can get even better prices by committing to a multi-year plan. 

Hostinger’s performance has been very good, and this can be evidenced by the fact that it has entered the top of the best services in some countries, as is the case of Russia, where it was ranked fourth.

Or in Israel, where it reached the first place.

Among the advantages of hiring Hostinger is the fact that its plans include everything you might need to get started, starting from a series of generous resources, to quite useful performance improvement tools.

Currently there are only three plans available for purchase, which are Single, Premium and Business. But it’s worth noting that they all work with their control panel, known as hPanel, which includes automatic installations of WordPress and a few dozen other CMS for anyone.

With a little emphasis on hPanel, it has everything you need, so much so that what it offers is very similar to cPanel.

But it’s worth noting that you’ll find a couple of things different, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, but it does lack advanced features like filters, lists and email redirects.



Amazon Web Service, which is abbreviated as AWS hosting, is a web hosting service that is offered under the label of Amazon, which we all know is one of the most important and largest digital commerce companies in the world.

Through the services offered in this case it opens up the possibility of creating a website, and also making online applications available to anyone interested in them in a simple, but also more than reliable way you could say.

Already at this point of the article you will know that there are several hosting services available, however, each one brings its own particularities. In this case, the advantages of having AWS hosting are the following:

Allows hosting in different parts of the world.

Amazon has hosting systems all over the world, this helps make it easier to find a location optimized for connection and audience.

High scalability on demand.

Every system relies on cloud computing, and AWS gives you the option to expand your functionality and storage without a major restructuring.

It is compatible with a large number of CMS.

We all know that most hosting systems work with WordPress, however, not all of them become compatible with others. In this case, AWS demonstrates a great ability to accommodate many of those that are constantly ignored.

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WordPress Cloud Hosting services such as Vultr, Digital Ocea, AWS and Google Cloud Platform are some of the fastest wordpress hosting.

You can test them out in Cloudways.

Here we don’t recommend Godaddy for WordPress Hosting.

There are better options, such as Cloudways and Siteground.

Hostinger is the cheapest WordPress Hosting.

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