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Kinsta Review

Kinsta Review Summary



I don't recommend it.

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting provider that helps take care of all your needs regarding your website. We run our services on cutting-edge technology and take support seriously.

Price per Value

Kinsta extra charges makes it not the best option for WordPress websites. If you exceed your Visitors limits, you will be charged extra. But also the Bots visits will be taken into account.

Ease of Use

To manage WordPress on Kinsa is easy. There are not much technical adjustments that you have to do.

Website Speed

Kinsta is based in Google Cloud Platforms. Its performance helps to get faster websites.

Customer Support

Kinsta does gives good and quick support to customers.


Carlos' Opinion -
Kinsta Review

I hope that this Kinsta Review, helps you to learn more about this Managed WordPress Hosting provider.

Many cloud services were starting to become popular. Plus, also listenting too much about Google Cloud Platform made me to have the desire to try Google Clouds Platform for WordPress Hosting.

Since I am not any high tech guy, going into GCP was a bit confusing, and there were some Youtube tutorials that showed you how to use Google Cloud for one Year for free.

Even Google Cloud Platform website recommended the managed services for WordPress, WPengine and Kinsta.

I liked Kinsta website, it seem a good service. So I choose to try the first simple plan that costed around $30. 

Here I show the results of GTmetrix and PageSpeed of early 2020. 


The WordPress website speed was fast. And even to consider that I didn’t have it properly optimized, but for sure it could have even better numbers.

I was happy with Kinsta, until I got to know their business.

Kinsta counts the number of visits that you have on your website. If you exceed the number of visitors they will charge you. Of course, this will make you to consider jumping into a bigger plan. 

The thing is that I didn’t like that in that number of visits, Kinsta also take into account Bots Visits so this was a really pain in the ass.

You have to pay for fake visitors. So I would say that don’t go for Kinsta. As I noticed this, I contacted their support, and of course they helped me to reduce the number of bots visits so that they are not taken into account. Eventually my website exceeded the number of visitors month after month, so I dropped Kinsta and went back to Siteground.

That is why I share with you in this Kinsta Review my experience.

Back again in Siteground, I was finding regular the website speed. 

I knew that I have to improve the website speed in order to have a better website, plus it we all know that it is a SEO Ranking Factor.

After reading some Facebook groups comments, I got to learn a bit more about Cloudways.

Cloudways is a managed cloud services that also offer WordPress Hosting.

The advantage of Cloudways is that you can select the cloud service that you want from different provider such as Vultr, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Platfrom and AWS.

So actually you have the decision to try different cloud services from just one place.

Also, on the Woocommerce Facebook group from Mexico, many web developers recommended Vultr in High Requency. 

So again, I jumped to another WordPress hosting Service.


As you can see, my Page Scores improved to 100, and loading time was reduced.

For a blogger it is just perfect. 

Having Elementor and WPML as plugins doesn’t help that much with speed.

But doing an optimization through a Fiverr Freelancer, was a very good decision to reach those results.

Another advantage of Cloudways with Vultr High Frequency is the price. It only costs $13 per month and it doesn’t have the visitors limit as in Kinsta.

Of course Kinsta has brought to me a fast WordPress hosting, but you can also use Google Cloud Platform through Cloudways, and you may also skip that limit of the number of visitors. 

I don’t recommend Kinsta due to the visitors limits and that they take into consideration the bots visits in that visitors limit. 

I recommend Cloudways with Vultr High Frequency if you are looking for a website with speed at lower price.

I hope that this Kinsta Review helps you to learn more about this WordPress Hosting.

What is Kinsta?

If we follow our theme of this Kinsta Review, there is no other stop we can’t make at this time than going deeper about Kinsta and that is that this is another provider that is giving a lot of talk, although it is not as old as it is believed.

If you don’t know what Kinsta is the first thing you need to know is that this is nothing more than a premium managed service from WordPress hosting company and its technology stack is running on nothing less than the world’s largest and fastest cloud network: Google Cloud.

This provider was first launched recently in 2013 and its creator was Mark Gavalda, who is currently the company’s CEO.

His most popular collaborations are with companies such as TripAdvisor, Intuit, ASOS, FreshBooks and a couple of other names.

There is a lot of controversy regarding this provider, many people recognize how good it has to offer, but it is impossible to highlight that, in terms of competition, it has factors that usually leave it a little behind in the battle.

And you’re about to find out what we’re talking about specifically.

Kinsta Features

If it comes to telling you the advantages and disadvantages of Kinsta in this Kinsta review we could be sitting here for hours, but after analyzing them carefully we have made a selection of the most important ones so you can get an idea of how good, or how bad, his service can be.

Kinsta Advantages

It works with the Google cloud platform and has undergone a move to GCP VM with computer optimization (C2). This, among other things, makes the data delivered at lightning speed as to when visitors are browsing the website.

We all know that no one likes to be on a slow loading site. This provider is always in charge of guaranteeing its customers maximum speed levels. Many who have tested the site claim that it usually loads in as little as 1.24 seconds, which puts it ahead of its competitors.

This company takes security issues very seriously and implements a couple of policies, together with certain tools, that help ensure that the site's data is always protected. This is the case with live monitoring every minute, for example.

The MyKinsta dashboard may be one of the easiest to use. It is a panel that can be considered not only intuitive, but also has everything necessary for site management, accounting information and many other aspects that we will leave to your exploration.

Kinsta Disadvantages

Perhaps the point that plays most against this provider is that it currently has no domain name registrations, as many of the competitors do. This means that this is a process that must be fulfilled with a third party company.

Kinsta does not offer email hosting, which limits users to creating emails using the domain, which we know is something that adds professionalism to a brand. We still don't know the reason why they haven't incorporated it, but we hope they do soon.

It restricts the use of some add-ons because they are likely to conflict with the services they provide. Some of these are the home wall with sessions and words, performance add-ons such as Better WordPress Minify, among others.

How much does Kinsta cost?

To give you an idea of the cost in this Kinsta Review, we can look at the first three hosting plans that Kinsta offers openly to all those users who are interested in becoming part of its network of customers:

Kinsta's engine start plan. Among what this plan offers are monthly visits up to 25000, 3 GB SSD storage, daily backup, 50 GB CDN and 24/7 support. The cost of this plan is $30 per month.

Kinsta's pro plan. This is a plan that gives you 2 WordPress installations and monthly visits take you up to 50,000. Its SSD storage is 6 GB and CDN storage is 100 GB. In site 1 you will have free migration, in both there will be daily backups and 24/7 support. All for $60 each month.

Kinsta's Business Plan 1. This plan gives you access to 3 WordPress installations and will allow you to have up to 100,000 visits, with 10 GB SSD and 200 GB CDN storage. You will also have daily backups and support at all times. They add free SSL certificates, among other features, for only $100 per month.


$ 30 / Month
  • 1 WordPress Install
  • 25,000 Visits
  • 10 GB Disk space
  • Free SSL & CDN


$ 60 / Month
  • 2 WordPress Installs
  • 50,000 Visits
  • 20 GB Disk space
  • Free SSL & CDN

Business 1

$ 100 / Month
  • 5 WordPress Installs
  • 100,000 Visits
  • 30 GB Disk space
  • Free SSL & CDN

To use or not to use Kinsta?

Knowing whether or not Kinsta’s hosting is a good option for you is a matter of meditating, evaluating what the service, in its different plans, can offer you and whether it meets your needs and the most important limitation: the budget.

What we can tell you is that it is a service with some very strong points, as is the case of loading speed and that this is based on Google Cloud Platform servers.

But, beyond that, is it really what you need?

Something that undoubtedly plays against you is that in their plans is limited the number of visits you can receive per month, so you have to be clear about the traffic of your site.

Be careful, this doesn’t mean that when you reach the maximum they will take down your site so that no one else can see it, the limit only serves so that, if you exceed it, they will charge you an extra amount of money for each visit you generate from it.

This can be a big drawback if you’re on a tight budget. But that’s not all, unfortunately you don’t have full control over the visits, so visits made by some bots will be added to your bill.

That information is the most important of this Kinsta Review.

How to deal with Bots in Kinsta

On their website, you can check out more informaiton about: 

Bots and Discrepancy in Analytics.

How Kinsta Counts Visits

Best Kinsta Alternative

Cloudways Vultr High Frequency

We all know that when it comes to advertising all hosting websites will be the best and that when we see some with prices perhaps a bit below average we fear the fact that their service is not the best.

However, Cloudways is one of those providers that have let themselves be defined by offering affordable cloud hosting, but other features that accompany their name is that they are a powerful server and also very simple to set up.

Their developers know that today they must be on hand with WordPress sites and that’s why they’re working harder and harder to offer a complete service in this area.

Although it may not make it into the top 3 due to some drawbacks that are found in it.

Is it possible that this provider works as a fast host, that it remains secure, and that you can have a high level of reliability in it without having to skyrocket its costs, you will have to decide for yourself.

But we will give you the tools to draw your own conclusions.

Price per Value

Cloudways has te option to select among different cloud hosting providers. You can select the plan according to your requirements. Vultr High Frequency starts from $13 per month.

Ease of Use

Cloudways has an easy WordPress installation proccess that reduces the hustle. Although Domain configuration might take a few steps.

Website Speed

Cloudways Vultr High Frequency gives users a fast website.

Customer Support

Cloudways gives fast support on topics realted to servers and their services.


Cloudways Vultr High Frequency Review

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Cloudways Vultr High Frequency Speed Test

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Frequently Asked Questions Kinsta

Yes, Kinsta is a safe managed WordPress hosting provider.

Kinsta is used for managed  WordPress hosting services. Kinsta services help user to easy install and manage WordPress on Google CLoud Platform.

Kinsta uses Google Cloud Platform, as well as Cloudways can leverage the same performance by choosing Google Cloud Platform as the main server.

In Cloudways, you can select among different WordPress Hosting providers, being Vultr High Frequency one of the fastest WordPress Hostings available.

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