3 Best Wix Multilingual Apps in 2023

best wix multilingual apps
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Wix is among the most popular website creation platforms, because it is really easy to start without the necessity of knowing how to code.

As well, Wix website owners might want to add a secondary language in the case that they also offer their products or services to other countries.

Thanks to the best Wix multilingual apps it is really easy to create multilingual website.

Keep reading to learn more about how to have a multilingual Wix website.



Weglot is a multilingual tool that has the capacity to turn your website into a multilingual website Wix with different languages.

It is really easy to have different language versions of a single piece of content with Weglot. 

Weglot Wix language translation is one of the most stylish options to add languages to your site without further hustle than just adding the Weglot API key. 

Weglot vs Google Translate is no comparison at each, since this plugin has a better artificial intelligence restatement. 

We know that WordPress is one of the most popular CMS at the moment and that most of the translation plugins are focused on it, but Weglot has the versatility of connecting to have a Wix multiple language website.

Weglot plugin can also be used without any problem in other platforms similar as Shopify, Joomla, among others. 

What stands out the most about this multilingual plugin is that, in just a couple of set ups, you’ll have the flags working impeccably to show that you have your Wix language translation correctly in the selected languages.

And, from there, you can edit the language versions for what you need so fluently that indeed a child could do it successfully.

Weglot has a free trial that lasts a couple days, which is further than enough to test all the features it offers, and to decide whether or not you want to pay for the subscription. 

Or if you have less than 2000 words, you can keep up the free plan if Weglot.

Once your free trial has finished, you can decide if you subscribe to Weglot, and there are different plans, which are paid monthly, so you can only cancel when you need to. 

Weglot Advantages

Weglot Disadvantages



Conveythis is a website translation software that gives us the benefit of automatic translation at an instant. 

Launched in 2018, Conveythis becomes a great translation solution that has more than the common languages such as Spanish, English, French, Russian, Arabic and German, but also more additional languages.

Conveythis is a great alternative to Weglot since it also offers a lower cost solution to add in Wix Website multiple languages.

Conveythis is still developing and improving its platform, but its cost surely makes it a great option to have a Wix website in different languages.

Conveythis can be a perfect translation solution for all those small websites in wix that are focused on services, and with it you can have a multilingual wedding website, multilingual photography website or multilingual coaching website.

Conveythis Advantages

Conveythis Disadvantages


Bablic logo

It’s really easy to have Wix multilingual languages set up with apps such as Bablic.

Bablic is compatible with the popular Wix website builder, since they’re integrated via an API key.

Bablic helps to produce website localization and improves user experience with its easy set up. 

This is a result that was designed for small and medium- sized companies, but it’s also useful for guests of all platforms and sizes since it’s powered by artificial intelligence machine translation.

Bablic Advantages

Bablic Disadvantages

Why have multiple languages in Wix?

By having multilingual sites in your Wix web content, you could lead to increased number of sales, this is because transnational visitors tend to understand much better the content you use, they understand in detail the product and its specific details, how the shipping works and of course they understand much better the return policy. 

These are just some of the advantages or reasons why you should have a website that target international visitors with multiple languages on Wix, but there are other reasons that we will detail then.

It isn’t at each out of place that some Wix website owners decide at some point or another to expand the compass of their site and turn their business internationally, start translating to add additional languages to and boost website traffic. 

As it turns out, languages are the best way to guarantee to help you improve a lot further thanks to the use of the Wix language translation apps.

There’s one thing that you as a website owner should keep in mind and that is, if the buyer fails to localize the product in their language also they’re likely to give up on that purchase, that is why multilingual websites who aim to gain international buyers have better performance than those who don’t.

How to make Wix site multilingual?

The process to create a Wix multilingual site is quite easy thanks to the use of the best translation apps.

You can easily go to the Wix app market to search for the multilingual website apps such as Weglot, Conveythis or Bablic, which are the mainly recommended ones. 

In comparison to the best translation apps for Shopify or the best WordPress translation plugins, it doesn’t have that many alternatives to have a Wix multilingual site. 

Nevertheless, the available multilingual solutions to have a Wix site multiple languages offer good quality in their translations, since they are improved with artificial intelligence. This way you can have an automated website translation without the hustle of doing manual work in comparison with some popular plugins such as Translatepress or WPML.

To start translating for a multilingual Wix website you have to select one of the prior mentioned and sign up with them.

One of the main advantages of the multilingual solutions Weglot, Conveythis and Bablic is that you can start out for free to test their service and create multilingual Websites without having to do the investment first and then figure out if the app is the one for you.

They will require you to connect their API key to create a Wix multilingual languages website.

The installation process is quite similar between those translation apps.

You will have a base language and then you can add a secondary language or a bigger number of selected languages according to your needs.

One of the main advantages of Weglot and Conveythis is that once this process is done, you will see the Wix language translation going automatically by just visiting a page in the selected language.

The Wix language translation done with artificial intelligence is highly accurate, but in case that you need to do some corrections, the platforms offer a visual editor to do the correction.

As well, the multilingual websites apps help with important tasks for international SEO, which is an advanced SEO tactic to boost website traffic from different countries.

By just installing one of the multilingual tools Weglot, Conveythis and Bablic, you will have automatically installed the Hreflang tag code which is required for search engines to understand your multilingual website Wix content and show the proper one to international customers.

As well, they translate automatically the Meta Data content of your multilingual Wix site.

FAQs about Multilingual Wix

Yes, with Wix you can create multilingual website.

To have a Wix multilingual website you need to install some of the best multilingual solutions such as Weglot, Conveythis or Bablic.

Thanks to their automatic translation, you can have a Wix multiple language website in minutes.

Yes, Wix can have additional languages to target international visitors.

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