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7 Best Tools for Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies today are as essential as photocopy centers were when advertising was done with flyers on the street.

They are the means by which a correct communication of a message is ensured.

Learn about the best tools for marketing agencies that will help turn a good job into something phenomenal.

Best Tools for Marketing Agencies
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Why should digital marketing agencies be well equipped?

To deny that over the last few years digital media have become part of consumers’ daily lives is to delude oneself. Nowadays the internet is not only used for work or entertainment, but also for the resolution of any kind of doubts with businesses.

The importance of digital marketing comes from all the information that exists on the network about a brand can help the user to have more or less willingness to become a final consumer of the same, so it is essential to improve the image of the same and its visibility.

This is a job that, of course, many brand owners have managed to do on their own, since they have the vocation and are prepared with what is necessary to face these challenges. But as a business grows, it becomes more and more necessary to have a team behind it.

And not just any team, we fall in the importance of marketing agencies are well equipped on the premise that SEO, visibility, are not simple issues. But with the right tools, they can be simplified to extraordinary levels.

What are the best tools for marketing agencies?

The tools for marketing agencies that we will present below stand out for different reasons, but the quality of each and every one of them is something that cannot be compared:

Envato Elements

Envato Elements refers to a digital platform owned by Envato, an Australian-based company. Its main objective is to offer different types of content creators access to a large and growing library of digital assets. 

It could be said that the main advantage of this tool is that all the files you find available within it have a license of use to avoid copyright problems. 

It is also positioned among the best tools for marketing agencies due to the fact that it offers unlimited downloads for a monthly subscription, thus having the freedom to download all the articles you want. 

Besides the fact that the platform is constantly searching for and adding new resources and content, so you will constantly find that there are new files of good quality for you to use in your projects. 

Adobe Creative Cloud

adobe cc logo

In itself, Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of applications and design programs with an undisputed success. It is related to design, advertising, photography or graphic creation, just to mention some of the specific sectors where these programs have the largest number of users.

It works thanks to a paid monthly subscription system with which you have access, depending on the plan you have paid for, to a number of specific applications or to the entire collection. Although a decade ago it put off many of its users, today it is managed as a cost-effective solution for professionals.

It is one of those tools for marketing agencies that is worth having since they release updates and improvements for their clients over time. Besides, it gives you the possibility of using all its applications in the cloud, as well as saving your work in it.


SEMRush logo

On the other hand, SEMrush is an SEO tool that gives you the possibility of locating the most relevant keywords within your sector so that you have a better chance of achieving the best possible positioning for your content.

The advantage of this tool is that you don’t need to register to use it, since it has a free format which, of course, is limited. To have access to the full service you will have to complete the registration process and pay a monthly subscription.

It is one of the best tools for marketing agencies because it is not only about positioning, but also about the possibility of studying the status of the website that belongs to us, as well as that of the competition with the intention of knowing, strategically, what cards we should play next.

Although we should always think that our biggest enemy is ourselves and we must improve ourselves day after day, a very strong reality is that keeping up with what works and what doesn’t work for the competition is a great boost, and SEMrush promises to give it and much more.



Those who have already used Hootsuite know that it is a powerful tool capable of managing your social networks, evaluating the growth of your brand and controlling all the interactions you are having from a single, secure and, most importantly, completely reliable place.

It is a favorite among users because it makes it possible to manage more than 100 different social networks, with the option to disseminate several campaigns at the same time. Besides, you can promote your company, product or services, achieving a direct assistance from customers, so it is very complete.

It is one of those tools for marketing agencies that gives you the possibility of having the option to add several members of your company so that the workload is distributed in the way you want, making it even easier to carry and more effective.


logo mobilemonkey blue 2048x345 1

MobileMonkey is nothing more than a messaging platform designed to help businesses with marketing and customer support through instant chat services making use of messaging, native web chat and SMS, so many simply refer to it as a Chatbot.

What makes this tool different from many other similar tools is that it has the ability to automatically qualify potential customers, as well as engaging those who have already become customers and can build customer loyalty with the help of multi-channel Chatbots using Omnichat technology.

It could be said that Omnichats Bots are the ones that have placed it among the best tools for marketing agencies since they have the ability to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

MobileMonkey has set out to help expand service offerings by replicating powerful marketing funnels between clients. It is a platform that can connect to CRM, email, event platforms, and more to increase engagement and reduce lead generation costs.



SendinBlue stands out for being one of the easiest to use platforms in the marketing world, so it can be useful for both beginners and expert users, since it is not necessary to have knowledge of HTML and its editor is more than intuitive, doing all the technical work for you.

Another of its advantages is that it has a gallery of templates, so you will only have to choose to customize an email template so that you can create your newsletter in your own style and following your brand’s objectives.

It is one of the most powerful tools for marketing agencies today, and it also presents itself as a one-stop solution between emails and SMS messages. And one of the biggest advantages is that not only are the contacts unlimited, but you will be paying only for what you send.

Monday CRM

monday logo

Monday CRM is a project management tool capable of helping you organize the work of your team, as well as to keep track of each of the projects individually, allowing you to monitor the progress of each of them and the specific deliverables of each of the team members.

It is a tool that is usually used to maintain order in the team and to be able to assign specific tasks. With this tool, work teams, especially those working in the digital sector, do not need to go to a specific place to carry out their tasks.

Taking the above into account, what places it among the best tools for marketing agencies is the fact that it provides the possibility of monitoring the performance of each of the members, so that they can evaluate or discuss relevant issues.

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