Best SEO Plugin for WordPress in 2023

We are all in constant search of the best SEO plugin for WordPress, and if there is something that we never stop hearing, it’s that following their standards is what makes the difference with our websites.

Learn here why SEO is important, its main elements, and a WordPress plugin that will help you in all of this, Rank Math.

Best SEO Plugin for WordPress
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Why SEO is important?

To talk about the importance of SEO we will give you a small example that, for sure, you will be able to relate to what it is to have a website, or an online store, very easily. 

Imagine then that you have a store located in an alternative street in the center, one of those where only people who really intend to go through.

And we have one on a main avenue, one of the busiest with potential customers. 

Which of these stores do you think will attract more people, of course, the one located on the main avenue.

People who are in need of the solution we will offer may not even look for us at that moment, but come across us by chance. Which makes us have much greater reach. 

The function of SEO for websites is basically to evaluate their ability to offer a real solution for users and bring them to the top of the search results pages, increasing the likelihood that they will enter these pages at the time of making a related search. 

Taking the above example from brick and mortars to WordPress websites, you should know that a web page that is located on the first page of search engine results is much more likely to be visited even before those that are in the second, or third, even if it does not seem much distance. 

Keep in mind that more than 30% of clicks in these cases are taken by the first organic result of Google. And it has also been proven that 95% of users never go beyond this first page of results. That’s why SEO is important, because it helps us to position ourselves better.

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Rank Math, the best SEO for WordPress

To describe Rank Math in a simple way, it support us as a SEO WordPress plugin for OnPage optimization.

By many considered the best because it incorporates features that its competition has not even managed to have, and many other free ones that, to have them, with others you should pay a premium version.

Among the main reasons why it is considered the best plugin for SEO are:

What are the elements of SEO that Rank Math will help with?

Keywords and long tail keywords

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Keywords are what define the universe, and the niche, towards which your site will be focused. In turn, they ensure that you don’t end up on a food recipe page when what you are looking for is a car battery page. 

Although they have evolved over time, for SEO to work well with your site you must be clear about what your main, secondary and long tail keywords are.

In addition to, of course, integrating them into the content in a natural way using logic without forgetting to be frequent.

Rank Math helps you perfectly to keep track of the keyword of your page, and you can add secondary keywords to also keep an eye on other keywords you are aiming withing the same content.

Rank Math also has the feature of Keywords Trends, where you can easily have a look on how the Keyword is developing through time.

Local Website structure

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Although many do not consider it, local SEO also has its Schema.

And the reason why search engines are, nowadays, giving a lot of weight to the structure of the site is because it will help determine how well the information is organized. 

Rank Math supports the Local SEO information to help those websites that are aiming to rank on a local basis.

Images and videos

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It is often believed that SEO elements are only about text. However, nowadays search engines have come to positively value audiovisual content, regardless of whether they are images, interactive infographics, videos, or audios. 

What really matters at this point is that you make the right descriptions of all these elements so that the bots can be clear about the type of content they are indexing.

And be careful, this does not mean that you should stop taking care of the loading time of your site.

Rank Math adds schema to Video elements on your posts and pages, and it will count as well in their SEO Score if images have their alt text.

Content quality

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Of course, we could not close this section without commenting on the great importance of content quality in SEO. This will depend on critical factors, such as interest, time of permanence, and also the engagement that you are able to achieve with your readers.

You should know that making a good SEO strategy will not free you from prioritizing the quality of your content. What it really does for you is that all that quality has the visibility that you deserve or, in this case, that the site is needing.

Rank Math gives suggestions in order to improve the quality of your content in terms of SEO.


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And probably the reason why Rank Math is the best SEO WordPress plugin, is that they have an integrated Schema feature that will help to organize information for crawlers.

As the free version of Rank Math has already plenty of features that can be used, the Pro version has this added value with the easy set up of the Schema Markups.

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