7 Best Rank Tracking Software for SEO

Organic SEO tracking may not seem like a big deal, but nowadays it is more than clear that simply trying to make the best website doesn’t count. 

You must use all possible tools to ensure success.

That is why here we will tell you about the organic SEO best rank tracking software that will catapult you to the top.

Best Rank Tracking Software
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What are SERPS and why track search engine rankings?

In case you don’t know, when we talk about SERP’s throughout this article we will be referring to the list of results that appear in Google after a query is made by the user. Concept that of course can be taken to other search engines without problems.

And the importance of tracking the positions in search engines comes from the need to know the most effective methods to get our website to be among the first places. Luckily for you, today there are tools that will do most of the work, as is the case of the following:

Best Rank Tracking Software


To talk about Surfer SEO is to refer to one of the first tools that have focused on what is the optimization of SEO On Page based on the information that the software manages to obtain from the SERP’s, as well as taking into account what is really working at that specific time.

It could be said then that the popularity of this software comes from the fact that it is not based on theories, but on what it actually serves. It has a great number of functionalities that give this tool an incredible level of potential.

For example, there is the SERP Analyzer, with which you can optimize your content with a specific keyword. Or the Content Editor, which will help you align your content according to what is really positioning at the moment.


Another of the best software for tracking organic positioning is undoubtedly Rank Math, and in this case it is a plugin which will give you the possibility to carry out a multitude of SEO On Page optimizations aimed directly at WordPress.

Something that can be highlighted about this plugin is that it has a wide enough range of features, and besides, you can have access to this for free. This has made it not only a powerful tool, but also a popular one.

The installation of Rank Math is very simple, you will only have to access from your WordPress desktop to the section known as “Plugins”, then you will click on “Add new” and end up doing the corresponding search to select the one that is the protagonist at this time.

Keep in mind that Rank Math is not just a software for tracking organic positioning any, this will give you the possibility to keep all the settings that have been implemented with another SEO plugin so far. So it is not at all invasive.


SEMrush refers to a set of online tools for search engine marketing, with Google as the main target. It serves both SEO and Ads or CPC, and that has led it to be one of the main tools within SEM.

What makes SEMrush so powerful is its package of utilities that are connected and that with just one click we can get the information we need to make the right decisions. You can go from analyzing a domain, see the keyword for which it is positioned, its percentage of traffic and much more.

In case it is another website that is doing Ads then you can also find out what keywords they are bidding for, their domain authority. Among other things. Besides, with its visibility graph you will be able to measure, day by day, your evolution against your competitors.

It is one of the best rank tracking software for organic positions because it makes it easy for us to look at keywords, and more such as 404 errors, 301 redirects, and a lot of other features that will not only be useful within SEO, but also of the website itself.

SERPWatcher by Mangools

SERP Watcher by Mangools is a tool which will allow you to see how your website is actually performing on SERP, and they are based on the fact that, in the beginning, you don’t really need complex tools but affordable solutions that provide data in an understandable format.

With this tool you would be getting daily rank updates, testable in SERP previews. Apart from that, they take care of informing you about all rank changes of importance through an alert system that will send you the message directly to your email so that there is no oversight.

In SERP Watcher by Mangools you will find a good combination of simple but advanced data that will help both novices and experienced users to work properly. Unlike other tools that are cluttered with settings and information that complicate its use.

It is undoubtedly one of the best software for tracking organic positioning, and that is why we have decided to bring it to our list. If you search about user reviews on the internet you will realize that the vast majority of them are really delighted with its features, and they have time with it.

SE Ranking

Many people may not have ever heard of SE Ranking, but it is an all-in-one SEO tool. It offers a range of must-have features to suit any online marketing strategy you take.

Among the things you can expect from this software are social media management, automated reports, competitor research, backlink monitoring, keyword suggestion, website position tracking, among so many others that it would be impossible to list them all in a paragraph, or two.

The best of all is that it is a tool that is kept at an affordable price, as it has been found that it costs just 132.48 euros per year. If it has seemed a lot to you then you should make the relationship, since it is less than 12 euros per month.

It is one of the best software for tracking organic positioning because it can not only be identified as a tool for SEO, but it also has very useful SEM functions. You can learn more about it and buy the subscription in case you are attracted by the idea.

Rank Tracker SEO Powersuite

At the end we have Rank Tracker, which is a desktop application that is part of SEO PowerSuite, where we have a position monitoring system for any website that is both locally and globally, taking into account various search engines.

Rank Tracker defines itself as a keyword tool that serves to keep an accurate control of the positions of each keyword of one or more websites, where it indicates the visibility that each page will have for the kw that has been chosen, the progress of its positioning, among other things.

Among the strongest points of Rank Tracker are its keyword targeting tools, as well as its keyword research functionalities, and the generation and export of different customized reports.

It is among the best software for organic positioning tracking not only because its description is phenomenal, but also because of the great satisfaction it has caused in users who have ever used it. Do you want to join this list of satisfied customers?


Accuranker stands out thanks to the fact that it uses Analytics and Google Search Console with the intention that it can collect all the information that is related to the positioning of search terms, also giving it a new organization taking into account what is working at the moment in local. 

Although it has a free version which you can try at any time you want, to really get the most out of this app you will have to buy it, and that is what has led it to be below other free and very good tools.

It is one of the best rank tracking software for organic positioning because after you complete the registration, and with just a few seconds away, you will have complete results of all the keywords you have chosen, making your work develop in a faster and more optimal way. 

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