7 Best Personal Finance Software

If you have doubts about how to manage your personal finances you should know that you are not the only one, and with the advent of technology there are solutions to all the needs you may have at this moment.

That is why we will tell you about the best personal finance software, so that you can activate your financial intelligence with their help.

Best personal finance software
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Importance of personal finance

The importance of personal finance lies in the fact that, depending on our financial intelligence, we can make a penny tomorrow evolve into thousands of dollars.

And all this is something we can achieve by learning to prioritize, keep up to date, create budgets, among other things that you will learn with the following software:

Best Personal Finance Software


Quicken could define itself as a personal finance and rental property management solution that tracks tenant information, income management, as well as expense tracking.

Generally people who use Quicken belong to businesses regardless of their size, as this is a property management solution that is capable of managing everything from tax planning to everything that has to do with rental properties.

Apart from being easy to use, many people prefer this software because of the fact that their customer service is more than perfect, where they give you the option to help you on the desktop, by email, as well as telephone assistance if needed.

It makes it to our list of best personal finance software also because of the great versatility it has, as the same is available to work on Cloud, SaaS, Web, as well as desktop with different operating systems, and on various mobile devices.


It’s hard to get information about this software, but we are happy to tell you that it is a personal finance management application that has been designed not only to help you manage your expenses, but also to help you increase your savings.
What you get with this application is an easy way to monitor all of your accounts from one place, and it will even give you the option to transfer money to different accounts, or create accounts that are offline.

Not only can you expect to keep track of your spending areas, but also a division of these so that you can easily identify those that become necessary, as well as those that are not. With this data you will undoubtedly make better decisions regarding your money management.

Considered as one of the best personal finance software because it helps in budget planning, as well as it can show you all your bills and subscriptions in one place. In short, you will be able to know if you are spending according to your plan, or not.

Mint by Intuit

Mint by Intuit starts describing itself by saying that “as long as you are on top of your money, life is good”. And it is in this way that they sell themselves to us as that software that has the ability to help us with everything that has to do with our finances from a single place.

With this software you can easily create your budgets, as well as receive suggestions based on your expenses. They offer you to follow your bills “like never before”, giving you alerts when it is time to make the payment so that you never fall behind.

This is a software that you can access for free, and where you do not need to associate a credit card. Both your money and your invoices will have a safe place to be, so you can track all your movements in the simplest way.

For many it is among the best personal finance software because it can give you alerts for unusual charges on the account, create budgets that do not lack sense, also say goodbye to late payments, it is simple to configure, among many other details that make it stand out.


You Need A Budget or YNAB, as many people prefer to call it for ease, is a software that will allow you to manage your money without getting any surprises at the end of the month, or giving you tedious tasks that not even one at a time you feel you are able to complete.

It is a software indicated for those people who only need to know about their bank accounts from time to time, as well as those who appreciate the methodology of keeping an Excel table, since this personal finance application seeks to meet the needs that any user is able to present.

For many it is more a method than a software, and what this app seeks is to help you get organized within the economic aspect. In fact, the YNAB method can be applied in any other software, in an Excel table, or take it by hand with pen and paper.

It is one of the best personal finance software thanks to the rules on which it is based, where we talk about budgeting all our money, take into account our major expenses, reorganize and adapt our budget when necessary, as well as the most important: spend less than we earn.


EveryDollar defines itself as a budgeting application which is provided by Ramsey Solutions. Being one of the most popular in the last couple of years thanks to the preference of thousands of users towards it.

In it you can highlight some pros, as it is the case that it is a fully customizable software, apart from that it helps you to forecast about your finances, you can prioritize giving and saving, it has a very complete free version, and the paid version is really economical.

However, many people have highlighted some of the points that perhaps serve as a weakness, and they start with the fact that it does not allow you to link credit cards, or it does not offer the option of forecast expenses, as well as it does not give you a double count of pending transactions.

Considering all of the above, it finds itself on our list of best personal finance software thanks to the fact that if you read reviews from users who have been using it for years then you will realize that, despite its cons, they are really delighted with everything that it offers them.


For many known as BudgetBakers Wallet, and it is that it is an uncomplicated and simple to use expense management software where you will also learn to keep your finances in order, manage an accounting system quickly and also, most importantly, effectively.

What you can do with BudgetBakers is, mainly, get a complete overview of all your accounts in one place, as well as see all the expenses you are carrying out in real time so that you do not lose a single detail of them.

They say that the importance of learning how to spend in their Wallet has to do with improving your spending habits, since you will be able to know how to spend on the things you really want.

Besides, it allows you to save so that you can reach your goals, and create personalized budgets that work perfectly.

It is one of the best personal finance software because it allows you to assign emotions to your expenses, while you learn about what your real priorities are, and spend money only on things that will make you happy, or at least have to do with it.


To close we have CountAbout, which is an affordable budget application where you will have the possibility to import all your financial data, as well as organize and customize the budget categories you need, and even the invoices that you think it is necessary to have in the same space.

Besides, a plus of this software is that it gives you the possibility of importing data from others such as Quicken and Mint, apart from your bank, so that you can create a better description of what is the budget that will work in your case.

The best part of all of this is that this is software that is very affordable, so you can always have it at your fingertips no matter where you are. Not to mention the many important service features that it is able to offer to its customers.

If you want to try this one from our list of the best personal finance software you should know that they have a 15-day free trial. In case you like it, you will always have the option to get the basic package for about $10 per year, or the premium one, for $40.

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