7 Best Marketing Cloud Software in 2023

Best Marketing Cloud Software
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The best marketing cloud software will help you automate your marketing tasks and give you the ability to connect with your customers on a deeper level.

Cloud in business has bring several advantages.

This type of software will allow you to manage your customer relationships, create and track marketing campaigns, and measure your results so that you can improve your marketing strategies over time.

By using a marketing cloud software, you will be able to save time and money while still delivering high-quality results to your customers.

More and more businesses are increasing their customer data, and in order to properly manage it, is neccesary to rely on marketing platforms that are able to process its capture, analysis and data management almost in real-time.

Internet is a multichannel communication, where users can be converted into leads in different ways, from landing pages, mobile marketing, social media marketing and email marketing to name some, but if the marketing team itself doesn’t unify the whole collected information, it would be a struggle to manage all the efforts that they are doing to generate leads.

Following up in this article we will discuss the top marketing cloud solutions offered by leading providers.

What is a Marketing Cloud Software?

A Marketing Cloud Software is a tool that allows businesses to manage and automate their marketing tasks and campaign management.

It can help B2B and B2C businesses save time and money by automating tasks such as email marketing platforms, social media campaigns, and targeted ads.

There are many reasons businesses should use marketing cloud software.

Firstly, it can help businesses to improve marketing tasks and processes across different channels, which can save a lot of time and effort.

Secondly, it can provide businesses with valuable data-driven insights into their customers’ behavior and preferences, which can help them to better target their marketing content efforts.

Finally, it can help businesses to manage and coordinate their marketing activities more effectively, which can lead to improved ROI results.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud is a set of tools and services from Adobe that helps businesses deliver personalised experiences to engage with customers across digital channels.

It includes a number of products, including Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, and more.

Adobe can deliver perfectly a cross-channel campaign management with the use of what its platform includes.

There are many advantages to using Adobe Marketing Cloud, including the ability to manage all of your marketing activities in one place, the ability to create personalized customer experiences, and the ability to measure and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Additionally, Adobe Marketing Cloud integrates with other Adobe Creative Cloud products, making it a powerful tool for creative professionals.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a cloud-based marketing platform that helps companies manage their customer relationships.

Popular CRM for small businesses are compatible with Salesforce.

It provides tools for creating and managing marketing campaigns, tracking customer behavior, reports and analytics marketing performance.

Additionally, Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a wide range of features for segmenting and targeting customers, personalizing messages, and managing customer journeys.

Salesforce is ideal for any business size, from small to large companies.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables users with a number of advantages, including the ability to create and manage multichannel marketing, track customer engagement, and measure results.

Additionally, Salesforce Marketing Cloud also offers features such as segmentation and lead management, which can help users target their marketing efforts more effectively.

Overall, Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help users simplify marketing productivity and effectiveness.

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle marketing cloud

Oracle Marketing Cloud (formerly Eloqua) is a cloud-based marketing automation and analytics platform that helps marketers drive revenue growth by delivering highly personalized, relevant, and measurable campaigns across multiple channels.

Oracle can be highly considered a B2B marketing tool.

Oracle Marketing Cloud provides marketers with a complete view of the customer journey, from initial engagement to conversion, and offers powerful tools to segment, target, and engage customers at every stage to measure the campaign performance.

Some advantages of Oracle Marketing Cloud include its ability to segment customers, personalize messages, and automate campaigns.

Additionally, Oracle provides users with analytics and reporting tools to help measure the success of their marketing efforts.

BlueShift - Automate every customer interaction with the right message


Blueshift Marketing Cloud is a marketing automation platform that enables marketers to create and deliver engaging customer journeys at scale.

With Blueshift, marketers can easily segment their customers, create and automate personalized campaigns, and measure the impact of their marketing messages.

Some advantages of Blueshift Marketing Cloud include the ability to personalize messages and content for each individual customer.

It automates marketing tasks and processes and tracks customer engagement and behavior data in order to better understand customer needs and preferences to improve customer engagement.

Blueshift integrates with other software applications in order to create a seamless customer experience across marketing channels.

Iterable - Cross-Channel Platform for Marketing Campaigns


Iterable Marketing Cloud is a cloud-based marketing platform that enables businesses to create, automate, and track customer journeys.

It provides a suite of tools for segmentation, email marketing, push notifications, and analytics.

Iterable Marketing Cloud is used by brands such as Nike, Sephora, and Warby Parker.

Some advantages of Iterable Marketing Cloud include its ability to segment customers, personalization of messages, and track customer behavior across channels. Additionally, the platform provides users with tools to automate marketing processes and optimize campaigns for maximum impact.

Braze - Digital Marketing Platform


Braze Marketing Cloud is a cloud-based marketing platform that enables businesses to create and deliver personalized customer experiences across all channels. Braze provides a suite of tools to help businesses engage their customers throughout the customer journey, from acquisition to retention and everything in between.

With Braze, businesses can segment their customers, automate messages, and track results to optimize their marketing efforts.

Some advantages of Braze Marketing Cloud include its ability to personalize messages, its scalability, and its ability to integrate with other systems.

Selligent Marketing Automation Software


Selligent Marketing Cloud is a marketing automation platform that enables marketers to create, execute, and automate personalized marketing programs across the entire customer lifecycle.

It includes everything a marketer needs to orchestrate omnichannel campaigns, including email, mobile, web, social, and offline channels.

Some advantages of Selligent Marketing Cloud include its dashboard, flexibility, and ability to integrate with other software.

Additionally, its features allow for personalized campaigns and manage content marketing.

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