7 Best Free Online Photo Editors in 2022

Nowadays we all keep looking for the best free online photo editors, whether we need them to improve what we share on social networks, or we want to achieve something professional for dissemination.

Learn in this article 7 of the programs and applications you can’t afford to miss, and why using photo editors is always a good option.

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Why use photo editors?

First of all, a photo editor should be seen as a program that gives us the possibility to make all kinds of improvements to image files, such as raster graphics, add text, edit photos, drawings or photographs, as it is to be assumed.

These have a great amount of tools that have the capacity to help us improve the quality that is experienced with the graphic files of jpg png svg, which gives with the optimization of certain parameters in the image editor as is the case of colors, sharpness, and also contrasts, just to name a few.

When you take advantage of retouching images by using photo editors we not only achieve an improvement in their overall appearance, but you can also get to have an image that will end up being very different from what it was at the beginning, and this happens thanks to elements such as filters or effects.

So, the next time you are debating why to use online image editor keep in mind that, although it may be a very good shot, there will always be details that can be optimized for improvement. And, in the case of going to the extreme, you can change the image completely. 

What are the best free online photo editors?



Founded ten years ago, Canva today defines itself as a graphic design and image composition website aimed at communication, capable of offering tools for the creation of your own designs for leisure or professional terms.

The method used by this platform is to offer a freemium service, which means that any user can access it at no cost, but there is the alternative of paying to get advanced options.

It is among the best free online photo editors since it will be useful for both amateurs and those with more experience. Included in the platform is its own image bank, along with a series of the most varied tools.

In case you are an experienced designer it will be ideal to get good results easily and quickly, and in case you are at the novice level then you can be confident that you won’t need advanced knowledge to get decent results.

Canva is a very complete free photo editor online where users are capable to add text, use free photos from their image stock, edit photos, and export in jpg png svg and PDF. 

Adobe Express

adobe express

Adobe Express helps influencers and content creators to create standout social graphics, logos, flyers, banners, and any image related any project might need quickly and easily.

Adobe Express is free to get started with thousands of trending and amazing templates to help bring any project to life. Create your logo and branding presence and any design in a few steps. You can also collaborate with your colleagues and team through shared templates and libraries.

Adobe Express comes with the best solutions and tips, to edit images, as you can remove background from image online, and replace it by any image or even animation, create logos, banners, convert images and videos, create GIFs, export PDFs, add filters, and so much more. In brief Adobe Express has all the tools you need to promote your brand, in social media using images and videos, GIFs, PDFs.


Pixlr logo

When we talk about Pixlr we are referring to a free online photo editor that has its version for the web, as well as Android and iOS apps. Among its products is a selection of stock photos and templates available to include in the images with the intention of creating any project related to graphic design.

Its tools are located in a bar on the left, so they are easy to reach when editing. Besides, the background color can be customized so that it changes from light to dark to favor the process of the project being carried out.

Another important aspect is that its control panel is customizable, being able to show favorite or current projects to have easy access to them. Besides, it will also allow access to Facebook or Google images from the same control panel.


fotor logo

Fotor defines itself as an online photo editing tool, which uses exclusive technology with the intention of offering an unprecedented level of editing control for any user who comes to its platform, regardless of whether they are a novice or an expert in the area.

It has basic functions such as “collage” and “edit”, which are enjoyed by millions of users on a daily basis. But it also integrates the “design” function so that the common user has the capacity of graphic design and caratura of any format where your imagination will be your only limit.

It can be proven to be one of the best free online editors thanks to its user base of millions of users worldwide. It started out being only for Windows and Mac, and today it is available for Android and iOS mobile platforms.

The mobile versions of this editor will receive frequent updates to integrate new features and stay ahead of the curve. This way they not only give you the opportunity to take and edit amazing photos, but also to share them with your community on different platforms such as the main social networks.



ColorCinch is another online photo editor that we will recommend. It is mainly designed for those beginner photographers who intend to get striking images quickly and that the effort is not so great, where it will not even need something to be installed on the computer.

This editor promises that doing anything with our photographs is really simple, in fact, its platform is sold under the phrase that “it is so simple that even a child could do it”. And due to the tests that have been carried out, it has been confirmed that this is so.

Of course, this is not one of those publishers that sells itself with false advertising. The importance of the characteristics of the photos also have the highest possible quality are important. Otherwise, with the proper handling of its tools you can achieve a sufficiently attractive result.



Another one of the best free online photo editors is PicsArt Studio, which has an application that has been gaining great popularity especially among Android users because it stands out among the other no cost editors since it is quite comprehensive in its tools.

This editor will give you the ability to, redundantly, edit your photos using a variety of effects, corrections, filters, frames, masks, text, drawing, borders, create collages, rotate photos, add stickers, adjust the color, and many more options that are discovered as you use it.

But we are not only talking about a very complete editor, but it also handles as a social network such as Instagram, where you rate with “likes”, you can add tags, comments and also gain followers. Although the photos are free to be exported to be uploaded to other social networks.

As we mentioned above, this is an application that is completely free, which offers a lot of tools. However, it is one of those online photo editors that integrate a store where you can get much more content, some of these free and for others you will have to pay to remove ads.

Sumo App

Sumo App photo editor online

Although it may be the first time you hear about Sumo App, it was founded in Helsinki in 2008 under the label of an online image and photo editor that was based entirely on the web being an alternative for 90% of users who barely knew how to manipulate 10% of programs like Photoshop, for example.

Today their intention is to ensure that any user can unleash their creative potential without having to lose it in the daily routine. They understand that the world is becoming more and more digital, and they satisfy such needs.

From a global point of view it can be noted that Sumo is already a franchise where photo editing was only the tip of the iceberg of all the services they can offer today, and all of them of quality.


befunky logo

If you thought you couldn’t find a way to have fun while retouching, that’s because you don’t know Befunky, a tool that will be especially useful for those who don’t have the help of a graphic designer and need stunning images with a suitable finish for broadcasting.

At the beginning we only found it in its original version (in English), but thanks to the need that was noticed in Spanish-speaking users, we proceeded with the creation of the Spanish version, which made it much more understandable and attractive for use.

It is positioned as one of the best free online photo editors with more than 10 million users who use it every day. Although it should be noted that, like many others, it offers a paid version that adds a couple more features.

Among its main benefits we have points such as offering a professional finish, apart from being super comfortable to use and gives accurate colors with the help of their tools. If you need a couple of more motifs you might be interested to know that it has enough fonts and a series of incredible templates. 

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