7 Best Free Digital Marketing Courses

Doing digital marketing courses is of vital importance if you want to help your company, or brand, to have a good presence in digital media, and to interact correctly in social networks with your audience.

Learn in this article where to find the best free digital marketing courses with certified academies.

Best Free Digital Marketing Courses
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Why take digital marketing courses?

In today’s world digital media is part of everyday life for marketers and advertisers, so the skills needed to successfully manage and deliver communications for success are absolutely essential.

The only way you can be sure that you have the latest knowledge, that you are able to give or follow advice, and that you know all the techniques and ideas is by studying or taking one of the digital marketing courses.

With digital marketing really what is sought is the positioning of different products in the market through the promotion that is done with various modes focused on digital advertising as is the case of the internet, mobile applications, and even television, among others.

If you are interested in knowing why to take digital marketing courses, you may find the answer in the following points:

And that has only been a little of all the points that are touched in digital marketing courses. Because, in a nutshell, what we really want to achieve is a professional who is able to keep a company at the forefront of the evolution of digital media.

Which are the best free digital marketing courses?

google digital garage

Google Garage Digital is a new portal where training is offered at no cost to help anyone interested in expanding their professional skills in digital marketing. However, it should be noted that it focuses mainly on those entrepreneurs who want to improve their skills.

It offers the best free digital marketing courses with the intention that every user has the opportunity to grow their business, and the only requirement for access is to have a Google account or an email associated with one.
In total we are talking about 19 courses that have 106 completely free lessons that are divided into 26 modules.

You can do them individually, or customize how you want your training to go since, taking into account your needs, it allows you to develop a customized curriculum.

Hubspot Academy

HubSpot Academy is an online platform that only intends to help you grow as a professional, where they offer you from practical and quick courses to complete certifications. They will give you everything you need to develop the skills that will elevate you within the business world.

On this website you can find free digital marketing courses, one hundred percent online, with unlimited access, as well as study hundreds of other topics. All you have to do is enter the keyword of what you want to study in their search engine and sign up.

HubSpot Academy is nothing more than the official learning resource of HupSpot, through which they seek to educate users of this software so that they can market, sell and develop a company. It should be noted that everything you find on this platform you can add to your resume without any problems.

Semrush Academy

Semrush Academy is an online platform that has aimed its functions to help users learn and improve the skills they already have regarding marketing, where you can take both free courses, as well as exams that help you get certifications that you have the knowledge.

It offers the best free marketing courses for both a newbie and someone who already knows about the subject. You will be able to learn while watching informative videos about the topic, and explore helpful materials as an additional under the intention that you can hone your skills.

This is not one of those platforms that just throw the information at you, you will be able to take a quiz to see how well you have grasped the material. Besides, the certificate you get is from a marketing company that is widely recognized around the world, so it will do your resume some good.

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook you surely already knew, but maybe what you didn’t know about was Facebook Blueprint, which is a platform where you will find free and concise self-guided courses with the intention of helping you improve your marketing skills in social networks, such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, for example.

Their free digital marketing courses are a blast because you have the opportunity to become a Facebook certified professional, which will specify that you have advanced mastery of the family of applications and services that have to do with the now named Meta (the above named).

You have a lot of courses that you can do from where you are, and different languages. So you will have to go through the Blueprint platform, read the description of each of them, and decide which one you want to start with. At the very least you will leave the site as a Community Manager.


Coursera intends to help you develop new skills with the implementation of courses, certificates, as well as university degrees. Best of all, you can join the program of your choice for free and start enjoying the platform and all its collaborations.

Collaborating with over 200 universities and companies from the likes of Stanford, Google, IBM, and more, it’s no surprise that it offers some of the best digital marketing courses for free. It has been reported that 87% of people who complete their programs make a profit in their professional life.

All you will have to do is use their search engine and answer what you want to learn. Once you specify digital marketing then it will show you all the results where you will see the rating of the course by the number of students it has had and the level you must have to enter it.

Twitter Flight School

It is another platform that you may have knowledge of, but perhaps what you did not know is that they offer a number of incredible courses with the intention of improving the job functions of its users, we know that it is a perfect social network for marketing.

So, we will find a series of free digital marketing courses to do whose knowledge will be perfect to implement them on Twitter. You will be able to go from the basics, which is how to use the social network correctly, to the most advanced (since you really set the limit).

This online learning platform will lead you to know everything you need to know about how to publish the best ads on Twitter. Among its advantages is that they do not offer big exams or sessions that consume all your break time, as their content has been developed to fit in with the busiest schedules.

Edutin Academy

Edutin Academy has a clear purpose, and that is to help you study for free and achieve certification in any of its more than 6,000 online courses. As more than 5 million users in 162 countries have done so far.

Find some of the best free digital marketing courses where you will learn with courses, readings, doing practical activities, complementing the material at your own pace, and putting together your own schedule based on your availability, taking the lessons from anywhere where you have a stable internet connection.

Besides, you have the advantage of connecting with students from different regions of the world so that you can answer any questions you may have, or help them if necessary. It is ideal if you want to obtain a certification that prepares you for a job immediately.

Now that you know where to find free digital marketing courses we hope that one of these academies has the right program to meet your needs and you can improve your skills and, as a result, find an improvement in the labor field.

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