Best Fiverr Backlinks Gigs worth Buying

Improving SEO with the help of freelancers sound like the best idea, specially if we are not savvy on this topic. But finding the best Fiverr Backlinks gigs are actually also a journey, since there are many Fiverr gigs that don’t deliver high quality results.

Keep reading to learn about our journey on finding the best Fiverr Backlinks gigs that have and haven’t work for us.

Best fiverr backlinks gigs
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Why is hard to find the best Fiverr Backlinks Gigs?

Fiverr is a freelancer marketplace where there are tons of freelancer that offer SEO services at different prices. Finding which is the best Fiverr Backlinks gigs have been a difficult journey we have to say, because it has been a journey of trial and error.

We think that Off-page SEO can be one of the SEO tasks that can take lots of time. Of course that doing it through email out reach can take time, but sometimes it can be helpful to get free SEO backlinks.

But for those web developers, SEO specialists, or website owners who don’t have the time for the OFF-Page SEO strategy and to focus on Backlinks, this could be time consuming and sometimes without positive SEO results.

That is why searching for the best Fiverr Backlinks gigs has become for us a task to do.

To find someone that we can rely on this really important SEO homework.

Unfortunately, buying Fiverr SEO gigs can be just a waste of money, since the real quality of the links won’t help or support the SEO strategy.

That is why, if we search in other posts about the best Fiverr Backlinks gigs, the author will hardly recommend to buy Fiverr SEO Gigs that are related to backlinks, specially if those gigs offer thousands of backlinks.

If we have a website, we know about the importance of a good high quality backlink that can support our site to reach better rankings.

There has been multiple types of backlinks that are being creating from Web 2.0 sites, from blog comments, profiles, bookmarking and file creations. But as experience I haven’t seen a great impact from those links in comparison to the good old guest post. And certainly, as Google keeps improving, the guest posts backlinks will for sure be more valuable than a bunch of backlinks that are being creating in the Fiverr Backlinks gigs.

Following up, we are going to share some of the Fiverr Backlinks gigs that we have bought, and the one that we consider the best Fiverr Backlinks gig that we have found so far.

Fiverr Backlink Gigs, which is the best one?

And we have bought several OzzieUK SEO gigs, and honestly we can say that although the links are profile links, the pages and keywords that we aimed to rank did had improvements.

To know if it is a really good high quality backlink, the website should have high DA, high DR and also most important search engines traffic. 

The sites that were delivered, by itself the profiles might not be pages that eventually will have or receive traffic, so the probabilities of someone actually clicking to your backlinks are almost reduced to zero.

OzzieUK gig also offered second tier backlinks, and this SEO technique might be also a reason that our keywords and pages actually got improvements.

Do we recommend OzzieUK? Well, as mentioned, the links mainly come from profiles created on different authority websites, and eventually our keywords ranked, so yes. 

If this is the best Fiverr Backlinks gig that it is available? That is another question, but for sure he has thousands of orders, making of course one of the most popular SEO freelancers on Fiverr, that it eventually work.  

This was other SEO gig that was bought on Fiverr to work on the SEO Off-page backlink strategy.

For the price at that time was a, ok let’s try it.

Nevertheless the backlinks that were received come mainly again from profile pages built actually as well on high quality websites, but again, this sort of links might not be the best links to get.

And the freelancer do actually deliver what they state on their SEO Fiverr gig, the websited where high quality, that is why mainly they get the 5 star rating.

Lisa has different SEO gigs.

We can say that Lisa is one of the freelancers who has the best Fiverr SEO gigs.

The Pro package was the most complete one, since the links that were obtained came from profiles, blog posts, authority websites, and edu websites.

It had a combination that actually had helped to rank for the keywords that were selected.

It is recommended the Pro1 SEO Package Fiverr gig rather than just the monthly SEO backlinks in our opinion, since this last one mainly had profile backlinks.

The Por1 SEO Fiverr Gig could be consider among the best gigs that are worth giving a try since we are still ranking for the asked keywords.

The links from JayLucy can also be considered under the maybe this not will really work.

Although the links came from high authority websites, the links look weird.

The use of subdomain links honestly doesn’t seem really good for SEO, therefore we can’t say that this is one of best seo gigs on fiverr.


From the backlinks from Haseeb777 the links that were obtained were actually from websites that actually had DA from 40-60, therefore in that sense, the freelancer is actually giving in return what he actually states.

The thing is that such websites came from dummy websites, that are just meant to have blog posts, but without the aim of growing, of having real traffic to the website.

Therefore the question relies in how good are actually these links, even thought they actually have their domain authority among the mentioned ranges.

The Fiverr SEO gig from AxialBacklinks showed spin off content among the links, plus the backlinks came from different types of websites.

Again, the freelancer delivered what it was on the gig, but to say that the links are really high quality is another question, since the websites don’t are that kind of websites that are meant for really engaging new visitors or generate traffic, but instead, those were websites that seem to be focused on just passing the authority link juice.

The keywords that were asked actually appeared on Google just a couple weeks after the Fiverr SEO gig was ordered, therefore in that case, there might be a minor impact on rankings. 

This has been one of the most recent Fiverr SEO gigs that were bought in order to keep finding which could be the best Fiverr SEO gig.

The links given had a mix of DA above 50 and up to 95.

It is worth mentioning that the pages do had contextual links, but the pages will be those types where it won’t receive any traffic.

To see the real impact it might take some time, but also some of the links came from subdomains which might not be the best way to build backlinks.

As we have tried already the previous mentioned Fiverr Backlink Gig by Lisa_Rank, we now have on the aim to test out her advanced SEO gig.

It is supposed to be a better level of link building, so it is a matter of testing out as well if this Fiverr backlink gig worth it.

We will keep up posted an updated when we have results.

Jacob is a top rated Fiverr seller who has lots of positive reviews.

The issue with the Fiverrr reviews is that no all of them give great detail about the work.

Fiverr has a system where only buyers can actually post a review, but as we all know, there might even be systems that buy the Fiverr gig to only write a positive review.

So hard to know if all Fiverr reviews are worth reading, but certainly it seems that Jacob21 might do a good work so also we eventually will try it out and see the results.

Final recommendations to find the best Fiverr Backlinks gig

As you can see, we have tried many different freelancers to find the best Fiverr Backlinks gigs as well to work on the Off-page SEO strategy that can help our website.

In overall, among these Fiverr SEO gigs the ones that we could actually recommend and say which are the best Fiverr Backlinks gigs are the ones from OzzieUK and Lisa_Rank.

It is worth mentioning again that a good backlink should have high traffic, high DR and high DA. Domain Rating and Domain Authority are just indicators by third partys, but they attempt to get closer on how Google classify websites.

We might hire freelancers from Fiverr also due to the price, which it is cheaper than other SEO services, but that also makes it hard to get really good results.

We would like to share as well some platforms where real high quality backlinks can be obtained, Publisuites, Adsy, Getlinko and Coobis.

You can actually filter from real websites that have real organic traffic, and different ranges of Domain authorities and Domain ratings, but the prices will be higher in comparison to Fiverr SEO gigs.

Best Fiverr Backlinks Gigs Alternatives

Overall, we also recommend the use of other backlinks services such as the sponsored guest posts, where you can actually have more control on which backlins are you really getting.

High DA, high DR and organic traffic are important metrics, and you can actually decide which website.

We recommend the use of Publisuites, Coobis, Adsy and Getlinko

One of the best advertiser portals known for the ease of communication that allows between publishers, advertisers, writers and Influencer.

Publisuites, serves as a platform where you can get sponsored blog posts by advertising your website or creating content for the website you would like to have the sponsored post.

There are websites from many places around the world, but mainly it has websites from Spain.

It also has US websites, and some other countries like Germany, France, Mexico.

The platform shows the metrics of the websites such as the DA, DR and website organic traffic which is analyzed through Google Analytics connections that the websites do to Publisuites.

Adsy is a Content management platform that also offers sponsored blog posts to its users.

Links Management is a pretty known website for link building, and Adsy is part of it.

In Adsy, as a user adds money to its balance can star checking out the websites names, the DR, DA, website traffic, category and more information about it.

This sponsored blog posts website has long lists of available website to create the guest posts and different ranging prices.



If you are searching for a wide variety of quality sponsored bolg posts to have an article from, then Coobis is a right platform to choose.

Coobis was websites from all around the world, since it has offices in several countries.

Coobis is also an influencer marketing platform where publishers and advertisers can connect easily.

Coobis also has the option to show in their lists the key metrics of the websites that advertisers can select.

Websites goes from low to high authority domain, so it is really easy to filter by category, DA, DR, price until one finds the best sponsored guest post to buy.


getlinko logo

Getlinko is a more recent sponsored posts platform.

It doesn’t have thousands of websites in comparison to the other websites we mention here, but it is growing steadily.

Getlinko also has the option to filter by DA,DR, category, country and more important metrics that SEO professional analyze to get a sponsored blog post.

Getlinko is a company based in Barcelona, therefore most of the prices are shown in Euros.

What SEO backlinks are worth for link building: SEO Services, Backlinks Marketplaces or Gigs on Fiverr?

In online marketing, probably the task of link building can be one of the most time consuming, since there are more metrics to check out and consider, plus getting in contact with the web master to see if he agrees to create a backlink.

Backlinks from high authority site are sometimes hard to obtain, or they will cost some money.

Linkbuilding is not as easy as doing a keyword research, and finding those sites will require some time, plus the possibility to be accepted for a guest post.

Therefore deciding to outsource the link building processes has become better decision, but which way is the best one.

When it comes to SEO agencies, you will have to check out for other customer reviews to know if they offer good services.

SEO agencies have already taken the time to create their owm databases of trustworthy websites, that are valuable to obtain backlinks from.

The issue of SEO agencies is that the prices might be higher, but you are actually paying for that time that you are saving.

In other hand, selecting one of the best online marketplaces for backlinks has become a good alternative for those website owners who are willing to pay for a guest post service.

Using these marketplaces is a good way to star a backlink SEO campaigns as you can actually check out which websites are really high-quality backlinks and worth asking for the guest post.

As they have the prices upfront, you can also have a better management of your budget and how much are you willing to spend on these link building services.

And at last, the topic of the Fiverr SEO services has been a hot topic for a while, since there are tons of link-building gigs offered, but the questions that arise are, which ones are worth it.

We have seen better results with the backlinks obtained from the marketplaces than the impact that the backlinks of Fivver offer.

Backlinks kind of gigs are hard to measure before the purchase, and only after you ordered from a seller on Fiverr and check out the backlink, then you can judge it.

Certainly, to improve search engine rankings, backlinks are needed, but the gigs available on Fiverr, might not be the best solution.

We would recommend either hire a SEO consultant agency or choose one of the marketplace, either way, they can be better alternatives.

Fiverr Backlinks gigs FAQs

Certainly, to find the best backlink is to get one from a high DA, high DR and with real organic traffic.

To find these kind of backlinks in Fiverr is hard, but certainly some of the SEO work done by some freelancers will deliver with those metrics.

A High Domain Authority, a High Domain Rating and High Organic traffic will give you the note if a backlink is the best or not.

It is also recommended that a backlink should come from a related category.

As the rel “sponsored” has been recently introduced, there are backlinks that can actually be bought and stated as sponsored.

The use of sponsored blog posts can give a boost to search engines traffic.

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