5 Ways That Bing Ads Can Up Your Website Conversion Rate

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When you are looking for a way to advertise your business or your product when you are online, you will inevitably begin to think about the best way to get people to visit your website.

There are a few ways that spring to mind which have been popular in recent years. The first is to invest in search engine optimization (SEO), which combines a set of different techniques to get your website ranked higher on search engine outputs, provided that keywords are searched for. Another option is to invest in social media marketing, which allows you to reach a wider audience and also get people to click on links that may take them to your business website.

The third option is to look into advertisements. You may assume that advertising online is a dead end; however, for many start-up businesses and companies, it is, in fact, one of the most lucrative ways to draw attention to the service or the product that you can offer. It may seem unusual to want to get your website conversion up by investing in pay-per-click adverts, and many people new to the marketing world may think that this is a big no-no. 

The reality is that if you are looking for a way to successfully increase your website conversion rate using a website like Bing, there are many ways that this can increase the number of people visiting your website, even if it may seem expensive.

In this article, you will be walked through how Bing Ads can up the conversion rate of your website. So, read on to learn more.

5 Ways That Bing Ads Can Up Your Website Conversion Rate

Targeted Advertising

One of the primary advantages of looking into a specialist Bing Ads agency to up your website conversion rate is that this platform allows advertisers to target specific locations, interests, behaviors, and demographics.

This is crucial to getting people to visit your website. Suppose you were a fitness instructor who was looking to grow their client list in Glasgow. Bing Ads would allow you to advertise your business whenever words such as fitness instructor in Glasgow were searched. Using this engine will increase the number of clicks through your website and will also hopefully add to your client list. Targeted advertising is not only beneficial for the start of any business, but it is crucial for it when it gets up and running. When you have a full list of clients or customers booked, you may want to consider switching from pay-per-click marketing efforts to SEO or maybe even a combination of the 2. 

Remember, there is little to no point in advertising the services that you offer to a group who are not searching for them!

Keyword Optimising

Bing Ad campaigns allow marketing teams and advertisers to utilize relevant keywords. This is linked to targeted marketing but is more subtle. Instead of someone needing to type into Bing, ‘fitness instructor in Glasgow,’ all they will need to do is type in ‘fitness instructor near me.’ Bing allows you to target high-intent or similar keywords and optimizes them to match the searcher’s intent. 

This means that, by using this platform, you can up your website conversion rate and increase your sales or bookings, as you will be attracting more qualified and relevant traffic to your website. Great!

Ad Copy

OK, when you are trying to get attention online for your business or product, you may need to look into ad copies.

Why? Well, the core purpose of ad copy is similar to a call-to-action. It gets the reader of the page or advert to respond. Bing Ads allow you to craft and showcase compelling ad copies that will highlight your website or business’s main promotions, benefits, and selling points. Provided that the ad copy is well written and is placed in a location where it is relevant by Bing, this will increase your business website conversion rates. 

Remember, this will have to be periodically updated and kept relevant, or you may get an influx of angry customers asking why they are no longer eligible to get 50% off of their first fitness session!

Ad Extensions

Bing Ads also offers its users a wide range of advert extensions. These include location extensions, which will provide you with additional information about who is using the search engine to look for relevant services. This will increase engagement with your advert and increase your website conversion rates. If you choose to utilize ad extensions with Bing, you will also notice that the visibility of your advert is enhanced. This will lead to a more targeted focus group seeing the adverts, which will help to improve the click-through rates and boost your business.

Landing Page Optimisation

Landing page optimization is a bit of a 50/50 game, as Bing Ads cannot ensure this by itself. You will need to check that your landing page is optimized for conversions, which will involve you or your website designer creating a user-friendly landing page that aligns with your adverts messaging. You will also need to make sure that your landing page follows a logical format so that people who are new to the page can find what they’re looking for quickly. There is only so much that Bing can do, even with advertisements, and if Bing leads you potential customers or clients to your page only for the web page to be in disarray, then this is an area that you will need to improve to conversions.


Last but certainly not least, Bing Ads provides robust tracking and analytics tools. This will enable you to monitor the performance of your adverts on the platform in real-time by analysing the key metrics, such as the click-through rates, the conversion rates, and the return on investment on the pay-per-click adverts. You can assess which advertisements are working better, and these tracking tools will also allow you to spot areas for improvement.

So, if you are looking to get your website up and running and getting up those conversions, take a look at Bing Ads to see if this is the solution for you! Good luck.

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