5 Things Video Games Use To Trick Your Brain

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Since the invention of the Brown Box, the first multiplayer console, by Ralph Baer in the year 1972, video games have only witnessed growth. Not only kids but even adults also cannot withstand the charm of some of the excellent video games available in the market. 

Now, the question arises as to what makes these video games so enticing. How can these video games keep your brain immersed in their visuals and onscreen magic for a long time? Well, there are some technical wonders that help the developers of these video games to keep the viewers engrossed. 

These technical moves trick the gamers’ brains into getting impressed with the online movements and getting aligned with the characters of the game. 

Not only that, but the developers also design technical instruments to help gamers play these games quite effectively, such as super spoofer, which allows the gamers to make changes in their hardware to get past any game’s anti-cheat systems.

5 Things Video Games Use To Trick Your Brain

Video Game Things that Trick Your Brain

Here are some intelligent ways video game developers and designers use that make them more enjoyable while attracting more and more players. 

1. Effective Camera Tricks

One of the best ways used by developers while creating different video games is camera tricks. These camera tricks do the magic of suppressing huge images, such as showing off the interiors of a big room on your small screen, without compromising the quality of the pictures. 

Using these camera tricks, the developers enable you to make smooth transitions between different scenes in a game quite intelligently.

2. Intelligent Merger of Audio and Visuals

Designers spend a long time making game environments quite immersive for gamers. Thus, these designers strive hard to create a perfect merger of audio and visual settings while keeping the game environment entirely consistent. 

Also, the developers ensure to create updated hardware that can align well with the game’s settings, such as clouds moving slowly over the screen with sounds of gentle breeze flowing by pushing the green grass. 

The more the gaming world is closer to reality, the more chances are of gamers getting immersed in the environment and identifying well with the characters.

3. Relevant Use of Rubber-Banding A.I.

Rubber-Banding A.I. is a common trick often used in top-rated video games. This technique implies making the games remain competitive, no matter how high a gamer’s skills are. 

Thus, if you feel frustrated about not securing the first position in the game Mario Kart or not being able to score high in NBA Jam, there is no need to worry. The game developers do not want you to win and get over with the game and ruin the fun for every other player.

4. Effective Use of Progression Elements

Having talked about the Rubber-Branding A.I. technique, the developers also feel the importance of catering to the progression elements in a game. Gamers of all kinds adore the feeling of being ahead in a game, and developers are well aware of this aspect. Thus, to some extent, every game uses this progression element, regardless of its genre. 

The games that use this technique maximum are role-playing games. This is why you can witness many gamers spending hours and hours killing off the same sets of enemies to gain more skills to move forward in the game.

Once the gamers reach a particular level, the progression becomes difficult, increasing the time involved. Thus, securing points requires more effort and grinding after a specific point. Therefore, players value the rewards achieved after so much time and want to play the game more to surpass the feeling of progression.

5. Speed Effects

Now, how do you get a feeling of speeding in a video game? 

Though many games offer a setting where you can feel the steering wheel vibrating with the increasing speed, still, sometimes it needs to match the real sense. 

Thus, many games, such as the Froza series games, make use of subtle ways to make the players feel that their vehicles are speeding. 

For example, with a perfect merger of camera tricks and onscreen engine sounds, and lightning effects along with a speedometer, players can get a feel of speeding on the roads.

Final Words

Video games are counted as one of the best ways to get entertained and get away from stress. Thus, you can find many people playing these games at a stretch. The reason is that these games also make use of specific strategies to trick the human mind and make people engrossed for long hours. Happy playing!

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