5 Great WordPress B2B Plugins for Marketplace & Wholesale

Create your own B2B marketplace with these plugins.

Mainly, Woocommerce has been taught to be used for B2C markets to easily create an online shop.

But also, businesses, specially the ones that are dedicated to wholesale or distribution to small and medium businesses, prefer to have a website perfectly designed for their processes.

Although there are not that much alternatives available for WordPress B2B Marketplaces plugins, we share with you the ones that might be great for these businesses.

As well, there are some Wordpres B2B Wholesale Plugins that can help if you will be the only vendor.

WordPress B2B Marketplace Plugins

Woocommerce B2B Marketplace

Webkul’s plugin will help you to build your WordPress and Woocommerce website into a B2B marketplace.

With this B2B plugin, suppliers and buyers can connect through one website.

It can help with the set up of forms, leads, quotations and reviews.

B2B King WordPress

B2B King is a Woocommerce plugin that will help you to build up your Wholesale store. 

In order to convert this plugin into a WordPress B2B Marketplace, then you will require an extra add-on from B2BKing and Dokan.

B2B King Multivendor WordPress Plugin

The B2B King addon will support multiple vendors.

Vendors can set up their wholesale prices, bulk discounts, price tiers, messaging and more. 


Dokan Plugin converts WordPress into a marketplace.

It helps to set up independent stores within, a front end dasboard for vendors and customers and set the admin commision on sales.

WordPress B2B Wholesale Plugins

Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite is focused on creating a B2B wholesale store.

It supports wholesale pricing setting the discounts fixed or by percentage.

It creates order forms and minimum purchase requirements.


Woocommerce B2B Plugin

The Woocommerce B2B gives more features to the traditional B2C store.

It features B2B dedicated prices, prices by quantity, shipping control methods, VAT support, bar code management and more.

With this plugin the license doesn’t have to be renewd each year.

EasyOrder B2B Plugin

EasyOrder can be integrated with Dokan for the B2B marketplace.

EasyOrder adds the opportunity to set multivendor, customized pricing and dynamic pricing.

It set ups a front end view for customer orders.

What is B2B Marketplace?

A B2B Marketplace is a platform that is focused on setting the opportunity for organizations to connect within.

Platforms such as Amazon and Ebay have been widely known as B2C, since they mainly serve to consumers, but if we think about Alibaba, it is one of the biggest online B2B marketplace platforms.

The B2B marketplace will connect suppliers with businesses, generating to opportunity to source from.

Usually, the purchases done in a B2B marketplace are bigger and in bulk, making it a better online platform for wholesale.

The CMS platform WordPress can also be used for B2B with the use of Woocoomerce and a B2B Plugin.