Woocommerce Multi Currency Free Plugin from WPML

Woocommerce Multi Currency Free Plugin from WPML
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Did you know that there is a free WooCommerce Multi Currency free plugin from WPML, in this article we will be telling you everything you need to know about it to add it to your online store and have a Woocommerce currency switcher and set your exchange rates. 

Apart from knowing everything it has to offer you, we will touch on important topics about the Woocommerce multi currency plugin configuration, so read to the end. 

The importance of a multi currency online store

The importance of having an online store is a topic that is no longer discussed, and is that today the business that is not on the Internet with an ecommerce platform may simply not exist beyond the locality where it has been established or founded. 

Once you manage to have an online store you must start thinking about expansion, and the possibility that customers are not from the same city, state or country.

And with that comes other issues such as preparing adequately to make the product reach the consumer, for example.

But an important point that not many take into account is the need to have an online store with multi currency converter.

The multi currency converter widget is something that not only makes it more attractive, but also makes it easier for customers to make their transactions, select their currency or check the exchange rates. 

Imagine the large number of people who enter your website from Germany, for example, and leave without making any purchase because your entire catalog is in dollars without a currency switcher, lacking also the options to make their payment that go hand in hand with their currency.

The importance of having an online store with multi currency converter widget, then, lies in making it as easy as possible for the user to make a purchase.

Since it is not only showing the product price in a currency, it is allowing the operation in it with your exchange rates and customizing the payment methods for it. 

WPML Woocommerce Multi Currency Free Plugin

WPML Woocommerce Multi currency plugin helps you to start selling internationally as it allows you the ability to configure and manage products in multiple currencies easily.

Another option you have when combining it with WPML CMS is to completely add languages to your site and translate your store, so you can reach new customers around the world without having to make more effort than necessary. 

It offers you free multi currency converter features

This is considered to be the only free version plugin that is able to offer all of the following multi currency switcher features: 

WPML will help you make your store multilingual

You have the option to translate your entire store and unlock even more Woocommerce multi currency features with the help of WPML CMS & Multicurrency combined, which is the most popular translation plugin in WordPress:

It has a great compatibility with WooCommerce plugins.

Most WooCommerce stores are known to use a couple of Woocommerce plugins, the good news is that WPML WooCommerce Multi currency and Multilingual is fully compatible with the most popular extensions, such as:

The WPML team is one hundred percent proud of all the partnerships they have achieved with plugin authors who have committed to compatibility withing the Woocommerce plugins.

They work hand in hand with the intention of creating rich sites in more than one language, making sure not only that they work today, but that there is no problem with them in the future.

Here is a complete list of all the plugins they support: 

How to add multicurrency to WooCommerce?

The first thing we have to specify is the minimum requirements to add Woocommerce multi currency plugin and taking into account the Woocommerce plugin that we have mentioned throughout this article you better have the following:

WordPress 4.7 or some later version.

PHP version 5.6 or later.

In the case of MYSQL you will need to have version 5.6, or a later release.

In the case of WooCommerce you will need to have version 3.9.0, or one that has been released after that.

How can I configure WooCommerce multi-currency?

In this case you have two ways to configure the currencies, the first depending on the language and the second depending on the based country location of the customer:

Currencies by language

This option gives you the possibility to display specific currencies depending on the language the customer has selected.

This will be useful in cases where the customer has selected their products in certain languages, but the order must be placed in a single currency.

Similarly, you will be given as a second option to configure the default currency for each language, so that users can see the product prices in a given currency every time they decide to change the currency switcher to a different language in the front-end.

To do this configuration all you will have to do is go to WooCommerce – WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency and click on the Multicurrency tab, there choose “Keep” as the default currency option in a particular language.

This means that the currency converter will not change when you change that language.

In case you want to add a new currency this will be done by default for all languages.

With the corresponding checkboxes you can make the necessary adjustments. 

Currencies by location

In case you have customers who speak the same language, but use different currencies, it might be best for you to set your currencies according to their IP address or based country billing address. 

This is the right decision in the case of:

You want to apply certain currencies for users based on their based country location or IP address.

You want to implement a location-based pricing policy.

For example, this will give you the opportunity to set a higher price for US inhabitants (paying in USD), instead of UK customers who would pay in GBP.) 

In order to avoid controversy in such cases you can always make the configuration so that customers cannot see prices in another country’s currency, even if they speak the language. 

In case you want to configure currencies by location you will have to go to WooCommerce – WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency and click on the Multicurrency tab.

To determine the location of a customer through their IP address WooCommerce uses MaxMind Geolocation, so to get the best results you may want to create a free account and generate a license key at this link: 

Once you enter the key in the multiple currencies configuration everything will be ready to be customized according to the customer’s country.

To add another currency on the site you will only have to click on “Add currency” being completely specify countries where you want it to be available or excluded.

This helps the user experience to have their product prices on a given currency, but in case they want to change they can use the Woocommerce currency converter.

The truth is that once you have enabled currencies according to the customer’s location everyone who logs in will see the currency according to their billing address, while others will use their IP address. 

Learn every detail of this configuration in the following link

As you know building an online store is not a simple process, even if you try to simplify the explanation of this kind of topics there is always a complex background that must be studied. 

With the launch of this free version of a Woocommerce currency switcher plugin, WPML certainly is moving forward to remain in the mind of WordPress users for their ecommerce platform.

That is why with the intention that you learn how to add multi-currency to WooCommerce we will leave the link with all the official process of this, so that you know of add-ons, among other issues, which are also necessary for the proper functioning: 

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