¿Why is WPML the best WordPress translation plugin?

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             For companies, it is important to be able to globalize together with the world. It is precise that you can count on instruments that allow you to communicate in multiple languages.

              We are going to show you a plugin that can help you facilitate these translations in various languages. This plugin will support you to reach many more corners of the world, adapting to the languages of each country.

              This plugin is called WPML, it is a multi-language plugin that allows our information to be translated into any language in the world, thanks to the internet. Internet allows us to reach increasingly more and more places, reaching new audiences and expanding the markets of our company to an international one.

              The multilingual WPML plugin helps us to make these translations easier and easier and has become one of the most popular in the world.

Why is WPML the best WordPress translation plugin

What is the multilingual WPML plugin?

It is a plugin built for WordPress.

Its abbreviation is due to its name in English ( WordPress Multilingual Plugin ), which allows us to transform our web portal from a single language or monolingual to one with a multilingual platform.

In this way, we can translate the content of our website in more than 40 languages, without affecting SEO. The multilingual WPML plugin is very instinctive and has various resources that help and make the translation process extremely simple.

The plugin WPML multilingual, works with one automatic or manual translation mode. If the user wish, he can work with both, without any inconvenience. The multilingual WPML plugin has a cost for its acquisition to be able to install it later in WordPress , if you are not convinced with the plugin they will return your money.

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Benefits and drawbacks of the multilingual WPML plugin

The multilingual WPML plugin is a tremendously powerful one, since it has quality technical support and allows us to translate any website. If you don’t handle programming much, you might be a bit scared, but it is a very intuitive and easy-to-use plugin.

We already know what this multilingual WPML plugin is, now we must know what pros and cons this multilingual plugin brings us.

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Advantages of WPML

  • Its installation is very easy, simple, safe and fast.
  • They give you a trial for 30 days so you can review the product and if it does not meet your expectations they will refund your money.
  • Its use is so simple, that from the moment you install it you can start enjoying all the benefits that the multilingual WPML plugin offers you.
  • It has compatibility with the WooCommerce plugin, which is responsible for electronic commerce.
  • It can also be used with plugins of SEO, as Yoast and Rankmath, which are the most important WordPress.
  • The tools can be configured individually on each of the pages.

Disadvantages of WPML

  • To start with, the multilingual WPML plugin was free, but because of its accelerated rise and popularity, you can now choose from packages that are available.
  • Their rates range from $ 29 to $ 159, being able to use them on all pages and websites that you manage.
  • You can make slower administration of the WordPress, because it creates extra tables in the database, but they are improving their performance.

WPML Pricing

The advantages, functions or benefits depend on the package you choose. Here we leave you a sample of their current costs.

Multilingual Blog

$ 29
/ Yearly
  • Translate posts, pages and custom types
  • Translate tags, categories and custom taxonomy
  • Translate WordPress menus
  • 1 Website you can register
  • One year of free updates
  • Renewal per year $21

Multilingual CMS

$ 79
/ Yearly
  • Multilingual Blog Features
  • Translate widgets
  • Translate texts in theme and plugins admin
  • Manage attachments in different languages
  • 3 Websites you can register
  • One year of free updates
  • Renewal per year $59

Multilingual Agency

$ 159
/ Yearly
  • Multilingual CMS Features
  • Unlimited Websites you can register
  • One year of free updates
  • Renewal per year $119

In how many languages can I translate the pages with the multilingual WPML plugin?

This multilingual WPML plugin allows us to translate in more than 60 languages. If you cannot find the language you are looking for, do not worry, there are always new updates where more languages ​​are included, so the list of languages ​​continues to grow.

However, it already has languages ​​such as: German, English, French, Spanish and more.

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Why use the multilingual WPML plugin?

We can mention several reasons:

  • The installation is quick and comfortable. Its installation takes a few minutes and you can do it yourself, so it does not need hiring extra staff. If you have problems handling the multilingual WPML plugin (which would be very rare), you have at your disposal an online support attention center. Once configured, you can start translating all your websites.
  • Reliability. The plugin WPML multilingual was developed in 2009 as one of the first plugins for translations. Since that date, they have continued to make improvements to make it increasingly simple and user-friendly.
  • Manages to translate automatically or manually. The plugin WPML multilingual, helps to translate automatically and does everything with the touch of a button. But if you speak several languages and want to do it manually yourself, you can also do it, it will take more time, but it is also an option.
  • You can have human translation through services. If you want to have manual translations and you don’t get it in the multilingual WPML plugin, they have professional translations online. They can help you translate your content into multiple languages. Just communicate with them and send them the content, which will be sent to you already ready, so that you can publish them on your website in a short time.
  • The multilingual WPML plugin integrates with WooCommerce. WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin. The multilingual WPML plugin can be used as a content translator without any inconvenience in several languages.
  • Work with WordPress themes. No matter what theme you choose, with the multilingual WPML plugin, you can translate content without problems, since they are compatible with most WordPress themes.
  • You have a customer service system available. If you have problems or doubts about handling the multilingual WPML plugin, don’t worry. You have an online customer service 19 hours a day, 6 days a week, managing to communicate with the user in 9 languages.

If you want that your company continues to grow, reaching more people with multiple languages for your web pages or websites, then plugin WPML multilingual is a tool that you have to purchase. It offers you a wide variety of benefits that can help you reach many more people in the world

Take your products to more people and start without limiting yourself by language. The multilingual WPML plugin is the most versatile tool so that you can reach more corners and new levels.

Carlos’ blog uses WPML for translation. There is a mix of Google Translator, Deepl and Carlos’ language skills.

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