Why HR Plays a Key Role in an Organization

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HR, or Human Resources, is the people part of a business. They run payroll, organize training, arrange staff benefits, and are there to address or find resolutions to colleague disputes and grievances.

Most large companies have a solid HR team, it is there to protect them and their staff. So, this article is here to dig a little deeper into the reasons why HR plays a key role in an organization.

Why HR Plays a Key Role in an Organization
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Hiring and Firing

One of the most commonly performed functions of the HR department is finding new staff members and terminating job contracts.

Creating job descriptions that are airtight and represent the role in the best way possible is not an easy task, nor is organizing an interview calendar and conducting said interviews. 

Monitoring Staff Performance

Every person that works in a company has to be upheld to certain standards. If these standards are not met, or the role is not being carried out properly, someone has to deal with this.

A comprehensive HR focussed staff member with the correct training and experience will understand the best route forward for managing poor performance and be able to empower staff to either do better or seek employment elsewhere.

If such a person is not available, the solution is to try HR outsourcing, which gives you access to qualified personnel with all the experience you need to monitor staff performance.

Basic Training

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A lot of organization is a difficult task for one person, especially if that person is the head of the company with a thousand other things to do.

HR is often responsible for ensuring every member of the workforce is up to date with their training, and even heading up the mandatory sessions. 

They can also provide opportunities for employees to grow within their roles by offering company-sponsored courses and qualifications.

Staff Complaints

Sometimes, workplaces suffer from grievances. When this happens is it essential to have a dedicated person to find a way forward.

Whether this is a dispute amongst staff, or from a managerial perspective, a mediator to ensure fair play on each side is a valuable asset.

The human resources team is well versed in company practices, what is expected of each staff member, and how to interpret rule breaking and the consequences of such actions.

Workplace Ethos

HR is the perfect department to muster motivation from staff, portray the brand’s ethos in the correct format and run initiatives within the organization to show what the company stands for and how they are represented to the wider audience.

Payroll Duties

Sorting out payroll is a complicated task.

The cited hours have to match up with the work records, the correct hourly rate has to be verified, holiday days must be taken into account, and large organizations may have hundreds of people to pay at the same time.

The right HR person takes care of all of these roles.

This department ensures that the correct money is sent out at the correct time and also addresses any discrepancies or confusion concerning salary or benefits.


Any organization with many staff benefits from a solid HR department within its ranks.

Not only does it take the stress out of admin tasks that defer attention away from other essential business maintenance, but they are a safety net of sorts for management and employees alike.

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