Why do you need languages to boost your marketing strategy

For any global business, it must be understood the real power of speaking the local languages.

Yes, there might be bilingual or polyglots all around the world, but when a brand is in the country where they want to introduce themselves, it is also a plus to speak the local language.

Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of talking multiple languages to boost your marketing strategy.

Why do you need languages to boost your marketing strategy
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Why it is important to localize languages?

Consumers will be prompt to reach brands that are already talking that language. As easy as that.

If a new market might have heard about the brand, but it doesn’t really know them fully their advantages, it will be rare that the brand will have a huge impact or success in the new international market. 

When a brand decides to expand their business to international markets, it is important to understand the culture, the behaviour and of course the way that local people communicate.

With that said, it is not the same that an UK brand trying to expand to the german market just adds its products to the stores shelves with its english language. Even there are regulations that ask local language descriptions on the product, if the consumer doesn’t really know the brand, plus they don’t know exactly what it has, it will be rare that they will buy the product, unless they have bought it previously in the main product country.

As well, to localize a language means to understand that culture and what are the real meaning of the words. Phrases meanings may vary from country to country, hence the importance also to rely on translation agencies on supporting with these processes.

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The language is key in an international marketing strategy

Not really knowing the language can be a barrier for a brand that desires to expand to a new international market.

When a brand start that expansion, it is also important to rely on international partners.

It is not the same to have the product or services with a message that is directed to the US market in comparison to the UK market. Hence it won’t be the same to partner with translation agencies from New York or translation agencies London

Speaking another language will open to a brand new possibilites of growth.

The languages and the local adaptation of languages will be a major factor of the success of a brand that wants to go out for the international adventure. 

International SEO, a big tool for international marketing

When an international marketing strategy is planned, it must understood the language based on the culture, and then go further to the expansion.

One of the main advantages of digital marketing is the huge potential of reaching international markets within seconds.

Audiences can be reached thanks to platforms such as Youtube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more.

Anyone from all around with acces to internet can visit a brand’s website.

Therefore, a company that also focuses on having a website oriented to international SEO can start generating more visits from international customers.

But to do so, it is also important to have the website content translated. Some of the options to translate it are to use automatic translation or hire a professional translator. Although the first one might be cheaper, it brings also a lack of quality on the translation, and the second one of course will bring that localization and awareness of the phrases and words to be used while doing a translation.

Either way, a brand has a huge potential to find growth in a new market through a proper International SEO strategy.

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