What is responsive web design?

Now a days, it is impossible to think that a website can’t be visited through a mobile phone.

Website owners who don’t have a website adapted for multiple devices is letting out a great opportunity to reach more visitors.

Keep reading to learn more about what is a responsive web design.

What is responsive web design
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What is a responsive web design?

If you are wondering how many websites have to be built to be able to appear well structured on mobile, tablie and desktop devices, then you should know that is just the same website but it is well optimized, this optimization is what it is called a responsive web design.

A website that can fit properly on multiple devices is responsive.

It is a must for website to be responsive in these times.

A website that is responsive can easily adjust to different screen sizes.

Responsive design and web devices

Advantages of a responsive website

It is now a requirement to have a responsive website.

The usage of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is increasing over time.

Therefore one of the main advantage of having a webside that is responsive is to be able to be visited by users who are accesing to internet websites through different devices and not just from the PC.

It is still common for some older websites to be static, that even if you visit them from a mobile device, the appearance might look out of the screen.

That is another advantage of a responsive web design, that it helps the user experience on a website, being able to show the information properly and adjusted to the user’s screen.

Need help? Hire an Agency!


To have a responsive website is not a complicated activity to do.

Now a days, most of the website builders are supporting responsive design.

You can either try it yourself or you can search for some help with an agency that can support with building a website that is responsive.

Agences, such as Prismalia, can help faster with their experience on building websites.

As mentioned, if you are a self learner, of course there are plenty of blogs and videos that teach how to build a responsive website, but if you are aiming to have a more professional result, hiring an Agency could be a better option.

Some of the advantages of working with agencies such as Prismalia, is that they don’t only have experience on web desing, but they do also have experience working with digital marketing projects like Google Adwords, Google Analytics,  SEO, and Social Media.

If these are not your core professional areas, getting some expert help can do the work easier. Specially if you want to build an e-commerce store, it is highly recommended to have really good structured the basics of a websites, that eventually in the future the website doesn’t lose sales due to the reason that it is not a responsive website.

One of the major objectives of websites is to get qualified traffic, and if the users that are already coming to the website are not having a good experience since the website is not adapted to their device, for sure they will jump out the website and search for another one that can solve their need.

You can easily request a quote for a responsive website at Prismalia, and start your online venture.

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