What are CVD Diamonds?

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CVD(Chemical vapour deposition) diamonds are synthetic diamonds used for a variety of industrial and technical applications. 

CVD diamonds are created by the deposition of diamond material in a low-pressure, high-vacuum chamber from the vapour phase. The process generally takes less than one day and can be carried out at room temperature.

 CVD diamonds have similar properties to natural diamonds, which makes them well-suited for use in demanding environments. 

They also have a much lower price point than natural diamonds because they do not require mining or polishing. During the process, diamond material is deposited on a seed nuclei surface, which then expands to the final size.

What are CVD Diamonds
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Benefits of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown diamonds are grown in a lab under controlled conditions, which means that they arrive without any defects.

This gives them enhanced value over mined diamonds. 

They also have very high clarity and color grades, which makes it convenient for the end users to present in a ring or earring setting. 

For example, a 0.20ct CVD diamond with IF-VVS2 clarity will look better in earrings than a 10-carat natural diamond of VVS1 grade.


When it comes to lab-created diamonds, the quality of the set will be affected by the quality of the cubic zirconia. Not all lab-created diamonds contain cubic zirconia. In fact, they are only 9 out of 98 CVD diamonds in our database that do not use cubic zirconia. This is a non-factor in terms of clarity grades and color grades. On the contrary, however, a lot of people may be concerned with other features, such as blunts or “horns”. The hairs are extremely common in CVD diamonds, although they are very rare in natural diamonds. They are usually caused by a lack of crystal polish during the thinning process, which results in the presence of small crystals. Interestingly enough, they can cause a lot of problems with clarity and color grading, but they do not affect brilliance or sparkle grades at all.


The most common feature that CVD diamonds have in common with mined diamonds is their great ability to phosphoresce when exposed to UV rays. They have a lower phosphorescence grade than mined diamonds, but they still offer some of the highest grades in the industry.


The fact that CVD diamonds are grown under controlled conditions in a lab also means that there is no need for treatments like heating or irradiation. This is a huge advantage. For example, new treatments were recently developed that allow CVD diamonds to be heated to 3,000 degrees Celsius, which is easily twice the temperature of natural diamonds. This could allow them to be used in applications that require extreme temperature protection.


Most people are not aware of this but lab-created diamonds are also called granulated diamonds or nanoparticles. This means that they have a larger diameter than most natural diamonds and they contain several smaller particles. They have a significantly lower price per carat than natural diamonds. For example, a 0.25ct CVD diamond costs $125, while a natural diamond of the same clarity and color grade is priced at $1,600.

In summary, CVD diamonds have many benefits and very few drawbacks, which makes them the perfect choice for someone who is looking for a diamond ring or earrings that is cheaper than natural diamonds.

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