Weglot Language Switcher – 🌐 Change location and flag

In the Weglot Review, we have talked about how fast and accurate is the WordPress translation.

It certaibly is one of the best WordPress translation plugins, and in this article we show how to change the position of the Weglot Language Switcher and the flag of the countries.

Weglot Language Switcher - Change Location
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Are you thinking about adding a WordPress language switcher to your website?

Having a language swichter on your WordPress website can help visitors to change to their desired language.

As we will talk in this article, you can use Weglot to add the language selector button easily.

There are multiple wordpress translation plugin, and Weglot’s language swichter is an easy set up.

And yes, the main feature of a language switcher is to translate the content of the original language where the user landed to choose their preferred language.

Weglot set the language swicther in the bottom-right, being one of the common places where it can be found, as well as a menu item for easy navigation.

Your international visitors will thank you for having a language switcher on your website.

Weglot Language Switcher - Design Changes

Weglot automatically adss a language switcher to make it easier for visitors to change the language of the website.

It also has the option of redirecting to the browser language if desired.

In Weglot WordPress dashboard, there are the options to change the design of the button.

There is a preview of the button and it can be selected to change it from a dropdown style to a side by side. 

The flags can be added or removed, as well as the style of it, so as the name of the language. 

Weglot Language Switcher - Changing location to the WordPress Menu

One of the locations where the Weglot Language Switcher can be moved is to the Menu.

To do this, you will have to go to the appearence tab, and then menu.

On the left side, a Weglot Switcher tab will appear and by clicking the box, it can be added to a menu.

The Weglot Language Switcher will now appear on the menu, and it will have the style that it is already set up on it.

Weglot Language Switcher - Change location 4

If the languages are desired to be side by side, instead than in a dropdown, the configuration must be set up in the dashboard area and uncheck the drowdown box.

With that change, the languages will appear side by side.

Weglot Language Switcher - Changing location with Elementor

Another form to move the Weglot Language Switcher location is with the use of Elementor widgets.

By adding the shortcode of [ weglot_switcher] in the desired area of Elementor, it is where the language switcher will appear.

As well the design can be modified to just show flags in the language switcher.

Weglot Language Switcher - Changing Flag

If your language is showing a flag different from your country, you can go to the Weglot Dashboard, then to settings and select Language Switcher.

Further below, the website languages will have a pencil button to edit the name and flag.

A lightbox will appear, and the user can search for the corresponding country to select the desired flag.

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