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Vultr High Frequency Review
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Carlos' Opinion
Vultr High Frequency Review

One of the new services that are being developed is to use better cloud services as IT Infrastructure.

The big players like AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure are cloud services that seem to be focused for also bigger size companies, or at least bigger than just a freelancer or a blogger.

As a blogger, I wanted to have a place where I can write my content, and also a place where I can monetize my blog.

As one keep learning about the importance of website loading times, one understands how important is to have a fast hosting providers.

As I have told in the comparison Godaddy vs Siteground vs Kinsta vs Cloudways, choosing the best wordpress hosting has been a long way. 

There are many reviews that tells you their own ideas, but you are not sure which one will be the best that fits for you.

I wanted to try out a cloud WordPress hosting, and I gave a try to Kinsta. They use Google Cloud Platform, but Kinsta was a terrible decision. Specially for a blogger.

I have to say, of course Google Cloud Platform was super fast. Plus, my website was optimized.


But the extra fees that Kinsta had if you exceeded the number of visitors, was a no for me. Specially because, they take into account bot visits for this number.

So I turn back to Siteground while I decided which other WordPress Hosting I should try.

Eventually while reading the recommendations in Facebook Groups about Cloudways with Vultr High Frequency, I decided to give it a try.

For $13 you can have your high speed WordPress Site and cloud hosting services.

So, I changed to Cloudways. (Well, all WordPress Hosting Services are in the cloud, it is just a fancy word now.)

I show you how were my GTmetrix numbers with Siteground and now with Cloudways. I can’t say it is fully optimized, but the improvement was a faster website.


Of course, there is the big difference of having a shared WordPress Hosting to a dedicated WordPress Hosting.

The DNS response rate, has been faster now.

Plus, I am using WP-Rocket to optimize the Cache, CSS, Javascripts, and HTML. There is still a long way on the Website Optimization.

But so far, my decision to choose Vultr High Frequency was the good recommendations that I have heard and read.

I had to test it by myself, and yes, it has improved way better than Siteground.

The bad side is that you will need an extra add-on if you want to host your email on Cloudways. For now I use Siteground to host my emails. 

Installing WordPress on Cloudways is really easy. You can read my Cloudways Review to learn more about it, which in there it has a better step by step of how to install WordPress on Cloudways with Vultr High Frequency.

The website was using Cloudways on Vultr High Frequency with 1 CPU core, 1 GB Ram and 32 GB storage.

The improvement from Siteground to Cloudways was a good reduction in loading times.

The main homepage after an optimization achieves a full loading time of 731 ms, really good comparing to previous hosts such as Kinsta, Siteground and Godaddy.

But digging deeper and questioning, is it really worth paying $13 per month when I can have a bit more resources for the same price in Vultr website? We have to try out.

Updraft plus free version was used to do the migration. A backup was created and then uploaded to the new server. This might not be the best solution but it worked. 

Also the server from Vultr High Frequency was scaled to a Mexico City based data center and a VPS of the 80 GB Storage, 2 CPU, 2 GB Memory Ram and 3 TB Ram for $18 per month. So basically more performance for just $6 more, and in a Plesk panel, which is easier to use than the Cloudways interface.

The total loading time went from the 731 ms to 581 ms. 

Considering that the website has plugins such as Elementor and WPML which are known to be “slow WordPress plugins”, now it is proven that is not, and that Vultr High Frequency can be one of the best VPS WordPress Hosting with high speed.

Vultr has Data Centers around the world, therefore you can get VPS WordPress Hosting in Sao Paulo Brazil, Tokyo Japan, United States, Amsterdam Netherlands, Frankfurt Germany, Paris France, Stockholm Sweden, Singapore, Seoul Korea, and Sydney Australia.

They already announced more Data centerrs like in Madrid, Warsaw and Melbourne.

Cloudways Vultr High Frequency Speed Test June 2021


Direct Vultr High Frequency Speed Test December 2021

Vultr High Frequency GTmetrix speed test Barrazacarlos December 2021

What is Vultr High Frequency?

Vultr is the most appropriate and specialized hosting company for all things related to cloud computing, and is considered one of the fastest and most special for those who choose a personal experience. It has special systems to provide greater effectiveness to users of multiple websites.

Today, Vultr performs all the functions of a single hosting, which was previously done with several web hosts. This has made it the most preferred among users, in addition to being able to expand the facilities and simplify the work for developers, allowing them to move around in various functions with just a few clicks.

About Vultr

Vultr is a cloud-based hosting company, originally from the United States with data all over the world.

The company was founded in February 2014 by Dave Aninowsky.

It has become popular because it allows you to use servers from 16 locations around the world for a minimum payment of $2.50 per month.

During these 5 years, the company has achieved a reach of more than 20 million servers that are implemented from the cloud and with easy access and speed that makes it a very attractive server for users and developers.

It is one of the specialized providers in the area of cloud hosting.

Vultr has managed to maintain a great balance between serving with performance and easy access.

It allows to manage everything from the cloud, besides storing information by blocks.

Although Vultr is a fairly new company that started up in 2014, it already has more than 100,000 new clients, all because of the advantages offered by its SSDs and the speed they provide.

It has continued to strengthen during the 5 years since its inception and already have a team of over 50 developers and engineers, more than 22 million applications in the cloud and already cover more than 150 countries.

Not bad for a company that has little time on the air.

However, they have been developing more and more improvements in order to continue providing and improving their services to consumers, who are increasingly inclined to hire and install all the services offered by the platform.

Vultr, offers cloud hosting, cloud storage, dedicated servers.

These plans differ in RAM space, SSD, CPU and traffic of your machine to the cloud.

Its menu is intuitive and allows you to choose the operating system of your preference as CentOs, Ubutun, Debian, Windows.

Vultr services, do not have vDesk or cPanel, so this usual hosting option, you must buy the license.

What most attracts the attention of its users is the unmatched speed that this server has since they have SSD storage allowing faster response times.

Depending on the data centers that provide speed, it all depends on where they are available.

Currently, it has 15 centers distributed among Europe, the United States, Oceania and Asia, and they keep adding more all over the world.

For those who live in Spain, we suggest using the server in Holland which is enabled for that region.

Vultr ensures that you will always have a data center close by so that you can count on the speed you need at any time.

The boom of the Cloud hosting or cloud hosting, has become one of the most sought after outlets for users (beginners or developers) as it is one of the few that offer economy, reliability and speed.

All these advances have been achieved thanks to the contribution made by companies like Vultr, which assign you a computer in the cloud, in which you can include all the resources you need and you can access them and use them as you prefer.

Why choose Vultr High Frequency
as a web host?

The platform uses a Virtual Private Server, hence its abbreviation VPS, and is classified as the most ideal for those developers who want to innovate and advance more quickly in their projects.

This Vultr VPS is becoming a trusted solution for users on a daily basis. So much so, that what these users like best is the relationship between price and quality.

The interface provides all the advantages of a good server at a reasonable price. But, like every product, Vultr has its advantages and disadvantages.

This boom in cloud servers has caused a great stir in the world of computing.

More and more people are looking for the opportunity to be able to go faster on the web, at a lower cost and with a higher performance.

Vultr, offers us the possibilities of having a higher performance.

The options and facilities provided by the Vultr server are optimal.

It has a wide variety of tabs, options, applications that help further enrich the work done through this server from the cloud.

The speed and ease of placement of features is what makes it attractive.

The improvement that Vultr High Frequency offers, is to have better processors.

Vultr High Frequency: Powered by 3+ Ghz processors and blazing fast NVME storage, this newest plan is the highest performance hardware architecture Vultr has ever offered. High Frequency compute powers the most demanding workloads with storage and processing benchmarks that exceed standard compute by up to 40%!

At the beginning, it may look complex, but using Cloudways with Vultr High Frequency interface allows you to follow the steps and be able to create and upload all the information you require for your web pages or projects, managing to place the projects you manage, all from the same server, without being affected by any of them.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Vultr.

It is low cost, offers you rates from $11 to $13 per month on Cloudways and provides you with a private accommodation service.

It has a CPU that is powerful, the Vultr server will make your server 50% faster and they also have extra.

SSD and NVMe files can be accessed faster, allowing you to access websites and data more quickly. When there are pages that take a long time to load, it is because they use HDD hosting, which makes the loading of the information slower for the visitor.

The VPS, works virtually and you can make the installations from scratch and run programs in various languages such as: Python, Perl, Ruby. It also runs chat functions on game servers or in real time.

You can run several websites from the same server at the same cost, without unexpected increases.

The platform, as VPS allows you to easily scale the machine update online. For example: RAM, storage, disk space, others.

Vultr's interface is intuitive and easy to use. It allows you to create new servers by indicating the type of server, its location, prices, etc.

You can use multiple servers with your projects and they will not be affected in quality, performance, power or cloud storage.

You can make profits, just by sharing and having affiliates, this will help you get extra money to cover your expenses in the system with peace of mind, just by sharing.

The places where it is available are: Tokyo, Amsterdam, Singapore, Frankfurt, Paris, Atlanta, London, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Toronto.

The backups are free, which allows you to create backups of your data. This function is very important in case you have to restart the server at some point or if something happens. In this section you must be very attentive and program, if necessary the times when they will make the backups. This will allow you to schedule your backups so that you don't have to go through a lot of trouble, so that you can get the most out of your Vultr server.

Disadvantages of Vultr.

You have to install and set up everything yourself to enjoy the Server Application. Sure, it's not a big disadvantage, but it does take its toll. But, there is no need to worry, its interface guides you step by step.

If you are not a specialist developer, you will find it unusual and complex, but through the interface that is simple and some tutorials you can solve the problems. If you are already an expert, this will not be a disadvantage for you.

There are not many Data Center locations around Southern Countries, Mexico for Example.

Vultr High Frequency Pricing

Cloud-based server system, like Vultr, works with the needs and comfort of each of its users in mind.

In Vultr short experience they know that the quality – price ratio, is something that has no comparison.

Users will be willing to pay a little more for a service that offers great advantages.

But, the Vultr team, has given a 360° turn to everything. One of the most outstanding advantages is the unparalleled performance, allowing more and more people, engineers, and developers to join this platform from the cloud.

When registering on Cloudways, you can choose among different cloud services. Vultr High Frequency has a starting price of $13.

The biggest advantage is that Vultr does not work for yearly contracts or permanence, so you can use your money according to the needs you require and all to enjoy the speed and services offered by the platform to its users.

So, with Cloudways and Vultr’s services, you can experience a pleasing quality – price – performance ratio compared to other hosting servers.

By integrating Vultr’s servers, users and developers have the opportunity to upload all their applications to the high performance servers, adding significant value to their websites at very low costs.

The disadvantages of Vultr are not compared to the many advantages or benefits that users can receive through its platform from the cloud. 

With the technological advances we have been experiencing in recent years, we have always sought to make things easier for users. This, due to the diverse occupations we have today.

Knowing that you can work on several projects and websites from the same server makes the platform one of the most popular today.

This has been a great contribution to simplify the work of beginners and professional engineers who are responsible for creating these pages, with content and information of those who require a place where they can share their information to their customers or users.

Fastest WordPress Hosting
based in the cloud at low cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Cloudways Vultr High Frequency

Cloudways SSD drives are 3x faster, facilitating breathtaking performance and reduced page load times for your dynamic websites.

As a cloud-based web hosting provider, Cloudways’ uptime is 99.99% and loading speeds are around 400–600 milliseconds. (CatsWhoCode)

Cloudways is a totally worthwile platform, specially due to the fact that you can choose among different cloud providers and their different pricing plans, starting from as low as $10 per month.

Cloudways Vultr High Frequency has been a very good cloud hosting. It has helped to reduce loading times in 133%.

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