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There is information that is indispensable for the development of your website and to ensure that users enjoy it while browsing.

Having the data accessible at any time you need it is essential for your site to always be operational. 

Backup your WordPress with Updraftplus and keep it safe.

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Carlos' Opinion - Updraft Review.

In June 2020 I deleted my website. 

I was personally disappointed of myself that I decided to shut it down.

Months after in October 2020, I had again the motivation to keep up with this website that has been an adventure since 2015.

But the thing is that I did not had a full backup of my website. Fortunately, I just had some raw export data copies from the end of 2019 that you can get from the  WordPress Export settings tab.

Better than nothing, at least there where only months of posts lost.

By deciding to work fully again on this project, that moment make me take into consideration about having constant backups.

We never know what might occur in the future. Either cyberattack, a wrong plugin installed, or a moment unmotivation could be any good reason to prevent.

Creating Backups for WordPress are important and actually are really easy to create.

I found Updraftplus plugin, which actually have a free option to create backups.

I started to use it when I continue to work on my website, and it did has helped me.

Updraftplus is a Freemium pluging, which if you need more features you can pay the pro version.

At the moment I have just been using it on their free version and still has saved my WordPress from plugin errors.

Recently, something crashed while I did an update of Elementor, and the website was not available.

Since I am not a techie, I just went back to Updraft, and just click restore.

It was a good thing that I created the backup before updating the problem.

It saved me a moment of stress.

As well, while doing some fixes with WPML, also something crashed and my pages were doubled in the posts area after deactivating and activating the plugin.

A moment of “oh no”, came back, and as easy as, ok, let’s restore the backup.

It was a gain a matter of clicks to recover from the mess I did.

Therefore, I highly recommend the use of Updraft to create Backups for WordPress.

Cybersecurity is an important deal, and creating backups is just one part of it.

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Why is it important to have a data backup?

Along with technological advances and the ease of accessing the Internet from anywhere in the world, cyber-attacks and ransomware have increased, preventing owners from accessing their personal files or operating systems, demanding a ransom in exchange, which undoubtedly puts the integrity of your data at risk.

For this reason it is advisable to have a backup of the digital information of your business through a backup complement with which you will be able to restore everything immediately in case of any incident.

Don’t be an easy prey to piracy, or risk having all your work ruined because of server failures or unreliable updates, all of these are mistakes that can ruin your WordPress site and render it useless forever. You have in your hands the solution to this problem, cloning it with the most reliable tool in the world: Updraft.

The information contained in your website is a priority, so when you make a backup you guarantee that you can recover everything, even go back to a time before you applied changes that affected its proper functioning.

It is possible to make backups in different ways. However, using the Updraft plugin will be much easier and safer.

Also, remember that it is advisable to save these copies in a different location from your page’s server, so that if someone accesses your site, they cannot damage the backup and you will not be able to recover it.

On the other hand, you should know that when you store these copies in the same hosting, it generates an additional space consumption that will reduce resources to develop or expand your site and will force you to hire a higher plan than the one needed for its hosting.

Don’t complicate your life and discover all that the Updraft plugin can do to ensure the security of your WordPress site.

What is Updraft?

With Updraft it is possible to automate backups in WordPress, because prevention is the best way to solve digital failures or malicious interventions that put at risk the data that you have worked so hard to generate.

This is a plugin so you can easily create backups while you are uploading content. It is one of the best rated plugins on the Internet today and has more than one million active installations.

It also allows you to store backups directly in the cloud by selecting this location from its long list of options and versatile external tools.

What Updraft users have loved is that they feel at ease doing their work, since much of the creation of backups can be automated and you will have the option to recover everything you have done on your site when an unexpected change occurs, especially if you have touched something you shouldn’t have, out of ignorance.

You will quickly solve this problem by simply restoring your WordPress database and that’s it. Believe it or not, sometimes when you design a page you accept parameters that you may not know or run updates that are still being tested and this ends in catastrophe, unless you have the support of Updraft.

Backup copies are simply faithful replicas of your files and databases that give life to your blog. If they get corrupted, stop working due to digital failures or someone maliciously accesses them, it will no longer be a problem because with Updraft you have the possibility of restoring them and it also offers you many other benefits.

UpdraftPlus Advantages

It has a free and a paid version.


You can make backups periodically, in order to have a recent version of your blog.


Restore your website to a previous point in time with just one click.


Allows you to perform manual and scheduled backups.


The backups are stored in the cloud and not on your server, so you won’t have to spend more money for hosting or put at risk the data that will serve as a backup in case of any failure.


With Updraft you will backup to Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Openstack Swift, UpdraftVault, DreamObjects, FTP, Rackspace Cloud and more.


When a backup fails to load, Updraft will automatically retry the backup.


The backups can be divided into folders with different partitions to select the one you want to restore and download the files directly from the WordPress dashboard.


Its interface is available in several languages.

UpdraftPlus Disadvantages

To enjoy most of its functions, it is necessary to purchase one of their plans.


After purchase, it can be used for only one year and then must be renewed before it expires.

To use or not to use Updraft Plus?

However, it is worth hiring this plugin to guarantee the backup of the work that has taken you so much time and effort to achieve.

In addition, it is possible to get unlimited licenses for several websites at once or use it to migrate a Woocommerce site, since Updraft is precisely a WordPress plugin, so you won’t have any problem to perform this type of activities when necessary.

Updraft is one of the most efficient and reliable plugins to manage your data backups, for something three million sites depend on it and it is precisely after having earned their preference when they have been in the need to restore their website and have successfully achieved it.

Updraft Pricing

UpdraftPlus prices are based on an annual license.

As mentioned, you can use it for free, or you can get more features with its paid versions.

$ 0 Per year
  • Backup
  • Restore
$ 70 Per year
  • 2 Sites
  • Cloning & Migration
$ 95 Per year
  • 10 Sites
  • Cloning & Migration
$ 145 Per year
  • 35 Sites
  • Cloning & Migration
$ 95 Per year
  • Unlimited
  • Cloning & Migration
$ 95 Per year
  • Unlimited UpdraftPlus licences
  • Unlimited annual UpdraftCentral Cloud subscription
  • Additional 50GB UpdraftVault storage
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