5 Tips for VPN Beginners, It Doesn’t Have To Be Hard!

The use if VPN is increasing worldwide, due to the davntages that it is bringing to users.

From securing your network to hiding private information, VPN services are an important area of cyber security, but also opens up the opportunity to access Geo-Blocked services.

Keep reading to learn some tips that can help you when selecting a VPN Service.

tips for vpn beginners
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What is VPN?

A VPN, Virtual Private Network, is an online tool that helps you to navigate safely in the internet by encovering your IP Address so that your data is encripted.

A VPN will help you that no third parties can intercept the connection, making safer to be online. 

As privacy has become and issue on internet, it has become one of the main concers of the digital trail that users make.

Here is where an VPN becomes important, specially if users are used to public networks, where the posibilities of cyber attacks is bigger. 

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Advantages of using a VPN

Access content from the world

There are internet websites that only show content accordingly to the region. Something that might be annoying if you are actually from that place and you are on a business trip. a VPN will help to get access to it.

Data Protection

We all have heard about cookies, and the tracking that websites use to understand customers. And at somepoint is fine, but tracing what a user is doing in some other websites probably is too much. Therefore, VPN can help with the digital footprint.


There might be connections that require a better or stable one, and a VPN can support for those tasks that need a greater bandwith.

VPN Tips for Beginners

Selecting the right VPN provider

As there are multiple VPN providers online, choosing the best VPN provider can cause a bit of conflict.

That is highly recommended to check that it is a realiable one, read multiple reviews, compare prices and select one. 

Usually, as there might also exist free VPN providers, they might also be a courtain of hackers, that is why it is important to don’t just select the first free option available. 

As there are more VPN alternatives, as well the prices are getting more accesible for users.


If some configurations of the VPN in your house might be somehow complicated, then a VPN Box can be the alternative. 

Just, instead of connecting to your normal router, you can connect to a VPN Box and have your devices paired with it.

A VPN Box can support to have as well a stable connection that is needed even for 4K content, which is known to be heavy.

Internet has no geographical barriers

We all know the advantages of Internet and the ease that it has brought to communicate world wide.

We can easily send a message in seconds and the receiver will have it at the moment.

The issue has come as many businesses, organizations, governments or corporations have prefered to have total control on what can be accessed and what not.

And this can come to a discussion, but certainly the content should be accesable for everyone in the world.

Of course, if it is content that it must be paid, then it must be paid, but the limitation should not come before by blocking access according to an IP address or geographical reason.

And we can take as an example Germany, where videos on Youtube were only accessed by German IP addresses.

So, if the video is already in a platform that can be accessed for free in that country, like Germany, then why block it for other regions? Or worst, block it from people who actually live in Germany but are traveling outside the country.

Here is where VPN has also helped to pull down this barrier, and have make accesible such content.

So if it is the case that you want to access content from other regions, then a VPN is a solution.

Better to test for a month and then pay for a year.

If you are unsure of the VPN provider that you want to select, it is better to start from a low plan and then change to a bigger plan.

Yes, full year plans might show a saving or discount, but what will happen if it is not what you wanted.

Going to the hustle of a refund could be complicated or not existant at all, therefore if you are unsure of the quality

Encripted connections

Make sure that the desired VPN provider has a secure encyption protocol that can ensure you protection.

OpenVPN is one of the most common used by VPN providers, but as well there are other protocols that can offer different feautres to improve security.

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