The Right Way to Handle Angry Customers

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If your business caters to a mass market, you will inevitably deal with angry customers. It is almost impossible to satisfy everyone because there are times when some of your customers will receive a faulty product or subpar service.

As a business owner, you should expect this and prepare accordingly. It is unlikely that you will have the time to respond to every call or message from your customers, so you should employ competent customer support staff and train them to respond appropriately. 

You can also outsource this task to live answering service providers that are used to dealing with angry customers. Outsourcing part of your customer service reduces the burden on your employees, saves cost, and ensures your customers are professionally catered to.  

What Makes Customers Angry?

Customer dissatisfaction happens for so many reasons and each scenario varies from person to person. However, these are some common reasons:

Delayed package delivery

Delivery times play a huge role when consumers decide the online retail store to buy an item from. If you sell products online and delay customers’ orders past the estimate you promised them when placing the order, expect a few angry calls.

False advertising

If you falsely claim that your product looks a certain way or has certain features, you will almost certainly leave people disappointed after making their purchase. Many of them will call your business to request refunds and some might leave negative reviews online.

No response to complaints

When some customers are unhappy with a product or service from your company, they might send a complaint via social media or email. If ignored, they will resort to more drastic measures like calling you out on social media or calling your business line to vent their frustration.

How to Deal With Angry Customers

The right approach to dealing with angry customers is to recognize that their concerns are legitimate. Then you or your staff should show empathy and be genuinely interested in resolving their issues. The following tips will help you deal with angry customers and give your brand a more positive image:

1. Deescalate the situation

It is never a good idea to yell back at an angry customer even if you know they are wrong. Always reduce the tension and calmly let the aggrieved customer explain their issue. Some people like to be listened to, so letting them talk will make them feel better.

2. Acknowledge their frustrations

Empathy is an important part of customer service, so you need to show customers that you care about their issues. Listen to and acknowledge their issues, then apologize for all inconveniences before proceeding to resolve them.

3. Proffer reasonable solutions

Most angry customers that call to complain want immediate solutions to their problems. Assume that they have tried to solve the problem on their own before calling, so give them reasonable solutions to try and tell them to call back if they are still experiencing the issue.


Customer service is crucial to every business because there will always be complaints to resolve regardless of how good your product or service is. You should be prepared and have sufficient customer support staff on hand to respond to complaints with reasonable solutions. In addition to hiring full-time staff, you can outsource part of your customer support to live answering service companies that have experience in dealing with angry customers.

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