What are Social Ads in Marketing?

With more than a decade of the appearance of social media in our lives, an important tool for digital marketing also arrived. The different social media platforms that exist offered different types of advertisement opportunities for businesses since many eyes are always on these platforms. This type of marketing advertisements are called Social Ads. 

As different as SEO, there are many type of Social Ads that fit according to the social media platform. In this page I will show some examples of Social Ads that can help you to get inspired on your marketing campaigns. 

Social Media Advertising Importance

Here is a video where you can learn about the importance of social ads or as well known fully as social media advertising. The advantage of digital marketing is the high accuracy of segmentation that you can get thanks to the previous learning of the users profiles that the social media platforms have of the users. This way, your social media strategies are more accurate than any other type of advertising. 

Social Ads in Facebook

Facebook has been one of the social media platforms that has been in the market for several years now. It could be considered as the mature social media platform and its social ads have been running for years. In my opinion this platform might be reaching a point of innovating or it will start to decline even more. Nevertheless, some of its social ads are still very effective and here you can read more about the social ads formats.

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Social Ads in Instagram

Instagram has been revolutionizing the platform in the recent years. With their way of copying Snapchat, they added Instagram Stories, which has been on of the uprising feature of the platform. Instagram offers as well their social ads either in the feed section or as well now in the stories. Here you can find more about the social ads in Instagram.

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Social Ads in Linkedin

Since Microsoft acquired Linkedin, it give up a huge lift on this social media platform. Now that many of the millennials are starting to be in the professional level, this could also have an impact on how this platform is being used. Businesses now have an opportunity to use Linkedin as a big marketing driver for their social media advertising efforts, specially if they are on a B2B section. Here you can learn more about the social ads in linkedin

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Social Ads in TikTok

The upcoming social media platform that is trending up, TikTok. A visual social media platform that business should be aware of. TikTok has a huge interaction and engagement rate, which could benefit those first starters who will try to aim to reach new customers or follow their current ones. Here you can learn more about social ads in TikTok.

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Social Ads can help you more than just advertising

There are different digital marketing objectives that can be reached with the use of social ads. From brand awareness to conversions can be some of the examples of objectives that social ads could be useful for. 

Advantages of Social Ads

Low Cost

Social Media Platforms usually offer their advertising for really low cost depending on the industry and type of objective.

Increased Budget Efficiency

You can have a better control of the budget and analyse your conversions at real time.

High Segmentation

Thanks to the knowledge obtained from their users, social ads can be really targeted to a specific type of users.

One advantages in overall of digital marketing, is that you can test, test and test. What doesn't work you will know it immediately, what works, you can keep doing it. That is the great analytical tracking of Digital Marketing.