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Along my WordPress Hosting path, I have tried different services to finally find some of the best 2 WordPress Hosting, learn more about Siteground vs Cloudways.
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Siteground vs Cloudways
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Carlos' Opinion -
Siteground vs Cloudways

As a blogger, once you keep walking on this path, one big question that arisses for the website builders is, which Hosting is the best one for WordPress?

The thing is, that as you start, you have no clue to decide which WordPress hosting to choose.

There are hundreds of different hosting service providers, that all offer and say to be the best one.

Well, just reading their websites is not the best way to decide.

They all proclaim to have fast connection, good prices and so on.

I am not a full web developer engineer, but certainly I have learned what has worked and what has not worked among the different WordPress Hosting Services.

In this post I will talk about Siteground vs Cloudways, since those are the hosting services that I am still using.

I wanted to improve the speed of my Website.

I was getting the following numbers with Siteground.

Siteground speed

Many cloud services were starting to become popular when I was using Siteground.

After reading some Facebook groups comments, I got to learn a bit more about Cloudways.

Cloudways is a managed cloud services that also offer WordPress Hosting.

The advantage of Cloudways is that you can select the cloud service that you want from different provider such as Vultr, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Platfrom and AWS.

So actually you have the decision to try different cloud services from just one place.

Also, on the Woocommerce Facebook group from Mexico, many web developers recommended Vultr in High Requency. 

So again, I jumped to another WordPress hosting Service.


As you can see, my Page Scores improved, and loading time was reduced.

For a blogger it seems, just good. Of course, my next step is to keep optimizing and improve the website speed so that it keep getting faster. 

Having Elementor and WPML as plugins doesn’t help that much with speed.

Elementor did some Updates that affected back my website speed.

But still the DNS loading times are fast.

And I also need to do image optimization.

Another advantage of Cloudways with Vultr High Frequency is the price, since it only costs $13.

Of course Siteground has brought to me a flexible WordPress Hosting, where I have also hosted my e-mail accounts.

In contras, I recommend Cloudways with Vultr in High Frequency if you are looking for a website with speed at lower price.

Get to know more about Siteground.

If we give importance to the time in the market, we must place SiteGround as another of the best websites hosting today.

This was born in 2004 and since then they have expanded so much that, according to official figures, they host more than 2 million domains.

Very few providers offer guarantees of availability to customers on their servers and this is one of them.

On their website they boast a service available 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

Aspects that also go into the advertising campaign of this site is that “they care a lot about the loading speed”, but, could it be that they really have a service as good as the one they promote or is it just a strategy to attract those users that hate the slow loading speed’.

We will detail the most important aspects of this website so that you know if it goes hand in hand with your website.

Everything from an objective point of view, so that personal opinions do not get in the way of the professional decisions you will have to make at some point.

Siteground Advantages.

This is one of the web hosting providers with the best figures when it comes to availability. And the truth is that they are very close to 100%.

It has an intuitive and easy to use system which means that it is simple to follow and its functionalities are perfectly integrated with each other.

SiteGround's customer service is one of the most complete, this can be done both from the phone, email and chat. An important point is also that they have very well elaborated tutorials and guides.

They have a really useful hardware and software solutions, which helps them to have a much higher hosting speed than the average.

Once you decide to open a SiteGround account you have the option to choose servers from Asia, America, Australia and Europe.

You have options that many other hosting websites do not yet have. As is the case with GIT repositories, staging, among others. Besides, it has a very complete backup system. They do not limit the traffic you can receive.

It has a panel where you can manage the websites individually and also make an efficient user management.

Siteground Disadvantages.

The truth is that if we see it from the outside we must accept that this provider has one of the best relationships in terms of quality and price, but even so this does not make it one of the cheapest in the market.

If you require professional SiteGround migrations, you will have to pay about 24 Euros plus VAT.

Each service plan of this provider has a maximum limit for the size of each database you use.

Siteground Pricing.

To give you an idea of the cost of Siteground, we can look at the first three hosting plans that Siteground offers openly to all those users who are interested in becoming part of its network of customers:

Can SiteGround meet your needs?

Among the hosting websites that have changed for the better we can mention without a doubt SiteGround, which today presents itself to its potential customers as an intuitive and visually attractive solution. Which makes it easier to use.

We can not ignore that it has one of the best customer services, with a support that we can say that other envies.

Besides, both its e-mail account management and its loading speed are more than acceptable in this provider, but, is it worth its price?

It’s no secret to anyone, as we’ve mentioned slightly before, that their price range is somewhere between medium and high, but it’s also a provider that has to offer generally more than average.

Having highlighted the above, we must be frank. And is that this hosting website today is not thought for those projects that have a limited budget, or low.

It may sound a bit harsh, but it is currently intended for ambitious sites.

However, its advanced features still place it as one of the best options nowadays. But you should also know that some of these are not available in every one of their plans.

So it’s better to find out before hiring one and get an unpleasant surprise.

Cloudways, An Affordable Fast WordPress Cloud Hosting?

We all know that when it comes to advertising all hosting websites will be the best and that when we see some with prices perhaps a bit below average we fear the fact that their service is not the best.

However, Cloudways is one of those providers that have let themselves be defined by offering affordable cloud hosting, but other features that accompany their name is that they are a powerful server and also very simple to set up.

Their developers know that today they must be on hand with WordPress sites and that’s why they’re working harder and harder to offer a complete service in this area.

Although it may not make it into the top 3 due to some drawbacks that are found in it.

Is it possible that this provider works as a fast host, that it remains secure, and that you can have a high level of reliability in it without having to skyrocket its costs, you will have to decide for yourself.

But we will give you the tools to draw your own conclusions.

So that we can begin to evaluate how good, or not, Cloudways service is, we can start looking at the advantages and disadvantages of Cloudways.

We have chosen the most important ones so that you know where they are really strong and where they fall behind in the competition with their peers.

Cloudways Advantages.

This provider offers hosting for owners of cloud-based websites, such as Digital Ocean, Vultr, AWS, Google Cloud Platform. This means that they are very easy to migrate and that content can be stored on more than one server, among other aspects that play in their favor.

Cloudways' servers are always "on fire" because of how fast they send website content to visitors. At least this is the way to say that they have a great load speed no matter how much traffic the site may be getting.

It has a proactive approach to site security, so it generates great confidence when you need to host sensitive data to this provider. Some of its features are integrated with routine patches and firmware updates, operating system level firewalls, among others.

Support is a high priority for this provider, if you need to contact their customer service system you should know that they have live chat options, or you can send tickets through their ticketing system so that your questions and concerns can be addressed.

Cloudways Disadvantages.

Currently, this hosting provider does not offer its customers the registration of domain names, regardless of whether it is integrated into their plans, or you have to pay more for it. In order to carry out these processes, third parties must be used, if they allow it.

In this provider you will not find cPanel and Plesk panels. If there is a console that allows their customers to manage the applications that are hosted on the server in the cloud, but this is a point that can present problems for users who do not get used to this notorious difference.

Cloudways hosting plans do not have integrated mail service. Instead they expect their customers to pay for each account they want to add, something that especially affects those large companies that need to add a lot of emails to their sites.

Cloudways Pricing.

Is Cloudways the provider that will make you feel in the clouds?

Without a doubt, Cloudways hosting has many strengths, such as the level of security it offers to customers and the loading speed that users will have when visiting the websites hosted by it.

With Vultr High Frequency they have perhaps one of the most attractive offers that not only gives you a low cost for the service, but one of the highest loading speeds.

So, for those projects that don’t have much of a budget or even if you have, and you are in search of a quality hosting provider, Cloudways can certainly be a great option.

Siteground vs Cloudways
Face to face

Siteground vs Cloudways Price Comparison

In terms of price comparison between Siteground and Cloudways, Siteground has established pricing plans, and there are different cloud services that you could choose inside Cloudways that make pricing different..

Siteground plans go from $6.99 up to $14.99.

You should have in consideration that prices will get higher once your first period is done.

In the following chart you can see the lowest plans selected of the different services among the different cloud hosting platforms.

Digital Ocean has one of the lowest offers by price at Cloudways.

There are some other cloud services such as Vultr High Frequency.

Vultr High Frequency price is $13 at its starting point.

Among some of the most known cloud platforms is Google Cloud.

Inside Cloudways, you can manage Google Cloud for different applications.

It has a starting price of $33.18.

Siteground vs Cloudways Visitors Comparison

Siteground plans start with 10,000 visitors, then jumps to 50,000 visitors, and ends up with 100,000 visitors.

Cloudways doesn’t state a visitors limit explicitly, but they mention the Bandwith of their Cloud Hosting Platforms.

*For example, if you get 5,000 visitors a month, with the average visitor opening roughly 3 web pages, and each web page is approximately 2 MB in size, this means your bandwidth usage is:

5,000 x 3 x 2 = 25,000 MB, or 25 GB per month. Then 1 TB  / 25 GB per month * 5,000 visitors would be 200,000 Visitors. 

If we use the same analogy, then GCP, with its 2 GB Bandwith, it should be receiving nearly 3200 visitors per month.

Of course, if the math is done right.

Siteground vs Cloudways Storage Comparison

Now, when it comes to storage, the different Cloud Hosting Services are quite similar. 

Siteground basic plan starts with 10 GB of disk space storage.

GrowBig plan has 20 GB, and GoGeek plan has 40 GB of disk space storage. 

Digital Ocean has 25 GB of disk space.

Vultr High Frequency offers 32 GB of disk space storage.

And Google Cloud Platform offers 20 GB of disk space storage.

Which one to Choose between
Siteground vs Cloudways?

Siteground or Cloudways, which way to go?

Siteground for sure has really good customer service.

They also give fast support with WordPress, and if you have some sort of issue that they can’t directly resolve, they can give guidance.

Siteground is recommended if you are planning also to host you own email and multiple simple WordPress Websites.

But if you are aiming to get a fast and scalable WordPress website, then Cloudways would be the option for you.

Cloudways has the advantage that you can choose among different Cloud Services, so you can have that flexibility of getting the resources that you need.

But when it comes to email, you should get an additional Add-on that would help you to set up your email.

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