Node.js vs. Python – Which one to select in 2023?

These 2 most renowned technologies for backend programming are Node.js & Python. However, choosing between Node.js & Python can be tricky for web development. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

These are the most popular programming languages globally, according to a study done by Stack Overflow in 2021; the survey indicated that Python was the third most popular programming language worldwide in 2021. 

The survey revealed that Node.js is the sixth most popular programming language. Not only that, but each of these programming languages has a sizable and increasing user base that is likely to continue to increase shortly.

We’ll go through the important differences between Node.js & Python in this blog to assist you in deciding which to choose for your next project.

Node.js vs. Python
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Node.js and Python - A brief overview

Before knowing the concept, it’s crucial to understand Node.js & Python. They are known as the programming languages in generic terms, but people refer to Python as a language & Node.js as Node.

These popular programming languages will help programs maintain and improve their network connections. The most significant distinction between Node.js & Python is that Node is superior for memory-intensive activities, whereas Python is not.

So, what is Python?

It’s a high-level programming language & can be used for general-purpose programming. Python’s object-oriented protocol attempts to assist developers with simple coding approaches that can be utilised in real-time for large and small applications.

Structured programming, functional programming, and object-oriented programming are all supported in Python. Pythons have a wide range of advantages that have led to people using them for development and programming in a straightforward manner. 

Python’s first version, python 0.9.0, was released in 1991. Second, in 2000, the developers decided to produce Python, including many additional capabilities. A trash collection system and list comprehensions are included in this feature. 

The core technology used by the garbage collecting system is referred to as referencing counting. Python 2.0 was unfortunately discarded following the release of its final version, 2.7.18, in 2019. In 2008, Python released a new version with a fundamental language change that is not backward compatible.

Python is an integrated programming language that works slower than compiled programming languages. Therefore, Python is never a good choice for applications requiring much processing power because of its slow nature. Because of the single flow of code, it is slow, and as a result, Python-based applications are slow.

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What is Node.js?

Another way, Node.js is a JavaScript that runs on the V8 associate engine. JavaScript is frequently viewable outside of the online browser. Developers frequently utilise JavaScript to build server-side scripting instruction tools. 

The title isn’t the name of a file or a product; rather, it’s the name of the JavaScript product, which has several titles to attain different needs. In 2009, Node.js was introduced as a runtime JS environment. With JavaScript applications, users can be updated quickly. 

Because it lacks defined cryptographic parameters, it is unsuitable for large-scale installations. As a result, Node.js restricts real-time web application development. On the other hand, it creates little apps that don’t require much encryption.

Node.js vs. Python - A comparison

Both programming languages are, in general, equal. The features between different products can be faster, while the other offers security. It’s important to understand the differences between Python and Node.js before deciding.

No matter what difference or uniqueness these technologies offer but both have always provided high end quality solutions and with the rise in hire developers from India, the development process has become much easier, quick and budget-friendly.

You can choose the desired programming language that works best for you in 2022 by comparing Node.js and Python based on some essential criteria.

1. Speed

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Node.js got a faster run time rather than Python. It is the case since Python has a sole code structure & Node.js sends bulk codes. In addition, due to Google’s V8 engine, Node.js outperforms Python.

The language used in Node.js is known as a predefined language. In the end, Node.js has exceptional performance & high speed, making people choose Node.js more than anything else. Unfortunately, Python’s developers have neglected to add features that improve speed, and it makes use of interpreted languages. Hence the language fails in terms of speed and performance.

2. Syntax

The syntax is also known as personal preference, and it is fully reliant on the users’ experience. However, Node.js is comparable to JavaScript, and users will have no trouble learning it.

In comparison to Node.js, Python is a pretty straightforward language. Compared to Node.js, even someone with a basic understanding of technical language can grasp Python’s code. Python gets the point here due to its simplicity and ease of learning.

3. Scalability

Scalability is the most important characteristic of Node.js. You’re expected to use Node.js frameworks to develop microservices and modules that run their processes as the application scales. As a result, additional nodes will aid in their expansion as you add resources.


Python has limitations since the Global Interpreter Lock allows it to execute on several threads. To run another process, you must first guarantee that the previous one has been completed. In short, when comparing the performance of Node.js with Python, Node.js wins the scalability race.

4. Extensibility

Node.js, in general, may be readily changed, mixed, or blended with other technologies to make it more user-friendly. As a result, Node.js is suitable for most developers in today’s environment. 

On the other hand, Python may be integrated with the popular Sublime Text editor, which adds extra capabilities such as editing and syntactic extensions.

5. Platforms

Node.js is the most familiar cross-platform framework that enables you to create a sole program that works on various platforms, including Windows, Mac & Android. Building backend and frontend applications can be made using Node.js.

In contrast, Python is primarily utilized for online and desktop applications by full-stack developers & gains popularity in the IoT and AI sectors. Python is the best choice for developers for Node.js versus Python for machine learning.

Final Words:

After considering the facts above, there isn’t much distinction between Node.js and Python. In reality, how useful these tools depend largely on the project you’re working on.

For example, Python might not be the ideal pick if you’re a smartphone app developer. On the other hand, Python is an excellent choice for online and desktop applications. Similarly, Node.js is excellent for frontend, backend, and other app development.

It cannot be easy to choose between Node.js and Python, especially if you want to create a comprehensive solution. Both sides’ functionalities might be damaging and impact your judgement. So, the best way to cope with this ambiguity is to concentrate on your software product’s final application and consumption!


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