Logitech M540 Review, comfortable, convenient, wireless keyboard and mouse for professionals

Today it is essential to have accessories that facilitate the work in front of a computer where you spend many hours, which can lead to both physical and mental exhaustion.

To avoid this, the Logitech M540 is available in the market, a comfortable, practical and wireless keyboard and mouse for professionals; with which your digital activities will be easy and enjoyable.

Logitech M540
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Why use a wireless keyboard and mouse?

Both the keyboard and the mouse are peripheral devices that allow you to communicate with the computer; initially they were created with a link cable to be attached to it, but technological advances over the years have increased their versatility, allowing greater freedom of movement for users.

These are precisely the wireless keyboard and mouse, which take up less space on your desk and stay organized with less effort, without tangled cables. Most of them are universal, so they have the ability to work with different brands of devices.

By using a wireless keyboard and mouse it is possible to place them at a certain distance from the desktop or laptop computer and have a more flexible work area, without cables limiting your movements.

logitech m540 keyboard and mouse
logitech m540 mouse and keyboard

Logitech M540

It is a digital combo that allows fast and noise-free typing; its keyboard is completely spacious and includes dedicated multimedia buttons; plus programmable keys in order to speed up your work and a soft touch use.

On the other hand, the mouse is ergonomic, lightweight and includes programmable gestures, allowing you to maximize windows, change virtual desktops and much more.

Description of the Logitech M540

This device has earned the best reviews in the market, especially in reference to its quality and affordable price for most budgets; precisely considering the following technical specifications:

They feature a sleek and ergonomic design; the keyboard has a size of 18 inches by 7.6 inches by 0.9 inches, weighing only 1.9 pounds with batteries installed. It can be stored neatly in your backpack for typing with your cell phone.

The keyboard features a curved plastic palm rest and retractable rear legs that tilt the keyboard to an angle of four to eight degrees. It includes quick access buttons to speed up your scrolling through multimedia applications, calculator, battery charge check and much more.

Its mouse is ambidextrous and has been crafted with a soft rubber coating to provide a perfect, ergonomic grip. It has a precise cursor with improved tracking.

They are easy to use; for this you only have to connect them through a USB receiver created with Logitech Unifying technology with fast response. In addition, its wireless connection is reliable and remains encrypted even at a distance of up to 10 meters.

Each of its keys has been optimized in order to give you greater precision and reduce noise when using it. In addition, they are distributed in the usual place used for most keyboards. 

It includes 10 programmable keys that you can take advantage of through the Logitech Options application.

The Logitech M540 represents a comfortable professional work duo, which will prevent you from getting tired even if you use it for a long time. 

Its spill-resistant keys offer a pleasant and agile feel when quickly returning to their place.

They have been designed for Windows and Chrome OS systems. Your mouse as well as the keyboard can be programmed as the Logitech Options application and perform a dozen tasks with the push of a button on the wheel.

Logitech M540 pros and cons

The Logitech M540 is a nimble, comfortable and programmable duo that you’ll find reasonably priced if you’re looking for a quiet touch typing experience and a mouse with a nice scrolling feel, while still being solid and versatile. These are just some of the elements in its favor, in addition to those that will be mentioned below:


Undoubtedly, one of the best experiences you will enjoy when you can program some functions through the Logitech Options application, but also:

It’s a combination of wireless accessories in conventional style that offers comfort, precision and reliability.

Its full-size keyboard maintains the usual layout familiar to most typists, whose keys have been optimized to improve accuracy and reduce noise.

It connects quickly via a small USB receiver that links keyboard and mouse to any type of computer.

Its mouse is ambidextrous and programmable.

It is reliable and hassle-free, with convenient quick-access buttons and splash-resistant.

It is backed by the guarantee of the Logitech brand, a Swiss company dedicated to the creation of peripherals for personal computers such as keyboards, mice, speakers and headphones; which also has a customer service, fast and resolute.


Despite all the qualities described above, it is worth mentioning a couple of cons that you should be aware of if you are considering purchasing this product:

It can be plugged into a Mac, but its hotkeys cannot be correctly assigned to MacOS functions.

It requires battery replacement once its charge is depleted to keep it running; however, it consumes very little power.

The Logitech M540 combo is one of the most comfortable and versatile on the market today; it is compact and pleasant to the touch, as well as having a favorable quality/price ratio.

It has been rated by customer reviews with 4.7 out of 5 stars and endorsed by positive comments, such as the fact that it is quiet and responsive, making it a pleasant experience for frequent typing users. 

One of the aspects they have found most appealing about this professional duo is that it allows freedom of movement and a long reach; making it easy to complete your projects without being confined to areas near your computer; making it a very convenient productivity accessory.

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