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Small and medium businesses today must understand that technology is the best tool if they want their business to grow and also to be much easier since technology facilitates almost everything.

Today we will talk about Landbot, an easy to use chatbot builder.

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Why should entrepreneurs use chatbots?

The way to facilitate communications between customers, buyers and the supplier or entrepreneur turn out to be the best of the alternatives when it comes to establishing secure and efficient communication channels that allow to increase sales, facilitate communication and understanding, etc.

In order to understand the importance and why entrepreneurs should aun to create chatbot let’s talk about the internet.

The internet has accustomed us (most of us) to have a quite remarkable speed of response if we compare it with the past, giving immediate response and also very effective.

The importance of the best chatbot software lies in the fact that they are able to provide a great amount of information about the doubts or questions that customers have and all this in very few minutes.

They facilitate communication with customers and clear doubts that are constant in a very fast way using algorithms of common but concrete answers.

Now, let’s analyze interpersonal chats, these are sometimes frustrating between suppliers and users, and take both time and attention.

So, the recent proliferation of chats and messaging has led to the emergence of the recent phenomenon called chatbot platform.

Non-human contacts, or chatbots, use artificial intelligence and return quickly and easily the dialogues generated by customers or consumers.

From a technological point of view, chatbots builders are effective software solutions and are designed to simulate human conversations, but without the need for the entrepreneur or SME owner to be attentive to the chat or answering questions at all times.

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What is Landbot?

Born in Valencia, Spain, in 2015, Landbot is a cloud solution that helps small and medium businesses to generate or create conversational websites, different landing pages, surveys about products and services, chatbots with potential customers and improve the user interface experience and therefore conversion rates along the customer journey.

This platform based on the user interface (UI), in a conversational way makes it possible for users to recreate customer generation forms.

Landbot also includes a built-in editor that allows and helps to improve the interaction with all those who are customers.

Chatbot builders such Landbot is a great tool to create lead generation.

Among its main functions we can highlight or mention the following: included developments without code, on-screen chats, pre-configured bots, data tracking and optimization, conversation analytics, etc.

Landbot has most of the popular chatbot builders features for instant messaging to be part of complete customer relationship management systems.

This platform allows small and medium-sized companies chatbots conversations that are available in different formats, some of which are pop-ups, widgets, live chats, etc.

Landbot is available for landing pages, whatsapp or enterprise applications as well through an application programming interface API.

Is Landbot a current solution?

Landbot is a very efficient technological solution, and has many areas of use, its strength is evident and unlike a human call center, the chatbot is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

They are a fast, immediate and very comfortable interaction. Thanks to this type of software, it is possible to know the tastes and preferences as well as the interests, age, language and more of the people interacting with the chatbot.

Therefore, it is quite clear, especially for small and medium-sized companies, that the use of chatbots is imperative, especially if they are companies that aspire to deal with a large number of customers or consumers.

In addition, they are an important advantage at levels such as economics, because it avoids the hiring of human personnel for this work.

Getting a chatbot is neither expensive nor complicated, so there are currently many platforms available that allow even small and medium-sized companies to create this type of service in a few steps.

Most small and medium-sized companies prefer the integration of chatbots for their websites in order to get an immediate and more simplified interaction with their customers.

But what is landbot and how is it used?

Advantages of using Landbot

Landbot has lots and lots of positive features that can be used as an advantage when using this App, but when talking about small and medium booming businesses we can say that this tool is one of the best allies when it comes to chatbot.

Once you as an entrepreneur decide to use a chatbot platform software like Landbot, then you are making one of the best and most profitable decisions at the business level, you have unknowingly selected ease and efficiency, which makes your work much simpler without losing quality.

The responsiveness of a chatbot like Landbot, makes your clientele feel confident and comfortable, even though you are talking to an artificial technology.

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